Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shining Qualities

I love wearing jewelry. I have several sterling silver necklace and earring sets that I wear a lot. Jewelry can be a challenge in shooting film however. Whether it is a still shot or a motion picture shot, jewelry can cast quite a glare. I'm going to be testing a few techniques in the next short I'm doing. There is only one female role and it is a very small part. I'm going to let them wear a nice piece of jewelry and see if I can't get it to work out. I'm kind of tired of stripping all my leading ladies and anyone in fact, of any and all accessories that shine.

Script Ready for "Do Over" Now On to Fun Things

Getting really excited. The script is finished for what is now called "Do Over" (was originally Wishful Thinking). I have the copy. I have to go to Kinkos and make some additional copies so I can create the shooting script. I hope to start principle photography by Oct 1st. Possibly even earlier. I have almost everything I need, and a few additional supplies ordered and hopefully arriving this week. One of the things I ordered I would like to have in time for shooting, but don't think I will. It's a mini-flexible tripod. Would be really handy for low or tight shots, but it is coming from Japan and just shipped a few days ago (Thursday I think it was). So not likely that I'll have it for the first shooting days outside. May have it in time for the greenscreening that I'll do later after all of the outdoor work is done. I need to get the outdoor work done before the weather turns bad.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Theater Seating

I got a great surprise when I went to the theater today. Our old outdated theater (surprisingly because it is in the city not a rural theater) has been way behind the times. They were stuck in the 80s with old, uncomfortable seating when other theaters up North and in the city were outfitted with recliners. Well, we are now up-to-date and wow was it comfortable. Big, plush recliners made watching the movie so much more fun. I started to think about how wonderful it would be to have that type of theater seating at home. Lots of places sell theater seating for homes. They are usually in an area all their own in the accessories section, but you'll sometimes find double recliners, dual recliner couches or actual recliner theater seats in the furniture sections. Yep, I think it's about time to redecorate the living room.

More Than Writing

Today was an easy day work wise. I got a lot done, but it was easy work that went quickly. These kinds of days are great because I can do so many other things. I went to the movies, nice relaxing afternoon, and in a little bit I'm going to go out and mow the lawn. I wish I could avoid that last part, but its starting to look like a jungle out there. We've had so much rain that the grass has grown really quick over the past few days.

Internet Dangers

If you're online as much as I am, and today most people are, there's a lot to worry about. Virus' and trojans are everywhere and they are sneaky. I'm pretty good at avoiding them, and for the times I wander onto a site that is infected my virus program alerts me, but there's still always the chance I'll click on a bad link or end up with a problem. It's important to have somewhere to turn when you're worried about your computer's health, like online virus scanner at where you can check for virus' and other problems easily. It's quick and gives you a great deal of peace of mind. I know that besides all of my work, which I try to remember to back up, but there's so much every day that sometimes it takes awhile to get around to doing it, there's also hundreds of pictures and bookmarks, and other files that would be painful to lose. I know what that pain is like too, because I've had it happen. Now I do everything in my power to prevent sudden death from virus'.


I've started something I've always wanted to do, but always put aside. I am going to produce a short film based on a screenplay I wrote years ago about a true event that occurred between me and my half-sister. I have always wanted to direct, and this will be a great experience even if I can't do it exactly the way I see it due to finances. I have put up a project campaign on indiegogo for it though, and hope to raise enough money to really do it well and have something I am proud enough of to take to the big festivals. That would really be something. Look for "Paranoia Film" in the film section and check out the quick trailer I made for the video as a teaser. That was fun too.