Saturday, August 26, 2006

Yahoo-My Big Announcement--FINALLY

It's on now!

Finally, after a year-long hiatus from publication, and another roughly year-long wait through acceptance, and then editing, and finally publication, COMPUTER GAMES is on-line now! Just released a few minutes ago in fact.

The fingers were burning in anticipation of announcing this.

So here we go:


Daria has a secret lover with dark secret of his own that she cannever reveal, except to a fanatical few on-line who would love tobelieve the fun-loving chat room joker was telling the truth.


"Ha ha, very funny. Tell them you'll be back later." He smiled, andpinched through the cotton. He watched as she wiggled, laughing,squirming, trying to ignore the impossible-to ignore fingers thatworked their way around her breasts. "Tell them, or I'll have tothrow you over the desktop and do you while you type." He pushed herforward until she was on her feet and he threw back her chair, whichglided on its casters halfway across the room.

Standing behind her, he caressed her back as she continued to type; now it was a competition to see if it would be possible for her tocontinue her on-screen conversation while he worked his magic behindher. His hands slid up under her shirt and ran back down her sides,thrusting her jogging pants to the floor in one swift motion. Hesqueezed her bottom and she moaned, but kept on typing andcontinuing the conversation as if nothing out of the ordinary washappening. Of course, to be completely correct, this wasn't exactlyan unusual situation.

Just another one of their games.

Thanks for checking it out!


Lady Aeval said...


MissWrite said...

Thank you, Ma'am.

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Sounds like a yummy story!

MissWrite said...

It was a fun write, Cuppie.

Bernita said...

Hot stuff!
I do like that cover too.

MissWrite said...

Thanks, Bernita!

EA Monroe said...

I need someone to help me type! ;-)
Can I have Johnny Depp?

James Goodman said...

Woot! Congrats!

Anonymous said...


Tim said...

Hey, cool! I didn't know you were working on anything.

MissWrite said...

Thanks, James, Jose, and Tim.

Yeah Tim, I just can't ignore it. I try sometimes, but it doesn't work. The words just fight to come out.