Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Last Frontier

I could easily be said that space really is 'the last frontier' as Star Trek so liked to call it. After all, there isn't much on our planet we haven't discovered, investigated, and moved into. Oh sure, there's oceans, but the likelihood of any humans actually building hotels, or condos underwater is pretty slim. Now, though, scientists think the may have found the next 90210. The next 'in' place to move... well maybe anyway. A new planet orbiting a dim star that resembles the sun but is less radiant (however, longer lived) than our sun. A planet that may contain water and rock... or it may just be a frozen ice ball with liquid water on the surface (ooohhh how inticing...not). Lots is unknown about this planet affectionately known as 'c'. Not even if there is residential alien life already on the planet. I mean if it is similar to Earth in atmosphere it would stand to reason life has formed in some manner already... what do we do then? Form a treaty with existing natives--didn't work to well for the American Indian.

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