Monday, March 26, 2007

Natural Dieting

If you've ever given any thought to using a dietary aide for weight loss like I have you have probably investigated many products. Some are really scary. Some are obvious fads, and the 'jury is still out' on some of them as to their long term effects. To be sure many have been found to carry serious consequences whether they were effective or not as a weight loss aide. Hoodia is the all-natural diet craze that while riding the tide of 'new' popularity actually has a great deal of merit and I really think will stay the course. Unlike the pharmecuical cocktails that have caused so much trouble in the past, the herbal ingredients in Hoodia products would be hard pressed to cause harm, and yet they have gotten rave reviews from users as to their effectiveness. Hey, if Liz Taylor, Oprah, and Bette Middler have had success with it, anyone can!

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