Friday, March 02, 2007

Music To Work By

What are you listening to? I find I go in spurts. Some days I can't seem to write without the music blasting, and some days I just like it quiet in the house. I also go in spurts when it comes to the types of music I listen to. Some days it's all country, some days all big bang type classical, or opera, some days classic rock... one thing I just can't really seem to get into as a whole is rap. I like a few songs, but overall it just isn't music to me. What are your favorite types of music, and do you like to have it playing while you work, or do you find yourself needing the solitude of silence as you type?

Today for me it's the good old classics... rock that is. Led Zeppelin is playing on my computer right now.

There's a lady who knows, all that gliters is gold, and she's buying the stairway to heaven...

I'm still not sure if those are the right words... is she buying it or climbing it? haha almost 40 years and I'm still not sure.

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