Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Paddle Faster I Hear Banjo Music

The banjo is an instrument I've always been curious about. I love the sound, but have never actually tried to play one. I spent a lot of years playing different styles of guitars, and have had lots of friends who were muscians, but have never had the chance to try one out. Since there are great deals to save on deering banjo at guitar center it might be a great time to give it a go and see if I can get the hang of the unique form of stringed instrument. If nothing else, it will be fun to take on the boat and play as we float along the river, just to see the reactions of everyone else out there as we go by. Okay, so that's a wicked sense of humor, I really do love banjo music and now is a great time to look into a new instrument.

What is the Alpha Warrior?

The Alpha Warrior is a competitive test of fitness that challenges competitors both mentally and physically. Unlike marathons or mud runs, the Alpha Warrior does not take place over a long distance course. Instead, it takes athletes through a set of severe obstacles that require participants to make use of every muscle set such as upper and lower body or core, as well as challenging their balance and cardio fitness. Several of the obstacles are also created to test the player’s ability to overcome fear and in some cases work as a team with their competitors. Alpha Warrior courses contain the following sets of obstacles: Monster Barrels Side Winder Sea of Ropes Gut Buster Sky Walk Silver Back Camel Back Battering Rams Slack City Tree Tops Gorilla Bars Alcatraz Fire Escape The Descent Broken Bars Net Crawl Fall Out Speed Ramp The main objective in the Alpha Warrior competition is to make it through every obstacle. What to Expect from the Alpha Warrior Event The Alpha Warrior competitions are held in “waves” over the course of three days. The courses are the same on all three days and individual competitors can choose to run the course on one specific day or to attack all three. Competitors are playing against themselves rather than running in a pack to beat other runners. With the exception of those who run all three days, the Alpha Warrior runs are not timed. There are prizes at each event for top 3 men and top 3 women who complete the course on all three days with the fastest combination of times. However, all competitors who make it through the entire course on each respective day receive a finishing medal, an Alpha Warriors t-shirt, energy bars and even a beer along with the right to brag about their abilities. For participants that wish to complete the full set of waves and compete for the “Elite” prizes, the events are timed in order to find the ultimate winner who will be eligible for the prize money awards at the end of the three day event. More Event Details The Alpha Warrior competition course travels the country, and is available to anyone who travels to the area where it is being held regardless of residency. The obstacles are created to test the skills of very active and fit persons. This is an event that requires preparation and training. Participants must be at least 16 years old and signed parental consent is required for individuals under the age of 18. Each participant will be required to sign a waiver of liability and also pay a fee for insurance in order to participate. The actual cost of competing in the event varies between $70 and $100 dollars with early registration getting the maximum discount, and there is a post-party for all participants. There are also discounts for members of the military or EMS profession.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting Carpets Cleaned the Right Way

The east coast has taken quite a beating this year from severe weather. Here in Illinois there has been a lot of water/flooding trouble too. Like in the Carolinas and other eastern states, getting rid of the damage from water is no easy feat. Hiring a carpet cleaning huntersville nc company, or a similar one for the area you live in when there's been water damage to carpets and rugs is the best way to ensure no problems will spring up later to surprise you. Times of severe weather damage aren't the only time to look for professionals though. I regularly have my wall to wall carpets professionally cleaned. For me it's especially important, becuase I have a cat and a dog, and those smells can really get into the fibers of the carpets even though both are very well house-broken. It's not just accidents that cause damage to rugs from pets. Even if there are never any accidents, shedding hair works into the fibers and the dander gets down deep into the backing and won't come out with simply vacuuming. Shampooing is not as thorough with a home use machine either, and doing it wrong can breed dangerous mold, so I always want a pro to get it done right.

Giving Tree

I just learned the story of the "giving tree" on the tv show So You Think You Can Dance. I had heard the term the giving tree before, but never knew there was a story to it. It's a book by Shel Silverstein, and the gist of it is there's a tree and a young boy plays on swings and climbing its branches, as a young man he takes the tree's branches to build a house and as a man he cuts down the trunk to make a boat. All that is left is a stump, and the then old man sits on the stumps to rest. The last line of the book just sent shivers down my spine: The tree was happy. I need to find that book and read it.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Legal Help for Harassment

I have never had to deal with harasment in a workplace. Now that I work from home I rarely even think about it since there isn't a possibility of it. However, the situation is a serious one. I see people on talk or news shows and wonder how they deal with it. There are stigmas and problems of proving the situation which potentially make it one of the most under-reported issues in the workplace. Anyone who experiences harassment in the workplace really needs a lawyer. It is definitely something not to try and handle on your own. Searching for a person to help is easy now that the internet makes finding lawyers for sexual harassment in san diego or whatever area of the country you're in.

Time Out

Every writer needs some time out. It refreshes the mind and rejuvinates the spirit. In the summer that's no problem for me. It's out to anywhere there's water. Usually on a Saturday or Wednesday (or both -- weather permitting), because of Bob's days off. Last Saturday we took the boat out and picniced on a beach on the Illinois River. It was glorious. Here are some pictures. I think you can see how soul reviving it would be.