Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Itty Bitty Fishies In An Itty Bitty Pool

Since I posted my thoughts on what you shouldn't do for fish tanks, and I posted on Miss Write what my new aquarium looked like. I thought I'd post a couple of pictures on here of my favorite new fish.

I have two favorites. One is not extremely active, but it sure is a pretty little thing. It's my Rosy Barb--

I have to try to get a more close up picture of her. (Well, I'm not positive it's a her, but I call her a her.) She's really a very vibrant pinkish salmon color with black points.

Then there's my new Zebra Dano--

Doesn't even look like the same fish, does it? It is though. And really it doesn't show the really cool striping on it's sides and fins. Although called a 'Zebra' Dano, it really has more of a leopard spotting with some horizontal striping. What makes him (yeah, I don't know that either really, but he looks like a 'he') so cool isn't really his color. He is such an active little guy. Always on the move, jumping and swiming and having a ball.

My tank is still cycling into proper levels so I'm adding fish carefully and slowly, but I think I want a few more of those two.


EA Monroe said...

Good luck with the new fish tank. We have a tank at work. Sometimes, it becomes overpopulated!

Years ago we had one -- until the cat almost electrocuted himself when he fell in.

MissWrite said...

LOL I'm sorry, that absolutely should not be funny, but it is. This is the first time I've had a fish tank AND cats in the house. My cats sit on the coffee table and watch the tank like it was a 'cat tv' especially for them.

Marie said...

The pictures are really nice, maybe one day you can come to Atlanta and to the Georgia Acquarium, you'll totally like it.