Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pause For Station Identification


Tami Parrington
Executive Managing Editor, Lady Aibell Division

Yep, that's right. Yours truly was offered the position of Executive Managing Editor of Chippewa Publishing's erotic division Lady Aibell Press a few days ago. I've been sitting on my hands to keep from announcing it prematurely, but the contracts were signed yesterday after a long discussion with the President of Chippewa--and it was posted on the Lady Aibell website staff page this morning!

Many of you know I've been an editor at Chippewa/Lady Aibell for some time now, but this is such a great honor, and I'm so thrilled.

I look forward to working with all the great editors on an even more intense basis than I do already, and helping to make Lady Aibell an even stronger force in the publishing community.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programing.


James Goodman said...

Wow! congrats. That IS a great honor.

MissWrite said...

Thanks, James. I'm positively giddy today. LOL

Bernita said...

THEY are lucky to have you, Miss Write.

MissWrite said...

Aw, thanks, Bernita. *still dancing around* "Want some champagne?"

EA Monroe said...

Congratulations, Miss Write!
Go get 'em, girl! And have fun!

ivan said...

Managing editor?

That means you hire and fire.

Too bad I'm not into erotica, though I am a great reader of purple passages.

Eg: From A FAN'S NOTES, by Frederic Exley: "I knew just by looking at you that you were a muff-diver."

The man was indeed a sexual acrobat, right down to the crash helmet and tights. He climbed a high tower in full view of a circus audience.
Under the tower, supine and inviting, was his somewhat corpulent German mistress.

There is a drum roll.

The acrobat leaps.

...Just then Ursula crosses her legs.

Research! Research! I did not make this up.
Frederic Exley has it all there in
his FAN's NOTES.


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Cupnjava again.

Woo-hoo for you!! *throws confetti* It's time to celebrate! Who's bringing the music? Booze? *breaks out in a spontaneous dance*

MissWrite said...

Aw man, Cuppie, you missed the big celebration, lol, now I'm just trying to recover from the hangover--and finding out just how much work this really is. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know. :( I missed the chat too. *pout* But! I can still be happy for ya!

Aww, Cuppie, I have a new nickname. *grin*