Monday, February 05, 2007

Who Won?

The Bears didn't win. Boy for a brief moment in time at the very beginning it looked like they were going to run away with the bowl, but then the Colts took charge and never looked back. I'll admit to being a fair-weather fan anyway. I don't watch football, or baseball, or basketball... not even horse racing, but when a local team gets to the 'big one' I tend to watch, and hope. For horse racing I watch 'the big one' no matter who, and pick my own personal favorite even though I haven't been paying any attention at all the rest of the racing season. Two things I usually do like about the super bowl are the half-time show, and the commercials. This year, however, I was greatly disappointed by both. The half-time show was rather bland and Prince (who I usually like) didn't thrill much at all, except that I liked his stage. You could barely hear him. I've seen plenty of other musical performances at half-time that were at least concert quality. Most dissapointing of all--NO BUDWISER CLYDESDALE commercials. Oh the wanna-be dalmation Bud Light commerical was cute as heck, but man, I really look forward to the Clydes every year.

One really good, very to the point commercial wasn't for a company at all. It was the one showing people cheering for their teams, young and old all together in a room watching the game on tv and someone asks 'who's winning', then on the screen the caption was 'we all are'... it's not even about the game, it's about the wonderful time spent with family and friends gathered around cheering and joking. That's what it was for me last night. Gathered with family, cheering and joking, grandkids in my lap, daughter and her boyfriend in their house watching and bantering back and forth about who would win--we won.

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