Saturday, August 28, 2010

Job Flexibilty

Doing a medical job search online is one of the best ways to find jobs in the competitive and tight economic world of today. Even with the problems in the economy, medical jobs are one of the fields still in demand, but you may still have to go outside your normal location to find the right position. Searching online lets you see what is available anywhere in your state, a region, nationally, or even, if you really have an adventurous heart, globally. Allowing yourself the flexibility to look for jobs elsewhere other than your specific geographical region opens up your choices to a great extent and improves the odds of you finding the perfect job.

Whales Near New York?

When you first think of New York, your first thought may not be whales, but according to USA Today Travel, New York is a top destination for whale watchers. The coastal waters lend themselves to the big sea creatures of the deep, and spectators can see the underwater giants using several different methods.


The simplest method is to stand on the shores of common whale movement areas. The beaches of Long Island are a good place to watch for whales moving between the harbor and the open ocean. There are also whale watching tour companies where guests can ride out into Long Island Sound, or New York Harbor and get up close to the huge ocean mammals.


Some of the roughly 25 species of whales that congregate in the waters around New York include the humpback whale, sperm whale, blue whales, pilot whales, and fin whales.

Where to Watch

Anywhere along the ocean coastline, or any water connected to the ocean is fair game as a location for spotting whales. New York has no shortage of those types of waterways. The best areas noted by whale watching groups is off of Long Island in the Long Island Sound. Other areas whales inhabit include New York Bight, a spot of shallow water at the juncture of Long Island and New Jersey, Gardiner’s Bay, and Block Island Sound.

Whale Watching Seasons

Whales do not really have a season. The waters are open all year round. However, whales inhabit the area when food will be there, and July through September are prime months for the schools of fish and krill fill the water. The tour schedule by CRESLI offers a good guide to the best times to see whales in their natural habitat. The peak times are in July and August when food is plentiful, and near the surface.

What to Wear

The height of the whale watching season is in the heart of the summer months, so it is likely to be warm. However, ocean air, cool breezes, and rain are common occurrences so dress in layers to accommodate any conditions. It’s a good idea to wear sunglasses. The sun’s glare on water is much harsher than on land. Wear a hat to prevent sunburn, and bring plenty of sun block.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

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Work From Home In Your Pajamas

But it IS Sales Marketing...

Marketing—is there ever an end to learning how to do it? If there is, I can nearly guarantee there’s no end to actually doing it. Like many things in IM, it is something anyone wanting to work from home in my pajamas, it is a part of existence you have to get used to. In my former life (that is, the life before I became a full-time writer, freelancer, and student of all things Internet Marketing) if you’d have asked, I’d swear up and down I was no good at sales.

If you ask me now I’d say the same thing. At least the old fashioned “car salesman” type of sales. Definitely not good at that. I’ll even go a step further and say I COULD be good at it. Some would say I have a pleasant personality. I don’t like to brag, but fact is fact, and I generally get alone with most people. I am a fairly happy-go-lucky person, and people tend to gravitate toward positive, happy people… so there’s that. But---I HATE SALES. I hate sales like I hate going to the dentist, it’s that intense.

So why is it I can, and do, continue to work in the world of Internet marketing along with my ‘paycheck’ freelancing? It’s still sales. I had to stop one day and break it down for myself as well. Yes, it is still sales. I can do it, and even enjoy doing it because I honestly like what I’m selling. I think that’s a big part of the ticket for anyone who is successful in selling anything at all. Only pick products you really believe in. If you choose to promote a gadget that makes it easier to work from home in your pajamas, then you will do better with it even if it only makes you a dollar or two per sale, than one that sells slick mastermind schemes that promise the moon, and you know are just gimmicks. You’ll do well because you believe, or even know what the item you sell can do, and will do for your buyers. You may, or may not use it, but you believe in its potential and worth. You, too wish to, want to, or do, work from home in your pajamas so you know it is true.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Part of the Story


Big and Small Screen Exclusions

Movie and television writing are a much different breed of writing than online work for hire, marketing, or advertorial styles. They are a breed apart even from fiction and non-fiction writing, although they come much closer to those types of writing. Movie and television writing require good software programs to get the proper formatting. You can't just use Word... or rather, you can't easily just use Word to accomplish your goals. The biggest difference is the location and age prejudice in the on-screen industry. If you don't life in L.A. or are over 21, you may find it really difficult--not impossible, mind you, but difficult, to enter the highly selective world of screen writing for big or small screens.