Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lindsey In Rehab

Actress Lindsey Lohan just moved into rehab. That's sad, but not to unsual for people in that life. Starting so young in Hollywood almost guarantees a need for drastic intervention at an early age. Not that it's all that unusual in any area of the country, just more of an absolute in that city. What was kind of funny to me was her double take response to reporters on the issue of her rehab. She said: "I haven't had a drink in seven days, or anything." Wow, okay, seven whole days! But that wasn't the funny part, she went on to say: "I'm not even legal, why would I?"

That just made me stop and stare at the screen here. Well, yeah, why would she? She made it a point to say she's not even legal but only had been 'clean' for at least 7 days so obviously it was a problem before that since she's been going to AA meetings for over a year. The 'why would I' part just had me stunned.

Okay, enough ranting over her stupid quote. I feel sorry for Lindsey. Mostly because it's so publicized. Lots of young people around the country have problems with alcohol and drugs, but they don't have to deal with people sticking a microphone and camera in their faces and recording their stupid thoughts about it for the whole world to hear and scrutinize. I hope she finds the help she needs. Maybe she should check out Echo Malibu.

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