Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Favorite Room

One would think my favorite room is my office. I spend most of my time there. Truth be known my favorite room in my house is my kitchen. In the summer it smells of fresh herbs and spices from the garden. In the winter it is warmed by the oven that holds fresh bread.

When I first stepped into this house eleven years ago, the kitchen was painted a shocking lime green and had tin tiles of pasty olive that came up to about waist height on its walls. A border of -- get this -- orange and copper pictures depicting kitchen utensils encirled the room in its shocking contrast that would make P. T. Barnum proud of its display.

The border was the first to go, followed quickly by the olive tiles and green paint. Now the room is a soothing warm yellow that welcomes me each time I enter my home and sets the mood for the rest of the house as a place of comfort and peace.

While I'm not much for repair work, and the kitchen could now use a little, I love to paint and decorate. I love finding little odds and ends that complete a room. Farm animals grace my home in little nooks and crannies to complete the rustic feel of a rural home. On my kitchen table is a duck filled with flowers that makes me smile everytime I look at it. On my counter top is a piggy-tea-pot that is more for decoration than use, and a long-ago won 'Snoopy' cookie jar that was 1st prize in some contest I can't even remember, but I cherish the jar.

What is your favorite room in your house?


EA Monroe said...

Good morning, Tami! Your kitchen sounds wonderful. I'll come over and sit at your table and pass the time chatting and laughing. I have a lot of kitchen table memories!

My favorite room, since I'm terrible at decorating, and the house needs fresh paint and a good dusting, too, is the backyard!

MissWrite said...

ROTF at the backyard... I think that smacks of cheating, but I like it. When I first moved out to the country from the city, I remember leaning on my backporch railing and just being amazed at the fact that 'all that' was ours. Now, of course, it's not quite as 'special', but I still love the view. Not a building in sight. Just long expanses of fields dotted with cows, horses, and the occassional combine.

Mr. Fabulous said...

My favorite room is my den, where I not only write, but formulate my plans for world domination.

They are good plans.

Bernita said...

My bedroom. My cave.

MissWrite said...

Hi there Mr. Fabulous, thanks for taking time out of your busy world domination schedule to drop by. Men have such big dreams. Your den sounds like the perfect place to fullfill them.

Hi Bernita-I can picture you tapping away on your keyboard in your, I mean bedroom.