Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sickie Me

It all started last weekend. We'd been enjoying unseasaonable weather in Illinois for the better part of December and the first part of January. On Saturday last weekend the temps were chilly but still way above freezing--then Sunday it hit. Like a brick.

Not only did the temperature plumet, but so did the snow. Okay, it was only about 2 inches, but when you have to trudge through it to feed sixteen horses, 2 geese, 10 chickens, rabbits, dogs, and cats that's a mountain of snow. None of the hoses work, that goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway because it's that reason that I have to cart water from house to barn and pastures. The hay wagons won't push, or pull through snow that deep, so hay has to be hand carried to each pasture, although I can feed in the barn with the wagon. Then there's the driveway. For two days I was pretty much snowed in because it took me that long to get even 3/4 of the driveway shoveled (it's about 400 feet and I'm not in that good of shape) until I finally gave in and waited until my husband came and finished the job for me. I've been feeling like crap pretty much since the temperature fell too. I'm praying it doesn't turn into a bronchitis, or resperatory infection that slapped me around last year about this time.

Oh, the good news... Bob says he's going to bring me his old aquarium next time he's here so I'll get a brand new tank to play with. I went to Wally-world (Wal-Mart) and got some new fish today having finally broke free of the snow bound drive, and now my tank's a tad on the edge of being overstocked. They're pretty though. A couple of guppies, a couple of mollies, and a new zebra, and rosie (although I've been informed that my Rosie Barbs are really one of the Tetra family... I can't help but keep calling them Rosies)--oh, and 4 itty bitty neons. It's a colorful grouping for sure, but I think one of the guppies is pregnant--oops. :)

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