Sunday, February 25, 2007

Get On The Firing Squad

If you are a journalist that writes about gaming, or technology related subjects, there's a contest out there just for you.

The firing squad is looking for gaming and tech journalists and videographers to compete for 20 thousand dollars worth of prize money in its FiringSquad Editors Challenge. The preliminaries start on February 28th for the writing contest, and the video segments of the contest end on February 25th and March 18th.

Get in on it now for this fun competition and get the chance to win big money for your skills in the tech/gaming fields. Gaming is such a huge and popular field right now, and millions are involved in writing about it. If you've got the right touch for that genre, get paid for it too.

I recently did a post about a gaming forum. Hundred and hundreds of people are serious about their games. You have a vast audience and if you are an avid gamer, you have a huge 'community'. It seems like there would never be a chance to run out of things to write about in that venue. New games pop up constantly, and new versions of each game, ways to win, programming, find out if you have the topic that will win the prize in FiringSquard's Editor's Challenge.

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