Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One Final Word On The Subject of Editors

In reading one of my favorite blogs Paperback Writer I just happened upon an older post of hers that was logged in the sidebar. The permanent link for this post on what to expect from a relationship with your agent, and editor is here. I would like to post just a small excerpt from that topic though, because I believe it highlights a lot of what I stated below:

Quote Paperback Writer
Your editor is your immediate supervisor at your publishing house. Your editor also decides whether to recommend buying more of your work, requests your payments from accounting, places your release on the schedule, works on cover art and copy with production and is the primary force at the publisher for getting you support. Aka the last person in publishing that you want to piss off, so by all means possible, don't.

The editor/writer relationship can be more involved than the agent/writer relationship. Working on your book together can be like a partnership made in heaven, or a showdown at the OK Corral. Some famous dude once said that no writer is a genius to their editor, and he was right. Your editor sees you, warts and all. If you're lucky, your editor helps you get rid of some of those warts and makes you a better writer. If you're very lucky, you will make your editor look good to his or her boss. If you're blessed, you will find an editor who is so good that you want him or her to edit everything you write.

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Erik Ivan James said...

Good, solid educational post series, Tami. A perspective of reality helpful to me.

Another topic that may be of interest: The relationship between agent and editor.

Anonymous said...

A golden rule when eating out is never make your waiter/chef angry before they serve your foof, they might take revenge on whatever you are going to eat!
I think that is more or less what the last post is about regarding not making your editor mad.
I consider both suggestions as 100% accurate!