Saturday, October 21, 2006

Renata Bowers, police officer with a grand total of two days' active duty under her belt, is determined to make a difference in the world. She believes her only obstacle is her status as a rookie female cop. Then she meets Kale Tyrell, a homeless man and suspected cop-killer who brings out the worst in her colleagues. Her view o f justice is turned inside out when she realizes Kale is innocent, and still paying for a crime he didn't commit.

Kale's life is a constant struggle: against the Philly PD, the staff of the homeless shelter, and a world that no longer acknowledges his existence. Now he has to deal with a lady cop who seems intent on killing him with kindness. When an old Army colleague offers Kale the chance to discover the identity of his wife's murderer at the risk of his own life, he seizes the opportunity.

Drawn into a world where no one can be trusted, and nothing is what it seems, Ren and Kale discover that there are some things still worth fighting for...especially love.

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I'm Still Standing

Maybe only barely, but I'm still here. I want to thank Sonja for coming over this morning (or was it last night, I didn't notice the time on the post) and saying 'hey, wake up, where are you?' LOL You're a sweetie.

Have you ever had one of those months? Yep, not just one of those days, one of those months. Truthfully I can't decide if it's been one of the most boring months ever, one of the most frustrating months of all time, or if I just want to shoot myself, get it over with and not bother trying to decide.

It's been one of those months that seems to go from zero to sixty in a heartbeat, then slam to a halt and leave you feeling drained for the effort. I don't want to see like I'm complaining (although I'll bet my teeth that it sure sounds like I am, lol), I just want to let you all know why I have been pretty silent overall this month.

Sonja, sweetie, I am SO sorry I wasn't able to be involved in your party bash video. I was notified of it, although my email thingie magigie certainly wasn't sending all the notices and I missed the first one, it seemed like I would get in under the wire, but apparently I missed the submission time by a fraction of an inch.

Happy birthday to you even if it is late. :) You're a true gem on the path, and I'm so happy to know you.

So anyway, I am still standing on two feet, and still around. I pop in on your blogs and say hi when I can, but haven't really had much time, or when I do, the energy to post on here. I'll try to do better here soon.

Hugs and much love,


Sunday, October 15, 2006

ERWF Blog Circle Post

Shaun lives in a world where were creatures are treated as pets for work and sexual pleasure. Until a few days before his 18th birthday, Shaun believed himself a normal human. Days after his first change, he finds himself sold to the training institute. His breed? A rare white tiger form, highly prized and sought after.

Escaping the institute, Shaun is free until a human Master finds him. When Ashley claims him, Shaun is at first resentful. Given no time to adjust, Shaun simply can't accept who he is. With infinite patience, Ashley sets out to help Shaun learn to accept himself and to give new meaning to the label placed on him.

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Twice the Cowboy is on Sale Now!
Publisher: Phaze Books
Price: $5.00

Manuel Santos Fuentes was not the type of cowboy Jess Graff was used to. From the moment they met during the El Paso International Rodeo, Jess wanted the Charro. When Manuel is injured during El Paso de la Muerte, Jess seizes the opportunity to get his vaquero into bed. But cross-cultural misunderstandings and family feuds threaten to destroy their relationship before it really starts. Can two men from wildly different backgrounds overcome hatred and jealousy and learn to trust in each other?

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yippeeee Happy Dance because LOVE SUCKS

LOL, okay, Love doesn't really suck... but I am happy. My short story LOVE SUCKS has been accepted by Erotic Dreams Publishing for their January 2007 issue!

Jo left his world behind to be with the one he loved. Now he must return, and leave that all behind in order to save his heart—or lose his heritage forever.


The vice-lord was nowhere to be seen, and that suited Jo just fine. He slid a hand along an alabaster railing that led to the chambers on the top floor, then turned and walked across the grand entry into the quiet, shade-darkened living room.

Jo poured a generous helping of deep red wine, and settled into a cushioned chair to wait for the awakening. He’d left Dew at sundown. The trip across town only took a moment using long abandoned skills for flight and stealth. Even the short exertion left him feeling exhausted. He sighed and drank half the glass before squinting in the fading dim light of the room at the exquisite features of luxury that Dachalo had to offer.

“It’s not so bad here, is it, Jonah?”

Jo cringed at the sound of the long unused name, and the sickeningly sweet voice that wafted through the air delivering the question. He glanced out the side of his eye and studied the tall, slender figure silhouetted in the doorframe. The fading sunlight that managed to weave its way through the thick shades glowed in a surreal dance on the long blonde locks that framed stark Cyrillic features. Darker than obsidian eyes bore a hole in his very soul from across the room and made Jo squirm in his chair.

“I must admit, liebnick, I did not expect to see you again.” Lord Nicolia swept across the room, his expression turned to stone cold indifference in spite of endearing names. At the bar he poured himself a glass of clear liquid and held it up in a salute. “Nastroviya.”

Jo held his own glass up. “Yeah, yeah… your health, too.” Not like he really cared if the old fart keeled over right that moment, or not.

“Welcome to my humble home.”

“It’s still my home, too. Is it not?”

Nicolai studied him, then a grin spread across his lips, opening just slightly to reveal the long, pointed teeth. The teeth that had eternally enslaved Jo to him. Eternally imprisoned him to the passion. Captive to lust, and desire that no rapture could fulfill. His thoughts didn’t go unnoticed by his Lord, and Jo scowled at the smirk that replaced the smile on Nicolai’s features.

Thin fingers ran though Jo’s hair. He felt the stroke long before the man reached his side. Subtle trick of empowerment. He steeled himself against the will that wanted his mind to bend to it. The familiar power play, even after thirty years flashed back fresh and new from a locked away memory.

“Don’t fight it, milochka…my darling.”

A heavy lump formed in Jo’s throat and he fought to swallow back the emotional turmoil. Sweat formed on his brow as his master bent and his lips touched the top of his head.

See video trailer HERE.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yet another cool new Miss...

Okay this one isn't billing herself as 'Miss' anything. In fact, her cool name is 'The Rejecter'. A nifty new blog started up by an assistant for an agent on the rigors of agenting and how to avoid pitfalls. Miss Snark, I think your template has created many a monster, but it sure is helping those in the wilderness escape gaping jaws.

Computer Games 15% off at Coffee Time

CoffeeTime Romance has Computer Games at 15% off the list price now, so here's your chance to get a great deal while it lasts on a story they said:

"This book takes some thought to fully appreciate. When you do, though, you see the true genious of this story."


"Ha ha, very funny. Tell them you'll be back later." He smiled, and pinched through the cotton. He watched as she wiggled, laughing, squirming, trying to ignore the impossible-to ignore fingers that worked their way around her breasts. "Tell them, or I'll have to throw you over the desktop and do you while you type." He pushed her forward until she was on her feet and he threw back her chair, which glided on its casters halfway across the room. Standing behind her, he caressed her back as she continued to type; now it was a competition to see if it would be possible for her to continue her on-screen conversation while he worked his magic behind her. His hands slid up under her shirt and ran back down her sides, thrusting her jogging pants to the floor in one swift motion. He squeezed her bottom and she moaned, but kept on typing and continuing the conversation as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Of course, to be completely correct, this wasn't exactly an unusual situation.
Just another one of their games.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lilac Memories sold to Steamy Audio

Hey, the title about says it all. LOL I just got a contract from steamyaudio for Lilac Memories. is a start-up publisher compiling a list of short steamy stories to sell as audio files. They hope to be on-line and running in a few months, but they pay on contract, so it's cool with me! I'm just so excited. This is my first audio 'book'.

Monday, October 09, 2006

There's a New Kid In Town

Yep, that's right folks. A new MISS... is in town. She has a 'live journal' and her name is Miss Read. She's a multi-published author, an editor, and a proof-reader for different companies and she's looking to share her behind the scene secrets in a clandestine manner. (No, she's not me, lol)

You can find her HERE.

New Yahoo

Does the world need another group?

Well, yes, in this case I think it does. I don’t think there can be too many groups dedicated to the cause of peace and love.

I’d like to announce the creation of a brand new Yahoo Group called EWAH—Erotica Writers Against Hate. Cupnjava and myself have created this group to help inspire writers to come together and give back to their communities and the netspread as a whole in a way only writers can do-with the mightiest weapon ever conceived-the pen. Something we do so well, and that gives us such great joy, and in many cases financial reward, should be used to help, and give back too. I truly believe it is our responsibility to use our gifts for the benefit of mankind whenever, and where ever possible.

EWAH is open to all writers, of any genre, who want to help spread the message of peace in place of prejudice, and love in place of hate.

Please join us in our efforts.

To visit EWAH click HERE.

We also have a YouTube EWAH group located here. Come on over and join us there as well… and all of you gifted with the film please submit relevant vids to our group there, too.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Social Commentary

I just made a new video and put it up on You Tube. It's not another book trailer though, it's a commentary. I hope if you have the time to take a peek, you'll enjoy it. Click HERE to view.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

ERWF Blog Circle Post

Nikky is a werecat who can go furry in the blink of an eye. He and his boyfriend Danny aren't the typical couple in a lot of ways. That whole incubus thing Danny has going makes sure of that.

These two are inseperable, but they find out there are still some secrets in the family when Nikki meets Serina at his new job. She looks awfully familiar, but he doesn't remember ever meeting her. So what is it she has to tell him when she invites Nikky and Danny to supper?

Find out today!

A New Fifth

No, get your mind straight here, it's only 8:30 in the morning, not that kind of fifth.

Bernita reminded me that she'd already been tagged (and apparently the rules are you can't be tagged twice... heehee, good to know)... so I guess that means I have to pick a new fifth. Trouble is I don't have too many regular commentors so I'm not sure exactly who comes to the blog here other than the five I mentioned.

Who I'll pick then is Cathy C. I know you've been around here once in awhile and it would be great to hear a readers answers to the 10 questions below. So, Cathy... tag, you're it.

Friday, October 06, 2006


A new vid made just for fun: THE LIFE OF AN EROTICA EDITOR-- hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. (Probably not though, 'cause making these things is just wicked fun.)

Okay, I'm just going to post the link HERE... because the YouTube viewer stretches out my sidebar and makes it all funky and stuff like that. LOL

I've Been Give The Smack Down!

Um, I mean I've been tagged. I've never been tagged before, so bear with me. Thanks a lot Sonja. LOL

Here goes:

Man, these things are always so hard. Picking ONE…

1) One book that changed your life: Jonathan Livingston Seagull, By: Richard Bach. The depth, and symbolism in that book spoke to me of ways I wanted to write when I grew up… and still does.

2) One book that you’d read more than once: I’ve read every ‘Black Stallion’ book by Walter Farley so many times their pages were in shreds when I was younger. They gave me a love for reading, and a depth of imagination and belief that lasts until this day.

3) One book you’d want on a deserted island: Nothing by Stephen King… don’t want to be that scared all alone. Nothing to do with food… well, for obvious reasons. You know, this is a trick question because it should be one of the ‘one book you’d read more than once’ cause if you’re on a deserted island with just a book to read, you’re probably not getting off very quick.

Um…Cheating here, but it’s probably the ‘right’ answer: The bible.

4) One book that made you laugh: Hitchhicker’s guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams.

5) One book that made you cry: The Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux

6) One book you wish you’d written: Needful Things by Stephen King… he’s the master of psychological thrillers.

7) One book you wish had never been written: I don’t really have one. I know that’s cheating but it’s the truth.

8) One book you're currently reading: The Screenwriter's Survival Guide, by: Max Adams

9) One book you’ve been meaning to read: Dark Need, by Lynn Viehl. I have it, I loved the first two of the series, but haven’t had time to open this one.

10) Tag five people: Jose, Bernita, Cupnjava, Kay, E.A.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


ISBN# Unavailable
Aug 26 2006
Lady Aibell Press
22 Pages
Dark Fantasy
Rating: 3 cups

Daria is a computer junkie. She has a chat room addiction. She is also quite the popular chatter. None of this would be a problem if her on-line buddies would stay out of her marriage. Now her fans decided she needs a rescue.

Micheal is simple. He has a woman he loves. He has a home he enjoys and enough food to last a while. Now if only his wife would log off the Internet.

Daria and Micheal live a quiet life in the middle of nowhere. So she does not feel so lonely, Daria uses the internet. Okay, she is addicted to the net. And what happens when the addiction follows you home one day? Well, you will have to read it to see.

For a paranormal lover like me, this book was different. This story was a unique twist on the happily ever after we all love so much. Ms. Lee gives us one look at what could possibly happen. This book takes some thought to fully appreciate. When you do, though, you see the true genious of this story. It is definitely worth at least one read.

Mary E
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

Monday, October 02, 2006



TREASURE HUNT by J. H. Bogran is available now from Chippewa Publishing after already gaining some great reviews. (See below for copy of first review.

Click HERE to get your copy today!

View video trailer for Treasure Hunt HERE.