Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Resist?

I've watched the music industry move from vinyl records to cassette tape and on to CDs, but the biggest invention in my mind are ipods and their related MP3 players. The ability to carry an entire music collection on one little device small enough to fit in a pocket, clip on a belt, or slip into a purse is unbelievable. When they first came out, I resisted, as I do with most technological advances. I don't know why I bother. I eventually give in, and then realize I can't live without them. It was like that, even with the very first computers. It was my husband that fell for the new technology, and I insisted that my trust typewriter would be just fine. Ha. You couldn't pry my hands from my computer keyboard now with a crowbar. When I finally gave in and bought my first MP3 player, I was hooked, and now, I wouldn't be without one. I don't even bother with CDs anymore. Who needs shelves full of discs when one little device can hold it all?

New Programs

I've had a lot of fun lately testing out new web page building programs. Lots of people question me on why I still bother when so many website owners now simply use Word Press for a website. It works, and I've used it too. But there are still times when you want an old-fashioned "glossy" site, and nothing beats good old HTML sites in my opinion. I do have to get more familiar with flash though, in order to provide a more interesting layout for headers and menus.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Powerful Technology Helps Powerful Medical Advances

The medical advancements in diet support has equaled the developments as those of technology. Technology helps us, even there, however. Now, thanks to the Internet, when you need to look up the effectiveness and safety of a drug, such as adapexin, you can search for adapexin reviews and learn vital information that will give you a good way to determine if its good to use. That helps when you have thousands of products to compete with your needs. Now all we have to do is learn how to communicate with each other through telepathy like they can in "The Next Generation."

40 Years, and You Still Know

You know, I think the show I'm watching is just about over, but a little comment in it just blew me away. Star Trek was canceled as a TV series in 1969! 1969! I was seven years old! In spite of that, it has become such an icon that it's unlikely you could mention it where someone wouldn't know what you were talking about. You might even bring up an episode title such as "The Trouble with Tribbles," as a part of conversation, and listeners would smile and nod, knowingly. How weird is that? A show that had so much impact, instigated so many spin-offs (the next generation, movies), and is so ingrained in our lives that even over 40 years later, you nod and smile.

Star Trek, on the Mark

If Star Trek was right on so many levels, even that light speed, or faster than light speed might even eventually be possible in spite of what Einstein said: it's not possible, could they have ever envisioned that such things like phenphedrine, and other pharmceudicals would one day change every aspect of our lives as well? I mean, back in the 60s, prescription drugs were pretty basic, over-the-counter drugs barely existed, and well, we know how the 60s were when it comes to those "other drugs." Maybe the Star Trek guys were on to something, or maybe just "on" something, but it turns out, they were pretty on the mark about a lot of things.

Warp and Medicine

I'm still watching William Shatner's changed the world show, and some of the facts are just hilarious, as well as true, but something else is making me laugh. The actors are so young. It's like watching a "way back machine." It's cool how a lot of the "sick bay" devices spurred the invention of many medical machines now such as CAT scans. And like WS said, even more amazing is that the stuff on the show just came from their imaginations, made up out of thin air, sometimes even to create the possibility to do something impossible.

Added Elements

Since remodeling, and home improvement is such a huge part of my personal life, I tend to imbue that into my writing as well. In my non-fiction writing I specialize in many areas that I have personal knowledge or interest in personally, and in my fiction work I add those elements to my work as well. For instance, I may have a character debating how glass tile in their kitchen will make a difference... it usually does have some impact on the plot as well, but whether it does, or doesn't it adds a personality to the character, and the backdrop of their lives as well. These are important elements in any writing.

The World as We Know It

I'm watching "How William Shatner Changed the World" and while that sounds funny, they're talking about how shows like "Star Trek" impacted more than just science fiction imagination; they had an impact on scientific development of high tech gadgets that now occupy our lives. So in a way, William Shatner really did help change the world as we knew it, and turn it into the world as we know it now.

Scanning Your Work

If you publish your own books, or are creating a publishing company, even online, you may have to learn how to place barcodes on your covers. That sounds easy enough, but it can be a real headache. Even when you need to put them on your books, you don't necessarily have to be able to scan them. If you are going to sell books, however, or sell anything, you need a barcode scanner. There are other uses for barcode scanners. They can help you index your inventory, scan information into a computer program to track that inventory, and know when you need reprints, or how much money you should have from sales. Such exact methods of accounting can also help you at tax time. It is worth investigating the use of a scanner, and what options other than sales they can provide.

Freelancing Options

If you freelance and have avoided places like Elance, you may be missing the boat. Oh, I'm not going to say that other bidding places are like that, but Elance is fantastic. I've made more there in five weeks than I've made in five months, and that's saying something, because I did okay before. What's better is I am at the point now with clients on there, that I can be choosy concerning the jobs I take. I only do what I really enjoy doing, and still make great money. If you haven't checked it out lately... take a while and look it over. It can be overwhelming, there's a lot to get used to, but the platform is very thorough, and safe to use.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Finding TV Antennas

Yes, people still use them. Our house up in Burbank, near Chicago still has a TV so we need parts and antennas for tv reception at times. Before we put in the new flat screen, we even had to have one of those "analog TV" boxes when the entire country switched over, and our regular antenna wasn't enough. There are benefits, and drawbacks to receiving television service the "old-fashioned" way. For up there, since we aren't there often, we don't need a billion channels, and the local channels are free. That's enough incentive for me, and lots of folks who don't spend their lives glued to the television agree with me. Maybe that's not such a bad way to live, huh?

No Fair SYFY

I have been working nearly non-stop every day for the past two weeks. Nice, and good money rolling in, but today, even though I still did some work, I had to relax a bit. I turned on the TV and the SYFY network was showing a Star Trek marathon (the movies), that's all good, I love Trek movies... I watched 1, 2, 3... and then instead of showing 4 (my all time favorite) they cut to Generations and then Nemesis. After Nemesis they are showing 5! Wait a minute, where did 4 go? Not fair! Come on SYFY, how can you DO that to a Trekkie?