Thursday, July 13, 2006

The IN Thing

Okay, here we go. I'm going to do my best to make this blog work.

Yeah, I know. A few of you who know me well, and many of you who have come to know me from recent months attempting to blog elsewhere are probably scoffing. Some of you have probably spit coffee out on your keyboards at the thought. Blogs are everywhere now, and all the rage. Still, for some reason, the ability to write just this little bit every day seems to allude me.

Maybe it's because I write so much in my other endeavors. Being an author means, of course, spending large amounts of time writing. Being an editor means spending large amounts of time reading other people's writing, and then figuring out how to make it better--stronger. So, at times even just a few extra paragraphs feel like an enormous accomplishment.

Then there are so many other fantastic blogs that I cruise around and read whenever I get the chance. I will begin to list them on the sidebar here soon. Some of them are so clever, so insightful, that it seems impossible to reach such standards myself without spending vast amounts of time coming up with the content to fill these web-pages.

All in all, I hope you will find my space here enjoyable. I hope you will check back often to see if I'm still alive. Hey, make a bet with a friend and see if I can manage to keep up with this and post more than once a month.

Most of all, keep coming back and giving a little wave as you pass through. Life's too short not to make friends as you wade through the muck. So stick around and I'll keep you posted on my new work, my old work, and my work on the way. I also plan to use this space to announce the release of the titles available from the wonderful authors I've been privilaged to work with as they become available.

Peace on your journey,



Erik Ivan James said...

I'm waving happily as I pass by and see you again. It's been a long time.

Ever solve the "mare watch" video problem?

MissWrite said...


Yes, I did. I broke down and invested in a wired version of a four camera splitter... yay, I get to watch those goofy beasts from inside the house now. I still don't get much sleep when mares are about to deliver, but at least I can get no sleep while sitting comfortably in the living room with my feet propped up, watching TV, or writing on my laptop. Now I just have hundreds of feet of cable lying all over the drive way still needing to be buried. Got a back-hoe I can borrow? LOL

Good to see you.