Friday, January 26, 2007

Confused Kitty

I think my cat has some sort of imbalance. One of the two new kittens I got last summer who is now about six months old simply can not figure out how to work the litter box.

Yes that's what I said, work the litter box. That doesn't seem to be something that requires a lot of thought, even for a kitten. Now I'm not saying she doesn't USE the litterbox. She does. She's a good kitty. Here's the problem though. She gets in. She scrapes around in the litter like any normal kitty. She squats and does her thing. Then when she's done--wait, here's the part where she gets totally confused--she scrapes the sides, the edges, the outside edges of the plastic box trying to cover up her 'deed' rather than the litter itself.

I just don't understand it. Neither does she apparently because she'll turn and look at her little pile -- still sitting there out in the open -- and get this completely confused look on her face and then start pawing at the sides of the box again.

Poor thing I have to keep coming to her rescue and throwing the litter over it so she's satisfied. When she gets in the box she paws at the actual litter to make a 'hole'. I don't understand why she can't figure out to do the same to cover it up.

Anyone have any suggestions for a concerned kitty mommy?

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Jennifer said...

I really don't have any suggestions, just an "I've been there." I really do think it might be a female cat thing. Everyone I personally know with a female cat, theirs does the same thing. My male cat comes along and covers it for her (if the smell hasn't made mama do it already)