Thursday, January 04, 2007

Stressed Relief

You know, I have a semi-decent sense of humor, but I personally think it takes a lot to laugh at a back-handed insult. I did though.

Yesterday I found a company in my travels on line (this is not a paid post by the way, I just had to tell you guys about what happened). The company is called Celestial Reasonings and for 4.99 a month they will send you daily horoscope thingies via your cell phone.

Okay, it was a free trial offer and the cancelation policy was easy enough so I just figured I'd try it. I think I'm going to be keeping it just for the laughs though.

Get a load of today's message I received a little while ago:

GEMINI: Trying a new look is a stress-release for you. (Okay, I buy that--but then they go on ot say) It's gonna take one helluva look to do the job this time. (OMG, I know I've just been insulted... I think anyway. I'll admit to a lot of stress, but dang.) Then they went on to say--no haircolor though--permanent isn't your thing. (That's true enough).

What a fun little gimmick. Makes you smile that's for sure.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Hmm...quite a cheeky horoscope!

EA Monroe said...

I read a few of mine (planets in natal houses) today that made me chuckle. I'm really something else, you know! Hah!

I'll see if I can re-find the funny one.