Saturday, March 03, 2007

D.C. Douglas--the voice

There have been some stars in the past that have gotten their really big breaks first by being 'a voice'. Take James Earl Jones for instance. He had success prior to Star Wars, but after Darth Vadar he was instantly recognizable for 'the voice'.

Well D. C. Douglas is just such a star now. GEICO's 'voice' of the announcer in the GEICO spots along with such big names as Little Richard, and Don LaFontaine. Visit My Voice Over Guy to learn more about this interesting voice behind the camera and what he's done, and where he's going from here. Actually the comments on the site are hilarious, as well as instantly recognizable voice wise. DC is witty as all get out and each page will make you laugh with its intro comment.

DC Douglas has a lot of credits to his name besides the GEICO commercials. Voice apperances on such stations as CNN, CourtTV, he also had a part in the really wonderful movie 'Sister's Keeper', he's been on series such as '24', 'Strong Medicine', and 'LasVegas'--truly a busy beaver that's really going to get a boost from the exposure of the commercials.

Move over James.

See DC on 'Charmed' Wednesday March 7th on 5 pm TNT, or in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Thursday, March 8th (two times 7:30pm, and 11pm) on the DISN channel.

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