Friday, August 18, 2006

New Beginnings

I don't do this often, but I'm so excited about a new series I'm working on that I just had to share and see what comments you guys would have about it. This is the beginning page from the first in the series called SEX, DRUGS, AND ROCK N' ROLL--DOWN POISON (by Tammy Lee)

I hope you like it.


Cindy languished in bed with her hand running across the smooth, soft sack of her lover’s balls. She loved touching them, squeezing them, almost as much as he loved her doing it—a fact he assured her of often enough she knew it to be true. He moaned as she moved her fingers in a slow, tantalizing arch through the wiry hair that wound about her fingers in an effort to trap them in their lair. Waiting for her, begging for attention, the steel hard tower of muscle stood before the playing field of her grip.

Long nights took their toll too often lately, and Randy tossed in his sleep, leaving her hand empty. Cindy pushed a ragged shard of anger off, and made an attempt to smile at the sleeping form still huddled under a pile of blankets. “Fine then, later for sure,” she said as got up, and staggered to the bathroom.

There scrawled in her favorite shade of lipstick ‘Will you love me if I’m crazy?’ splashed a vibrant cherry message across the vanity mirror. She looked over her shoulder, down the hall, at the open door of the bedroom. “Stupid man.” What did he take her for, some one-night road bimbo?

With hair and teeth appropriately brushed, Cindy trudged across the narrow hallway to another open door and ignored the mess that awaited her as she slumped into a chair in front of her ancient wooden desk. She pulled out a pad and scribbled a note to herself—reminding her to scold the man-child sleeping in their bed. Then, just as quickly as she’d penned it, she crumpled the page and tossed it into the can.

What good would it do? He listened, he nodded in apparent understanding, then he sucked down a bottle of liquid lightening, inhaled a pound of powder, and basically did everything in his power to avoid life, and run with open arms into hell before sprawling in wild debauchery across his skins


Bernita said...

Thank God, someone recognizes that a man has balls - and pubic hair.
Wonder about the lipstick message don't usually touch make-up or use it as a writing's a woman's trick.
Backing up, do you need "languished"? Why not just "lay"?
Think it's good!

Anonymous said...

Good one! Hopefully she wouldn't squeeze too hard as I cringed when I read that! lol.
Keep up the good work!

MissWrite said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Bernita--I may just reword the languished thing. The lipstick section probably would seem out of place, at first, but as it gets going just a bit, it won't seem so unusual, all things considered. LOL

Jose-no, not too hard. :)

Bernita said...

Ah. Wondered if you were hinting something like that.
Think of a caress instead,JH!

MissWrite said...

LOL, well, I may have given you the wrong impression, Bernita. (I'm laughing so hard here.)

Think 80's hair band ... the guys wore more make-up than I ever did.

MissWrite said...

Actually, since you don't have the benefit of what comes immediately after this passage, I'm really surprised you didn't choke the last line with him sprawling in wild debauchary across his skins

EA Monroe said...

Hi, Tami! Can't wait to see what wild adventure ride this series takes you on! Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll -- can't get any crazier than that! We always used the lipstick to paint the face of the one who fell asleep first!

What comes after skins?!

Good luck. Hope you post some more soon!

MissWrite said...

We always used the lipstick to paint the face of the one who fell asleep first!

That sounds eerily familiar EA. Glad you liked it.

Erik Ivan James said...

"Waiting for her, begging for attention, the steel hard tower of muscle stood before the playing field of her grip."

That is an excellent line, Tami. It captures the truth from male least this male. Attention to the sac and balls is pleasure for sure, but the most intense anticipation is as you've written.

Good job.

MissWrite said...

Thanks, Erik, I'm so glad you caught on to that. From the woman's perspective (at least mine at those times) laying there stoking the balls, etc, is a turn on, but it drives hubby crazy. Sometimes I just have to hide a smirk as I purposely linger on 'my' favorite areas while he moans, cause he likes it, but sure as hell wishes I'd move on to more important things. LOL

ivan said...

Ah those Chekhovian fantasies in the cherry orchard.
Great work, though.