Friday, March 30, 2012

My daughter's friend is about to have a baby. I'm always looking for great baby gifts to give at showers. I've decided that baby keepsake gifts are something special, and a little better than clothes or other things that mom's to be are bound to get tons of. Giving a keepsake is something that the baby can have when they grow up, and remember. They're special mementos. Since my daughter's friend knows she's having a boy, it will be easier to buy a really great keepsake. It's a lot harder when you don't know if it is a boy or girl, but then, buying any baby gift is more challenging that way. Thank heavens for modern medicine that lets mothers know far ahead of time what their new little bundle is going to be.

Getting the Spark

Getting a spark for writing is not usually my problem, but getting a spark for losing weight is. Even at times like this with beautiful weather starting and winter over, I still have a hard time sticking to a diet. SparkPeople is a great way to get that spark and keep yourself on track. I use it all the time.

A Real Headache

Migraines are in a class all by themselves when it comes to a headache. Nothing seems to work, and I know when I get a migraine, I just want to cut my head off and get it over with. It helps to know how you can get a Migraine drug free. Some headaches just mirror a migraine. Sometimes I get what seems like a migraine from working too long and staring at the computer too much. When a real migraine hits though, you'll never be wondering if its the real thing. You know those headaches when they happen.

Before and After

Ever wonder how those before and after shots happen in diet ads? Talk about creative advertising. Take a look at this.

Phoning It In

Doing business online means holding meetings with clients in various ways. teleconferencing is also a great option. Teleconferencing is not as confusing as it may sound. It's actually a great way to get everybody on the same page. Using teleconferencing also cuts down on the confusion of texting or PMing several people at once on a single project. For people who don't type quite as fast as writers do, it makes things go smoother than PM, text or even IM conferences. Most of the time, I deal one on one with a single client, and while phone calls are good then too, it isn't as necessary, and other means of communication work, but when there are more than one client on a single project, or the job requires more than just me as a creative source, teleconferencing is the only way to go.

Exercise Fail

This is hilarious. I was thinking that I should get up and get moving, and start exercising instead of spending so much time sitting and typing. Now I think sitting and typing is much safer.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life Insurance for when You Need It

Hubby let his life insurance lapse earlier this year. It was an accident. He missed making a payment by one day and now he has to re-apply for insurance. The problem is, the life insurance policy he had was purchased when he was in his early 20s, and in great health. Now, in his mid-56s and not so great health, he is going to have to look for high risk term life insurance. It's hard to find life insurance when you have pre-existing conditions, but everyone needs some form of life insurance. No one likes to think about needing it, but its pretty much a fact of life, everyone is going to face that need at some point. Life insurance isn't like... car insurance... for example, where you buy it hoping you never have to use it. Or home owners insurance, where you pay monthly for something that it really is possible you won't need, but it's good to know it's there when you do. Life insurance, well, you're going to need it someday. We all hope it isn't soon, but it is going to come.

Weekend Getaway

I have been in Lake Geneva, WI all weekend enjoying the beautiful surroundings and gorgeous weather.
But what does a writer do when they find themselves in a luxury hotel room with a beautiful patio and lots of things to do?
They write. LOL