Friday, January 12, 2007

A Horse Is A Horse--even when it's not.

Horses have a way of being annoyingly right while seemingly naive in an innocent way. They give you their best 'puppy dog eyes' (or should that be new baby foal eyes?) and bat their long lashes a beauty queen would die for at you--but they're right. Just try to convince a twelve hundred pound beast they're not. If they say there's a tiger in the trees, you may as well believe them because you're sure as heck not going to convince them otherwise, and if you try you'll get the above look complete with lashes.

My latest wip (work in progress) has a horse-shifter. I've incorporated that experience I've had with my own horses into his psyche and it is so much fun to work with. I imagine exactly what my own horses would 'say' should they ever develop the means to go beyond innocent eyes and fluttering lashes. I've never had so much fun working on a character as I am with this one. Fantasy is a genre I've only recently jumped into, but the freedom it allows is invigorating--although I have to admit, my characters are just as obstinant and determined to do their own thing as characters in my other genres. Keeping them in line is requiring just as much effort on my part as ever before, only now it's 'holding the reins.'

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