Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scanner Benefits

If you have a copier that is a scanner, you have to have the appropriate scanner software to get it to work properly. If you do, it's really a wonderful machine. It can be a little complicated to use at first, but when you get the hang of it, you can scan in all your paperwork to eliminate a lot of mess. It is handy for copying important information, keeping it all handy on a laptop so you have it wherever you need it, or keeping track of records. It also helps if you have to send something to someone and want to email it instead of sending it via snail mail. It's faster and safer to email it. Plus, if you scan in a document and email it, if for any reason it doesn't get where it's going, you can just send it again, and you still have the hard copy if you want to mail it, or need it for something else.

Looking for Neighbors

If anyone on here is on Facebook, friend me and then join me on Cityville. Especially if you already play. It's a lot of fun, and I'm just starting out, but already addicted. The only thing I hate is you don't get a lot of energy at first. I'm built up to 23 at a time, but it takes forever to build it up (other than leveling up), and I am just a few dollars short of the money it takes to expand. So I'm biting my lips waiting for each energy point to use it to get more money. Help me! I also need City Hall employees for my upgrade.

Do You Need DNA?

I never gave much thought to DNA centers. I've used them for animals, but never had to find one to get DNA info on people. My daughter had to seek dna experts to get her ex-husband to pay child support. There are many great reasons for looking for expert advice and results. That's something interesting for writers too. It would make a really interesting plot, or sub-plot in a storyline. Maybe that would be a good story to write. What is really interesting is how easy it is to get DNA information. You don't need much. Hair (with root), blood, of course, and even saliva. Hair is the easiest though.

Economic Muse

I missed out on a submission for a very interesting short story collection. I even had a plot line developed. There was just too much going on last month, and I missed out. Too bad, because the selected stories paid well too. I watched "The Muse" the other day on TV, and joked with hubby that my muse was a fickle goddess, and kind of low-budget as well. I guess, compared to the muse in the movie, I'm lucky mine is more aware of the economy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Always In Contact

It's funny to me how just a few years ago I loved my desktop computers so much that if you told me I'd be spending all my time on laptops now, and notebooks when I am out and about, still getting my work done on the move, I'd have laughed at you. Not anymore. I love my mini portables, my big 17" laptop at home, and my itty bitty 6" netbook when I'm on the run. They're great, and they can do so much. I'm always connected, and always in contact with clients and friends no matter where I go.

Big Storm

Big, big, BIG time storms going on all around where I live right now. Tornadoes have been spotted, and I've been watching emergency vehicles scream down the busy street a half a block from where I live. I'm surprised my satellite TV is still on, but at least I have cable internet now! No problems there.

A Little Thought Goes A Long Way

Father's Day was Sunday. Happy Father's Day to all of you guys out there if I missed saying it to you in person on Sunday. How many of you got great father's day gifts? So often I've heard, oh he's so hard to buy for, he has everything. No body has everything. I think the best father day gifts are things that go along with special interests. For instance, my husband loves boating so, since he can't be boating this summer because of illness, I made him a compilation of all the videos we'd taken over the summers on our boat so he can watch them and we can relive the times vicariously together in the living room. It doesn't even have to be expensive to be a great gift. A little thought goes a long way.

Not Enough Hours

I'm having a really hard time finding the time I need to work lately. For the first time, perhaps in ten years, I have a constant, and steady supply of work, and no worries of the "slow times" because I have several places that I can turn to in order to find good work when one place goes a little soft. But now, between my husband having serious surgery and a long term recovery that we're dealing with now, and being in the middle of moving, I can't seem to find enough hours in the day.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Keeping Receipts

Many businesses use a receipt printer to produce receipts. You see them everywhere from the grocery store to the local gas station. Receipts are important for many people. If you are buying something for your writing business, you need to keep those receipts to declare income tax. I do that too, but I keep all receipts and log them into a spread sheet when I get home so I can keep track of where I'm spending my money. Otherwise it seems like I spend it faster than I make it, and I have no idea where it all goes. It can really help budgeting issues if you save all of your receipts, even if you don't keep them after you have them logged in. Once you see where you are spending your money, you can decide what items are necessary, if any can be either eliminated or reduced, or at least have the peace of mind that the hard earned money you make is really being used properly.

HD and DVRs Everywhere

I recently found out we are still eligible for another upgrade with DirecTV so I'm excited that we'll have a DVR in the bedroom as well. That will make having the TV in there so much better, and the living room TV will not only have a DVR, but also be HD activated. It turns out that the existing DVR that will go in the bedroom, was an experimental model a few years back, that also has HD capabilities. I don't know if this TV is an HD TV, but if it is, the bedroom will have HD too! Pretty cool

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Muscle Improvement

Creatine is a natural muscle enhancer. The body makes it naturally, but sometimes it helps to have a supplement to improve production and get the most from your workouts. Before you jump the gun and buy one, make sure you are getting the best creatine supplements by researching the many products online. You can find out how others use them, and how they worked, if there are side effects, what the best costs are, and who they work and don't work for. Even the best creatine supplements will not work the same for everybody. Like all other vitamins, minerals and other supplements, each individual will get different results so keep that in mind as you try the ones you find. Buy a small amount and test it to be sure you are getting the results you think are best. If you don't, try a different one that meets your other criteria, and see if that works. Sometimes you have to try a few to get the one that works for you.

Oldies But Goodies

It's nice to have Bob home again, and now he'll be home every night after work too. This is fun even though now I'm stuck watching westerns and old movies. I can't wait until the big tv is down here, and we can move the 32" into the bedroom. I already had Directv installed in both rooms even though there's no TV yet in the bedroom. At least I know it will be in there, so I can go hide when he wants to watch an old Clint Eastwood spaghetti western.

River Front Property

I have found the coolest thing! I've always wanted an RV to set up alongside the river by the marina where we have our boat. Of course, ultimately I'd love a home on the river, but that's dollars I'll probably never have. However, I just discovered what's called a park model rv. It's like a stationary RV. All the same features, but more like a mobile home.

That's pretty awesome looking. It would be perfect for the marina. Just the right size, and I could have a nice little home to stay in by the river instead of crammed on the boat all night.

Wild, Wild Week

This has been a wild week. First, Bobby moved down here, and helped with the moving in, and then we lost our wifi connection due to a problem on the server side, and when they said it was resolved, it wasn't, and they were no help. Goodbye VirginMobile wifi, you officially suck. Then, I ordered Comcast which would take until today to install... so I was without internet for days, putting me far behind in my work. Then Bob came home from the hospital, nice to have him back home! Today finally got connected. Let me say that Comcast, so far anyway... ROCKS. It's only the medium package, there were two lower speed packages, and two higher speed ones, but I got the best I could afford right now, and it is still lightening fast compared to the old wireless connection I used to have. The downside is, my good laptop is refusing to work with the new modem. The smaller laptop (I'm on now) works great with it. Bob's good laptop works fine with it... but, at least I'm on.