Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More About Forums

Speaking of forums, even I can't believe how many forums there are just for fish--not only fish but specific species of fish. There's,,, yeah, and communities for all fish like it's unbelieveable! I've learned a lot though. One of the best things about these forums is the help they provide for beginners in a hobby. If it weren't for and the new babies my guppy just had would never have made it. They would have ended up being food for the bigger fish in the tank because I wouldn't have even realized the female was pregnant, much less that I needed to put her in a brooder to have her babies, and more importantly, take her out as soon as she was done so she wouldn't eat her own young.

Thanks to those forums my new little additions are swimming beautifully in their protected environment until they're old enough to join mom and dad, or go to their own new home (yep, new tank). Forums provide a source of great fun, and community, but they can also provide that much needed help when it's most necessary of all.

God Bless the Internet!

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