Friday, December 29, 2006

Robyn's House

A lot of my cruising lately has led me to some interesting blogs of new friends met through the postie forum. One such wonderful lady is from right here in my home state. She is the lovely woman with I love HP scrawled across her forehead in the postie patrol post below, and the lucky winner of all that HP gear. LOL Way to go Robyn. (really you guys have to watch that video to see her going through all kinds of crazy stuff to win the prize.) Visiting her blog is like walking into her home. Pictures of her children, posts on the joys of raising them that make me smile as they bring back memories of my own child-rearing days. I especially loved the recent Friday post where she mentions a book "So You Want To Raise A Boy", and that it tells us--the ODD years are the hardest! Wow, wish I had known that back when my boy was growing up. Actually it kind of comes in handy knowing that now. As I look back over the last few years, even though he's in his 20's it still seems to hold true. Now I know to be prepared on the 'odd' years (or maybe for him, being that he's just 'odd' it always applies. Heavens). So thanks Robyn for the lovely memories your blog brings. You're a wonderful new friend, and I'm happy to have found you.


EA Monroe said...

I wish I had known about the odd years, too! And the even years!

PS -- I'm having a Beach Party since the weather here is so crappy!

Rural Writer said...

Thanks for the link! Wonderful!