Sunday, April 01, 2007

The End--almost

Wow, the wind is so bad here today that it blew one of my evergreen trees (big mature tree) in half. Thankfully it's warm enough otherwise, but just going outside to do minor chores makes you tired from fighting the wind. These kind of days are perfect for sitting inside and working on marketing plans and just plain old writing. I got a lot done today on my latest WIP that's nearly finished thanks to the rainy weather on Friday, and then this hellacious wind today. I only had about four chapters or so to go (as I had it planned out) but it is working out more like six, but I got most of it done with only about one and a half to go. I'm in the final stretch and am just tying it all together in a neat little package now. There's something about being in the homestretch like this. It's such a good feeling. A mighty sense of accomplishment. A fun sense of hope. A thrilling sense of getting ready to market it. Everything is on the cusp and it's like standing at the finish line in victory and standing at the starting line with muscles bunched to run all at once.

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