Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Real Life Inspiration--Carl Sgro

Certain movies, and TV shows like mentioned below can be very inspirational, but they are disconnected from reality, even when they are reality TV. Even better inspiration comes from everyday examples of people who do what you aspire to do with style and with responsibility. Carl Sgro is such a person. He is a successful businessman who helps companies overcome unfair representation on the Internet and other media. His inspiration, however comes from more than simply his 25 years of experience and successful career. Carl Sgro is an inspiration personally as someone who uses his love and passion for fishing to help others.

Mr. Sgro is a talented Bass fisherman and fishes up and down the Atlantic shoreline from Maine all the way to Florida but what makes him truly shine is founding the 'Take a Kid Fishing' foundation. By helping kids who would otherwise not get a chance to get out and experience the thrill of fishing and the beauty of nature and open water he does what really makes me inspired--helps others, not just himself. It shows in the work Carl Sgro does and it shows in his life. That is what I aspire to.

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