Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Resist?

I've watched the music industry move from vinyl records to cassette tape and on to CDs, but the biggest invention in my mind are ipods and their related MP3 players. The ability to carry an entire music collection on one little device small enough to fit in a pocket, clip on a belt, or slip into a purse is unbelievable. When they first came out, I resisted, as I do with most technological advances. I don't know why I bother. I eventually give in, and then realize I can't live without them. It was like that, even with the very first computers. It was my husband that fell for the new technology, and I insisted that my trust typewriter would be just fine. Ha. You couldn't pry my hands from my computer keyboard now with a crowbar. When I finally gave in and bought my first MP3 player, I was hooked, and now, I wouldn't be without one. I don't even bother with CDs anymore. Who needs shelves full of discs when one little device can hold it all?