Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tone and Atmosphere

When you write background and atmosphere how much detail do you give? Do you simply give a general room description such as: She tossed a salad at the kitchen sink, or do you provide a backdrop to give an idea to her personality. She tossed a salad in a crystal bowl then sat it on the glass tile of her counter top before heading to the sub-zero for a bottle of dressing. It doesn't seem like there would be a lot of difference at first until you think about it. The second really tells a lot about who this character is without the author having to 'TELL' the reader she is lives in an upper class home and is either a professional like a doctor, lawyer, or other high-paid executive type, or an entertainer. Other aspects of the story would have to reveal more about what she does to earn the kind of money required for certain luxuries. Or maybe other aspects of the story prove that she does not earn that kind of money and she is house-sitting, or whatever, but it sets a tone for a place, and tells about the characters.

More Addicted to the Computer

I have become crazy addicted to the games on the social sites. Good thing Twitter doesn't have games on it or I'd be stuck on there too. Right now I play Mafia Wars on Facebook, MySpace, and Tagged. I play Vampire Wars on Facebook and MySpace. I play Castle Wars on Facebook. I play Special Forces on MySpace and Facebook, and I have Bloodlines on MySpace too but it really hasn't stuck. I've tried various other games that haven't stuck with me. Some are very popular with others like YoVille, Pirates, Street Racing, etc... I guess we all have our certain types we like and those we don't. I wish I had less I liked. It is very addicting.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Simply Complex

When I learned how to make book covers it included learning the requirements for spines, barcode boxes, and other information. It was quite interesting. It was learning about POS systems from the other side. I'd spent years working in retail and even managing several stores so I knew all about POS implementation from the sales side. I'd never been on the seller's end of the deal creating a product to be put into that system. So it was quite interesting and along the way I heard many grumbles from others learning the system and requirements about the whys and how-comes and would just smile to myself because I knew why and how come. The biggest lesson of all it seems is that as we grow older and have more experiences we begin to see how every experience meshes with the others in one big glorious and sometimes even harmonious scheme. As big and far reaching as world marketing is, it is very close knit at the same time. Linked by numbers. Linked by codes. Linked by computers. In its extreme complexity it is very simple indeed.

No Force On Earth

Sometimes even when you have a well-defined project and a sure sale for a piece of fiction it just will not happen. I try to explain it to those who do not write... and even to those who write but not fiction... you simply can't force it. You can't make it happen. Even if you need the money desperately. There are many types of writing you can make happen. You just do it. Fiction isn't like that, however. The one ingredient that makes fiction what it is, and unlike any other type of writing, or other form of work is creativity. Well, it happened to me again this week. I had a sure thing, although it wasn't something I would have done, it was ghost writing and I've done it before. I just couldn't make this one happen though, and I lost out on a good chunk of change because of it. Some things you just can't force.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

No More Begging

As station manager for his company's Oak Lawn station my husband has to conduct meetings quite often. Usually he borrows folding chairs from a local church, but that has become such a hassle he wanted to find someplace to purchase them so he didn't have to move so many chairs back and forth each time. Looking for folding chairs got easier when he stopped focusing on just 'folding chairs' and looked for various types of folding chairs like classroom chairs, office chairs, or other types of chairs created for large numbers of people in a room. Along with folding tables those were the hardest items to find until he learned how to look for them. Other things he needed like a projector that would work along with his computer were easy enough to find and now he's all set up so he never has to go begging for furniture the day before a big meeting.

Not The Only Computer Addict In This House

For years my husband has called me a computer addict. Well, I am. I'm not alone anymore though. My new bird has decided he's in love with my computer. Well, to be more specific he's in love with the fact that he can see himself in it. Yesterday he was all over my keyboard looking at himself, whistling to himself, and dancing around.

Today he's sitting behind it making goo-goo eyes and whistling at the back reflection. I much prefer that. I can at least get things done this way.
And it wasn't until I took this picture for you that iI realized what was so attractive to him back there. I had already made sure there were no wires to chew on, nothing he could undo like plugs or tabs. He couldn't really see his reflection much unless he really stretched, which he does. I kept hearing little chewing noises and now I know why. Noticed the chewed up papers... I was so worried about wires and computer plugs I forgot about the paper. Thankfully it isn't anything important. haha.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Smoking, Big Weight Gain

I'm on a rant again. I've gained even more weight. I still haven't gained all that I lost a few years ago back, but with the new, recent quitting cigarettes event I've really piled pounds back on. I HAVE to do something about it and I don't seem to have enough will power for both weight loss and not smoking at the same time. So I need to research some good weight loss pills to help me out with the weight gain.

New Border

We got a new bird today. I know I didn't need one but he needed a home and animals that need homes seem to find me. Luckily for them I have a hard time resisting and saying no. Luckier still for them it's not my husband the people ask to take them in. He has no problem saying no---to everyone but me. So, here's our new border who doesn't pay rent. His name is Johnny.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fishing, Challenges and Sakwinder Narwal Show The Receipe For Success

When I try to think about what attributes successful people in any career have in common I have to think the traits that Sakwinder Narwal exihibit truly exemplify them. People who are successful thrive on difficult situatons. They love a challenge. Those attributes show through in every aspect of their lives, not just in business. It is ingrained in their psyche. They are not thinking about being competitive, or finding challenging pastimes. They just do.

Sakwinder Narwal shows this precise attribute in the way he participates in his favorite pastime. He loves to fish. Not just like some folks do by going out and throwing a line in the water and laying on the grass hoping to find something, but in a competitive way that goes after particularly difficult fish to catch. He travels the globe looking for ever more challenging and new fishing situations and finds them, meets them, and conquers them.

It is this personality that shines in a business situation of any kind. That includes those of us that write for a living. Perhaps even moreso because we are constantly faced with challenging situations and in order to succeed, like Sakwinder Narwal, must chase our dreams and thrive on challenge.

Burning Up Season 3

The mid-season finale of Burn Notice's season three is this Thursday. I'm all on the edge of my seat ready to watch it but sad that it will mean 3 months without my favorite show again. I kind of like how USA breaks up its season, it's not as long between them, but like other Burn Notice devotees I don't want it to ever go into hiatus. The discussions with other viewers who are as crazy about the show as I am brings up a lot of interesting discussions though. It is kind of fun to get to know how other viewers think and discuss the writing styles, story lines, plots and things of a show you love. As a writer it's even more interesting. It has proven very helpful in understanding a bit about the way others disect writing.

Find Clients Who Are Looking For What You Have With Survey Resource Center

When you have a business you know one of the hardest things can be finding leads. It really doesn't matter what your business is you are going to need resources to find people who need what you have to sell whether it is a product or a service. There are companies that can provide that information to help you out so you don't waste your time on cold calls to people not interested in what you have to offer. Survey Resource Center is a company like that and they specialize in getting you the contacts you need for your company.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

okay, I'm a HUGE Burn Notice fan but I'm really just posting this picture here to use somewhere else. LOL