Monday, February 17, 2014

Real Work in Real Estate

Years ago I was a real estate agent. Even in this rocky market it is an exciting job, and I think about it often. I wish back when I was in real estate they had the powerful tools that are available now to make marketing, getting potential buyers attention, and scheduling all of the necessary elements for a sale easy. When I was in real estate, the Internet was just a baby. There really wasn't much to it. Now, though, wow, the atmosphere for it is amazing. With the market beginning to show signs of recovery, I'm thinking it might be a good time to get back in. The first thing I would do is download the goconnect app for realtor checklists. This app would have made life so much easier back then, and there is simply no reason not to use it now to make sure everything gets done on time, and you never lose track of what is going on to be successful.

Work When It Comes

Writers have to take work as it comes. It is just the nature of the game, and for real paying work, freelancing is the best source of reliable income for writing work from home. It can be rocky though. Finally this year it has begun to pick up again. Last year was slow all year. You can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why the clients are plentiful or scarce. There's very little anyone can do to control it, so it is a good idea just to accept the fact that income will be flexible, and you have to take it when it comes around and be happy for it.