Monday, March 12, 2007

The Sound Of Advertising

Here's a funky twist that will show just how sneaky some advertisers can be. Watching tv the other night I happened to hear a commercial (usually I tune them out) and it was for a major bank credit card (I won't name them) and the pitch was, save your money, for every purchase they'd round it up to the next dollar and deposit the change into your savings account.

Now at first that sounds like a good deal. Sort of like putting the change you get from the store into a jar. You know how fast that can add up. It really does, so their idea of putting the 'change' into your savings sounds like a similar thing and a great idea. Go for it! Get that card!

Wait... think about it for a second. It takes a minute...

You're going to charge that extra 50 cents or whatever and put it in a savings account that will earn maybe 3% if you're lucky BUT... you're paying the charge card for it anywhere from 18 to 21%!!!!!

They sure make it sound like a good deal though.

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