Sunday, July 16, 2006

New Cover Art

I am so impressed with the artists over at Chippewa/Lady Aibell. I got the cover art for my Novella Computer Games, being published under the pseudonym Brandy Alexander, today and it's FANTASTIC. It's exactly what I told them I envisioned for the cover. So without further adieu here it is.


Bernita said...

Oh, oh!
So very cute!
The expression on her face! The expression on HIS face!
Really fetching, Tami!
No wonder you're excited about the cover.

Reassures me I was dead-on when I have a character say about another "Nice ass!"

Shesawriter said...

Hey Miss Write! Welcome back. :-) Haven't seen you in a while.

MissWrite said...

Hi there, Tanya. Thanks for the welcome. Had quite a hectic few months. It's nice to be back.

MissWrite said...

Bernita-Thanks for your comments on the cover. I'm just so happy it catches the mood, and idea of the story.

LOL@nice ass.