Thursday, December 29, 2011

Promotions and Books

Do you do book signings? I don't know whether to tell you I love them or hate them. I do enjoy meeting people and talking about my books, but they can be a lot of work. I like book fairs even less. There's the same possibility for talking to people, but at book fairs they aren't just there to see you. They're there to see EVERYBODY. You have to really find a way to stand out from the crowd. I like to offer little goodie bags with magnets, bookmarks and things. Those are all pretty common items at a book fair though. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to come up with some original stuff. Things like lapel pins go over really big. The big plus to having something like that is, if they're attractive enough, and people wear them, they become walking billboards for your book, or you. It can be a tough choice to decide which to promote when going to events like that. At book signings you are basically there to promote the current book, but at fairs you should really be promoting your entire collection, and making your name known. Whether you opt for name recognition or book promo, pins, pens and other goodies make great gifts for viewers.

One of Those Days

I'm having one of those right now. I just spent an hour working on an article for a client, then realized it is on the same subject I did a few months back for them. So I had to trash all that work and start over again on a new piece. Doesn't it just make you tired to even think about it? Such is the life of a freelance writer. It's worth the headache though. I get to work from home, and when I get really frustrated, I can just go out and take a walk or even take a nap. Try doing that from an office.

Writer's Block? Move!

Once in awhile you need to take a break from sitting behind your desk and pounding away at the keys. Whether you are writing fiction, or plugging away at a non-fiction piece, get out and experience the world. Put on your jansport backpacks and take a hike in the woods, or jog around the block. It's great just to get out and get moving a bit. If you've run into a mental block, taking a walk or jog is a great mind boost. It helps stimulate oxygen to the brain, and you'll be surprised how much it helps to relieve those nasty writer's block blues.

Get Moving While Staying Seated

If you spend long days at your desk like I do, you may feel like you're forever planted in your chair. It may feel like you don't have any way to exercise, but here's a video for you to get your blood pumping and help your circulation while you're writing away.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Coin Collecting

I have a cache of old "peace" dollars. They are worth more than their face value now, but I'm hoping they will increase even more as times goes on. A little nest egg for retirement years. I'm also considering if its a good idea to buy morgan dollars to increase my collection. Morgan dollars are worth more than peace dollars, so may really add to my collection for retirement. Collecting these precious coins is more complicated than you might think. When I first started collecting the peace dollars I thought they were all worth the same, but that's not true. There are only certain years that have the most value. Others may be worth a little more than face value, but not as much as the other years. There are great places online to find out the value of old coins you have. Once you get into it, the thought of increasing your collection becomes very attractive, and it's a lot of fun too.

Illinois blues

I've been having a little trouble getting motivated to work this month. I don't know if it's the cold weather, my ramped up exercise program and renewed focus on other things, or a combination of both, but it's really cramping my style. I have work to do, and I get it done, but much slower than normal. I think the weather, and shortened days has the most to do with it. I really don't like winter. I need to move somewhere more stable weather wise, but it seems like I am destined to stay in Illinois my whole life sometimes.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Finding Everything at My Fingertips

One of the things I love the most about the Internet, besides being able to work from home, and watch videos, talk to friends and play games is that I can find things I need easily. The Internet is way better than the yellow pages. If I need an electrician, a carpenter, an appliance store or anything at all, I just have to look it up online. If I needed someone to clean my carpet in North Carolina, I just look up carpet cleaners cary nc. If I want someone to work on my boat engine, I just look for marine mechanics in my general area. It's so easy and I've found that while not every business is online, most are, and the ones that aren't I probably don't want to deal with anyway.

Storing Fat

Okay, I'm not going to turn this into a weight loss blog or anything, but I just happened to see this and it was very revealing.

Great Deals Right From Home

Do we really need a new excuse to shop online? I don't really, but I do love to save money, and there's no better way than to do what those otherwise normal people do on the Friday after Thanksgiving... wait for the big holiday sale: Cyber Monday. What could be better? The ability to shop from my living room, and save money at the same time? At least I can be pretty sure no one will rush through my living room, try to grab my computer out of my hands as I buy a pair of socks, or spray me with mace to get the new camcorder on sale. Cyber Monday--all the benefits of that other day with none of the danger and hassle. I don't even have to drive.

Off Again, and On a Roll

Okay, I survived Thanksgiving and a very nice dinner at my niece's apartment without gaining weight, and am off to a really good start on this diet. I hope it keeps up so I don't get discouraged again. I've seen some things these last two weeks that really make me want to stick with it this time. I don't want to end up in the kind of shape some of the people I've seen on TV end up in. The scary thing is, if I don't put the brakes on I can see it happening. I'm just too old to handle even the weight I am now. When I was younger, I could carry it, but as I get older I seem to have less strength to handle it.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Easy Gifts for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is in a few weeks, and Christmas is right around the corner. I never have time to shop, so I love looking for great holiday gift ideas online. I am going to be spending Thanksgiving with my niece, and all of us are driving up north to be there. I'd like to take a little gift for her, and I think a gift basket would be great. That type of gift is easy to give, in just a few clicks it's all done, and I don't have to take time out to drive or hunt around busy shopping malls. I love that kind of gift for my husband too. He loves to eat, I love to shop on line, and he's hard to buy for so a delicious gift basket is perfect.

Winter Blues Already

I'm missing boating. It's funny but I missed it a little last summer, but not as much as I thought I would. Maybe it's because I was so busy moving, and working, but now that colder weather is setting in, I'm really missing it. I'm still working as hard, but I am pretty much settled down, and there's not much that can be done outside now either, so I can't busy myself that way. Maybe it's the start of winter blues. LOL If I'm this way already in early November, I can't imagine what it will be like in February.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Tackling the To Do List

There are a few things I've always wanted to know. I wanted to know how to make sushi, and I finally learned this summer. It is great, and a lot easier than I thought it was. I've done a lot of the things on my to do list. I'm down to learning how to make eyelashes longer. I've tried a few things, but that was years ago before the latest developments came along. When I quit working in an office, and started working from home, it really didn't seem to be important, but reading that list I saw that at one time it was. Now it would still be nice to have long, full eyelashes. It would be nice to get dressed up and use makeup to go out and have a fun night out once in awhile. I think it's time to tackle #7.

Trick or Treat

I'm surprised I've gotten anything done today. It's Halloween. I love this holiday. It's so much fun. There haven't been that many little ones coming by. I thought we'd have more, but that must be a testament to the fear we feel now about going up to neighbor's doors. No one knows anyone the way they used to.

It was worth having all that candy on hand though, for the few that did come. Trick or treat everybody!

Finding the Right Job

My husband has been in the paramedic industry for over 30 years. That's a long time. He's been the station manager for the company he works for now for a few years as well, but is still on the streets. It's part of the job, but it's getting hard. There are so many other options for healthcare people. Sometimes it is just a matter of knowing where to find them. Looking for Healthcare Support Jobs on the internet makes it possible to see everything available in any area you are interested in.

We've given some thought to moving out of state. Maybe it would be a good idea to see what jobs are in the states we're looking at. He could do an interview trip and we could both go. I'd scope out the neighborhoods while he did the interviews.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Angry Drunk

Too funny. Not something you'd really want to see, but funny to think about.

Luxury Smoke

My husband doesn't smoke cigarettes, but he loves a good cigar. Most of the time he settles for local store-bought cigars, or those little cigarillos that come in what looks like a cigarette pack. I think I'm going to surprise him for and get him some really good Davidoff cigars and let him enjoy a little luxury for a change.

He's had really good cigars in the past, and I can attest to the fact that even as a bystander, the difference is noticeable. The smell is so much more aromatic. I actually enjoy when he smokes them too. I don't complain about his cheapies though, since he doesn't complain about my cigarettes which I also know smell far worse than any cigar to those who aren't smoking them. I wish they made high-quality cigarettes they way they have really great cigars that make the total difference in the experience of cigar smoking.

Fun in the Kitchen

Yes, even though I spend most of my days slaving away over the keyboard, I love to slave away over the stove as well. Tonight I'm making breaded Talapia and rice for dinner. The other day I made homemade sushi. That was a first. I've never made it before, but LOVE it when we go out to eat. So I had such a taste for sushi that I decided I needed to learn how to make it at home. Here are some pictures of my first attempt at making sushi.

The rolls right before I cut them up:

A plate full of beautiful sushi bites just like in the restaurant:

Hi-Tech Hide and Seek

I'd laugh if it wasn't such a cool idea. Now you can play hide and seek in one of the most high-tech ways possible. Garmin, the maker of great GPS systems now makes what they call the Chirp. It is a little unit that you can store information on, and place in chosen spots for others to find, and discover your message, talk about online, and track using GPS.

All you have to do is buy garmin chirp and get in on the game. The Chirp performs many functions, including letting you know how many people have found it, coming within the selected range. The unit lasts for up to a year in the place where you put it, until you have to replace the battery. I can think of so many ways to use this, and have fun with it next year on the boat. Since almost every boater has a GPS at their helm, it will get lots of hits if I hide it along the river where we cruise.

Another Chance

Okay, I've decided to give monetized blogging another chance. Not on here, but I had let my urls lapse on my other blogs. It is so time-consuming. I know a lot of people have great success with monetized blogging though, so why isn't it working right for me? It's not even search engine placement. I get that. It's not clickthroughs, I get them. It must be the products I choose, but I always try to find the best products that will really help my readers. I'm going to have to do some research about that though. My biggest problem has always been converting clickthroughs into actual sales. I do my job and get readers to the page, but that's where it seems to stop every time. I think next month I'm going to spend the time and money to start one--just one this time to really concentrate on and see if I can finally make that transition.

What's a Vacation?

A friend of mine, who actually gets to take vacations (okay, I do too, but sometimes it seems like these 7 day work weeks go on forever) had a great time boating with his family and some friends. On the way to the lake, however he ran in to some serious problems when his boat trailer blew a tire. That had to be scary. Waiting on the side of the road for roadside assistance made it a little less scary than trying to wrangle the tire change by himself with traffic whizzing by. It all turned out great, and they eventually made it to the lake. The pictures made my mouth water. I didn't get out on the boat at all this summer. It wasn't due to work. I can work anywhere (which does make it nice, and lets me get away when needed), but this year with my husband's illness, we just couldn't do it. I sure hope we can get back on the water next summer. I miss it, and it makes the 7 day work weeks much more enjoyable.

Maintaining the Status Quo

I've always said that freelancing was a feast or famine business, but I think I just figured out the secret to consistency--me. How much work I have depends on how "hungry" I am. When I want to work, and really seek more work, I get it--usually in spades. When I am satisfied with the status quo, I just let my regular clients supply me with just enough work to survive. Now, I am at the point where I can do that, and still make enough to pay my normal bills and have a little fun. There was a time when I was starting out, that when I got complacent, I went broke. That's when I thought that it was the business. Experience has shown me different, but I have to admit that it took this long for the light to turn on, and for me to realize what was creating the flux and flow.

It will be nice, though, if eventually I can sit back and let my regulars supply me and the flow will be so high that I don't ever have to solicit new clients. I never thought the point I'm at now would come, where even when I am not actively looking for work it would be there in at least enough quantity that I don't starve or go bankrupt. So maybe it will eventually be to the point where freelancing is no longer feast or famine even when I get a little lazy.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Coin Value

In the past two years with my husband cleaning up his mother's house, he's come across a lot (a WHOLE LOT) of old coins. At first, you think wow, that's gotta be worth a lot, and I think when people first start collecting coins they just think "anything old," but the thing is, it is really specific when you really start to investigate what makes a good coin. This is even more important when it comes to custom coins. Some of them are really cool, and maybe the best way to pick them is to choose custom coins that speak to you personally, and not worry about being collector's items. They may become that in the future, but these are the types of coins you buy in order to show them off, and enjoy looking at. Another aspect of custom made coins is getting them created to specifically express your interests or even as marketing gimmicks for your company. They make great conversation pieces that last a long time.

Millionairesses are Hard to Do

Line of the century--"Spoiled millionairess can be almost impossible to please." Really? Who would have thought? Seriously, some of these people are so out in left field, the world they live in isn't even in the same universe as normal people. There have been some on this show that are really cool, and down to earth though. It's nice to see that some of them are real people who are still fun.

Online Dating Successes

After watching "Millionaire Matchmaker" all morning, I began to think about the online dating services and how popular those are becoming. I think for many of the same reasons that people who are successful and have money would still go to a matchmaker to find that special someone, people who otherwise have a lot going for them would still use one of the free online dating services to find true love... time. If you're strenuously busy living your life, it's entirely possible that you'll have a hard time slowing down long enough to notice that special someone around you. Another reason they are probably really popular is that even at they're busiest, modern people are online at least several hours a day, so it's convenient. There's also a lot less pressure than when you're out and facing the people, you can take your time to consider all of the information about them, and make more cautious decisions, and take pressure out of the equation altogether which is a wonderful thing.

Guilty Pleasures

A lot of people say that reality TV is their guilty pleasure. I have to say I've fallen into the trap more than once. I can't help it. I've fought it, feeling that reality TV has taken away a lot of the real writer jobs in television, but it eventually won me over. I started with the guilty pleasures that I could make excuses for... "the Biggest Loser" I need to lose weight, "Flip This House" I have always had an interest in investment real estate... but I can't say that my latest guilty pleasures have anything at all to do with interests or needs. I just like them. My latest one is "Millionaire Matchmaker." I can't help it. I like it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Many Benefits of Ereaders

I hear a lot of back and forth conversation over which is better, print books or ebooks on electronic readers. Now, I'm a very traditional person, and love the smell and feel of a book, but I've learned to appreciate the many advantages that ereaders provide. First of all, having an ebook reader has allowed me to condense my library into the space of a DVD, where it used to take up many shelves. I had boxes upon boxes, and dozens of shelves full. My collection took up a lot of space even though our house was large. My home is no longer cluttered with books, but I still have all of my favorites, and room for a lot more. The best feature yet is that I can take dozens of books anywhere I go, and they all fit in my purse.

Real Ways to Get Rid of Acne

The temptation to achieve acne free skin creates desperation in many young adults, and older ones too. Watch out for programs that capitalize on the emotional need to get rid of acne quick.

• Fad diets or fast schemes are unlikely solutions to acne free skin.
• Candida buildup and toxins are a contribution to acne, but extreme solutions can unbalance the system dangerously and are bad method for acne free skin.
• Finding the right acne treatment product and combining it with good hygiene and lifestyle choices are the best way to become acne free.
• There are items in your house that you can use as a quick solution when you can’t get to the store for acne cream.
• Another way to achieve acne free skin is to try holistic acne free treatments.

There are many in the general public that fall for the grand promises and hope for the reality of a miracle cure.

Severe dietary restrictions such as those suggested by fad programs are not effective for treating acne on a long-term basis, and won’t even live up to the title promise. While this type of cleansing can help your overall health and be a part of an acne free treatment plan, they should not be considered a complete solution.

How to Truly Become Acne Free

Choose a high-quality medicated skin cream. Organic ingredients like tea tree oil actually have much the same benefits as harsher chemicals like benzoyl peroxide.
Along with a good medicated cream it is important to keep your skin free of oils and dirt. Wash several times a day, but don’t be fooled into thinking that getting rid of surface problems means scrubbing or using harsh cleansers. Scrubbing your skin is only going to irritate it further, and make the inflammation of acne pimples and pustules worse. Use gentle methods to clean your face and any area where you have acne at least twice a day (more often if you work at a hot, dirty job, or weather creates excess sweat).

Common Household Solutions for Acne Free Skin

Did you know that something as innocent and easily found in the home as toothpaste can be an emergency substitution for creams? A dab of toothpaste (not a gel) placed on your pimples can dry out the oils on the surface of the skin and help promote acne free skin. One drawback to using toothpaste is that it can discolor the area if left on too long, so only use it during the day when you can wash it off after about a half hour.

Diaper rash cream is another quick acne treatment you can find around the house if you have a last minute breakout. Using Calamine lotion can help stop the itching that often accompanies acne breakouts. Itching will only make the problem worse.

Holistic Acne Free Skin Treatment

A quick look around the house will likely turn up many of the items you can use to take a holistic approach to acne free skin. For instance, vinegar applied with a cotton ball to pimples will dry them out and help you on your way to acne free skin. Using a salt water rinse a couple times a day is a great addition to an acne free skin program. It reduces oil, and is anti-bacterial.

An egg white mask will pull out excess oils from your skin, and a honey mask gives you a natural anti-bacterial skin conditioner that will leave your face soft and smooth.

These are just a few of the ways you can work toward a healthy way of combating acne, and get acne free skin, but it won’t happen overnight, or in 3 days. Real acne skin treatment takes time, and it may even be months before you find yourself blemish free. Even then, you should continue maintenance steps to ensure your skin remains acne free. Keep up with multiple daily cleansing, and maintain healthy eating habits, exercise, and avoid things that create acne promoting environments.

The Fight Against Dry Skin and Hair

As I get older, I don't have to worry about acne anymore. I had it bad as a teen, but as an adult, really only had to deal with it at certain times of the month. Now, it's dry skin that's a problem for me. I need to use a good moisturizer for my skin, and my hair is just as bad. I think the most drastic changes were with my hair. I always had a problem with it getting greasy fast, but now it's so dry, and hard to keep moisturized. Using a strong, but organic and safe moisturizer like argan oil for skin and hair is my only salvation. In fact, after joining a health club recently that had a pool, I found that the chlorinated water made it nearly impossible to keep my hair soft. Using oil as a conditioner is a good way to keep dry hair from getting all frizzy and tangled.

Getting Rid of Acne

Acne is a serious problem that affects teens and adults causing both physical and emotional distress. Because it is so common, it is often treated as a simple problem, but it is quite complex and there are several things that need to come together to cure acne.

How to Cure Acne

When it comes to trying to cure acne, too often people take the topical approach and when it doesn’t work fast enough, they blast away with more powerful drugs. Medicated solutions to curing acne are just one of the many ways to get rid of skin blemishes.

Acne is much more complex than just a pimple on the surface of the skin. It has several conditions all working together to create the problem that presents itself visibly on the outside, but you can’t just treat the cause, you have to treat every area of the problem in order to really get a handle on your acne problem.

Along with using a good acne cream, here are some basic practices that you can do every day to improve your overall health, and have a big influence on your skin condition. None of these on their own will cure acne, but in combination, they are a powerful way to help get rid of blemishes anywhere on the body.

• Keeping the area clean and free from surface contaminants is the most often solution tried when it comes to dealing with acne, but there are some things you should know in order to get the best results.
• Along with using a high-quality acne medication you can make adjustments in your lifestyle that will encourage healing from the inside out.
• You can find many items in your kitchen or home that will aid you in the fight to cure acne.
• There are centuries of misinformation on how to cure acne. Before you can fight it, you have to know what’s real and what’s not.
• Finally, give your treatments the appropriate amount of time to work.

Cleaning and Medicating

Wash your face and outbreak areas with a good medicated soap twice a day. Part of the cause of common acne is clogged pours from oils and flaking skin. Because this is the most easily seen issue, it is the part of the acne cure that most people are aware of. However, be careful not to over cleanse or scrub your skin. Scrubbing the skin too hard will only cause further irritation and actually can make acne worse.
Follow up with an application of medicated acne cream that includes a strong moisturizer to protect your skin and make it feel invigorated.

Personal Habits that can Combat Acne

Along with the surface cleansing and conditioning, you need to help your body deal with the inner issues that create ideal the atmosphere for acne. Some of the things you should do are:

Eat plenty of fresh foods, especially fruit and vegetables. Avoid canned veggies that are loaded with salt, and while you’re at it, throw away the table salt as well. Load up on carrots too because they are full of beta carotene (vitamin a) and that is great for your skin and also reduces acne causing sebum.

Eat fiber and drink lots of water. Eating fiber and drinking water are both good ways to keep your system moving, and flushing out toxins from your body. Those same toxins that help create acne conditions. Water is also a hydrating fluid that will improve the well-being all of your body’s organs, especially the largest organ of them all—your skin.

Cut down on dairy and other allergy trigger foods. Dairy products, wheat products can aggravate, and even be a leading cause of acne. The Center for Food Allergies explains that foods that cause allergies create toxins in the body that have to be expelled, and the primary way the body gets rid of toxins is to sweat them out through the pours.

Get rid of the junk foods. They are bad for your body in every way, and provide no nourishment at all. Worst of all, most junk foods are loaded with chemicals and allergy related ingredients such as flour, sugar and dairy products.

Lay off the makeup. The obvious reason for this is that makeup covers up the skin and creates a caking over the pours. That is easily translated into extra elements to clog them up. That’s not how to cure acne. Keep your skin as clean as possible and as free of elements that will encourage clogs and restrict airflow.

Don’t squeeze them out! It’s tempting, and hard to resist, but squeezing zits encourages scaring, and worse yet, it releases all the bacteria that was pent up inside onto your skin and fingers. Then touching other areas of your face encourages the spread of those bacteria.

Wash your pillowcases often. When you sleep at night, your skin is in contact with the pillows and all of the toxins being released through your pours are being transferred to the pillow case. If you don’t wash them and replace them you are simply laying in a bed of bacteria.

Pull back your hair and keep it off your face. Even if your hair isn’t naturally oily, it has oils in it that will transfer to your skin to add more to the battle.
Mix up some honey for a good way to cure acne. Honey is a natural antibacterial and is also very soothing for your skin. 1 egg, 2 tbsp of honey, a little milk and a tsp of vitamin e oil helps get rid of bacteria and soothe inflamed skin.

Exercise (yes, it helps your skin too). Anyone who wants to know how to cure acne needs to consider the whole body, and exercise is important for health and the general well-being. However, exercise does more than just promote good health, and weight loss. It also improves blood flow to the skin and encourages the release of toxins through sweat. So get moving and get rid of acne.

How to Cure Acne with Natural Resources

Clean skin is healthy and less prone to outbreaks. Along with honey masks, you can use egg white masks to promote good blood flow to the skin. Egg whites dry and pull out the impurities in the pours to help cure acne. Baking soda makes an excellent exfoliant to scrub the skin, and soaked oatmeal is a good way to scrub the skin gently. When you’re done, use a little natural Aloe Vera as a moisturizer.

Acne Cure Fallacies that Won’t Work

Acne has been around since the beginning of time, and as such there are a lot of fallacies that surround it. Some of them that still hang on today are considered answers to how to cure acne are laying out in the sun, giving up sex and scrubbing and irritating your skin until it is raw and painful. None of these are helpful, and some can even be more aggravating to the condition.

The Long-Term Approach to Curing Acne

Find a high-quality acne cream that has soothing properties instead. A combination of well-tested medications and a natural moisturizer will help control acne outbreaks, and keep your skin supple and healthy looking. That along with a healthy lifestyle and improving your skin condition from the inside out will set you on the path to a solid and well-balanced acne cure.

Most of all, it is important to be realistic in your expectations of your acne treatment. Overnight cures are unrealistic. Give the medicine a chance to work, and take care of your skin and body in the meantime to build up a strong support system for your health.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eye Catching Display

Every time I go to the doctor's office with my husband, he can't help but grab a bunch of fliers and brochures from the tabletop displays. Whoever came up with the idea for those was a genius. They are so attention grabbing, you can't help but pay attention. If all of those folders and papers were simply strewn about on the top of the table, flat, a lot fewer people would pay attention to them. I kid my husband about taking them, but some of them have some really good deals in them, and I've found out a few things about different problems I didn't already know. Some have even helped me in my writing.

Pretty Flowers

Things are really coming along with the yard here. I am loving the good soil at our new home. Compared to the sand based soil at the old house it grows things miraculously. I even am keeping a small flower bed alive, and planted a new rose bush that is thriving. I'm really REALLY looking forward to next summer when I can get a bigger start in the spring without having to worry about all the moving and health issues we had this year. I haven't done much at all with the backyard, but am going to attack that next year with a vengeance, and do much more to the front too.

Making Sure You're Prepared

All through our marriage, my husband carried a large insurance policy on himself. We did that to provide for the family when the kids were little and the mortgage was high, and it made sense. Now though, we really need to rethink that. Of course, it would be nice to have a lot of extra money in the event something serious should happen, but I don't even like to type that "serious event" much less want it to happen, and I'd prefer to have him be with me a long time. However, the monthly premiums are high, and I don't think I'd need that much if something bad happened. We don't have a mortgage and the kids are grown up. Using a life insurance calculator is important to figure out what the proper amount of insurance you really need is. It can work both ways. For us, to see if we're spending too much money, for others, perhaps to make sure they are prepared enough in case something bad happens. In my case, the worst thing that could happen is we spend a little too much money each month, but I'd sure be well cared for if my husband passed away. It would be far worse the other way around, and if I had small children and a lot of bills and a big mortgage to pay off and not enough insurance to do it.

Good Work Bad Hands

I did a LOT of work outside yesterday. It was one of the rare days that I took off from working even though I had assignments to do. I just needed to work on the yard. I am so happy with this new property. It's smaller than what I had, but I love that about it. The 10 acres we had was just so overwhelming at times, and so spread out you really couldn't landscape it (without a ton of money). However, I am paying the price for the hard work yesterday. My left hand is really giving me problems (carpal tunnel). That will really make it hard to do the work I have lined up for today, and I have a REALLY big project that means working extra long hours for the next four weeks. My hand better shape up and get working right, or I'm going to be in a lot of pain for four weeks.

Keeping Time

I have gotten away with not wearing a watch for a long time. I don't go out too much, and when I do I usually rely on my car clock, my cell phone or a clock at the location I'm at to tell me what time it is. The problem is that I don't pay much attention to my cell phone when I'm at home, and I don't have many clocks in my new house. At least not yet. I did put a pretty little shell and fish clock in my bathroom, but hey, how often do you need to know what time it is in there? I bought one for the bedroom... vital because I never take my phone with me in there, and I rarely watch TV in the bedroom even though it's there, or want to wear a watch in bed. The only place in the kitchen for a clock would be inconvenient, so I think I'm going to look at some of the pretty michael kors watches and go back to wearing one. It really will make it easier even when out. My new cell phone is a bit of a pain to "unlock" every time I just want to see what time it is, and I won't have to dig it out of my purse to find out either. Most of all, I'll be able to keep better track of my time at home.

Scared to Buy a New Laptop

It's about time for a new computer. I'm a little shy about pulling the trigger though, for one reason: my really good laptop flat out refuses to work with the wireless comcast internet. I gave it to my son because the router is in his room and he can hardline in. I am using my good, but not as good laptop to work on because it works with the wireless in the house now. I never had that problem before with my other one, although I did have plenty of problems with it and won't buy a HP again. It still works wirelessly on other systems like our portable wireless device when we go out on the boat, or at the library, just not on comcast. What's with that? Is it because it is a Vista? I've read that some Vista laptops have that problem. That would calm my nerves about buying a new laptop if I new that was the case because most new ones come with 7 now, and I'd want that anyway because the one thing I LOVE about the laptop (newer than the other one) that I'm using now is it has Windows 7 on it. That was a vast improvement over Vista. I'm just scared that I'll spend a lot of money on a really good new laptop, and have it not want to work with my wireless internet in the house.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hearing it All

I really need a hearing aid. My hearing is getting much worse. I dread not being able to hear anymore at all. Even now though, I have to have the words on the TV or DVDs, and am always asking "what" when people talk to me. Forget talking on the phone. It's time to get a hearing aid and get it over with. It's not like they're hard to use, and I can even get the hearing aid batteries online so it's easy enough to keep up with. I think my mother-in-law had to have her hearing aid cleaned every so often, but otherwise, she had great luck with it, and her hearing was far worse than mine is now.

Finding the Spark

I missed out on a great opportunity a few months ago, and it still bugs me. There was a chance to submit a short to a compilation that had a theme that was really exciting, and I even had it all mapped out. I just couldn't concentrate on it with my husband in the hospital. I still think of it. It wasn't a lot of money, but it would have been so much fun to get my feet back in the creative writing arena again. I have a bid in to write a serial for a magazine now though. I hope I get it. Maybe that will spark my juices again.

Getting it the Way You Want It

I'm watching Hot in Cleveland and Melanie is dating a man who gave her a toe ring. That's weird, but a ring is such a romantic gift. It doesn't have to be "the" ring. A promise ring is a wonderful symbol of your relationship without the pressure. Like everything, I'd prefer to shop online. For promise rings it would be You can get it made just the way you want it. That's one of the great things about shopping online. You can find everything you want, and wonderful sites where you can customize items to fit your exact need and desire.

Getting Motivated

I have to admit I am having a hard time getting motivated to work lately. There's so much going on in my life, so I guess that's a big part of it. Big transitions make it hard to concentrate. I thought that once my hubby got out of the hospital it would be better, but he was home all the time recuperating. Then he was able to get back to work, and I thought, now...

Well, okay, I am working, just not at full speed. It's not even a matter of the work not being there. It is. It's just hard to feel motivated to do it. I get what I need to get done, done, but I'm not going above and beyond to do as much as possible. There's so much I need to do at the new house, and money to be spent, I really should be pushing it to the max so I can get it all done. Now if I can just convince myself of that, I'll be on track.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Won't Miss the Old Days

There's never a time I don't think about, and remember the terrible time I had with my son as he struggled with addictions. He had the most serious problem with alcohol, but experimented with many types of drugs as well. He was in an out of , and at first I wondered if anything would work. Finally, he committed to the program. That was the real answer. He had to really want it to work. Once that hurdle was over, he got the help he needed, and finally wanted, and the program worked wonders. Thankfully, life has smoothed over quite a bit, and he's steady and stronger now than I ever thought he'd be. I'll never forget those days, but I sure don't miss them.

Bigger isn't Always Better

Lots of people would probably feel sad about moving from a big, 3000 square foot house into a smaller, 1000 sq foot house. Not me though. I got tired of that big, sprawling house. I had to clean it. LOL That made it a lot less fun. The new place is so much easier to manage, and in a lot of ways, having less space keeps any "hording" tendency under control. Well, for most people anyway. I know some people who can cram a small house to the rafters, and take up every inch of space. I love the smaller house though, and I don't feel like I'm running a marathon just to make dinner anymore in the kitchen either.

A World Gone By

I sold my big, fancy horse trailer last week. I was sad to see it go. Even though it was 7 years old, it still looked almost new, and was in great shape. It was a very classy trailer. The people that bought it are very nice, and I hope they have as much fun with it as we did. I still remember the fun I used to have outfitting my horses and myself for a show. It got even more fun, and easier when I could shop online for riding apparel and the tack for the horses. There's something that makes you feel so regal when you get all decked out for a show. I know I'll always have the pictures, and the memories, but I'll miss actually being a part of that world.

Cooling Off

It has been so hot here over the last few weeks it's been hard to concentrate on working. Finally there's been a bit of a let up, and the heat is more seasonable. I can live with, and work in 70 and 80 degree heat, but mid-90s and higher is nearly impossible. You get exhausted just sitting around. The heat is overwhelming. I am a bit surprised at the let up of heat. It's only early August and I've always thought August was worse than even July is in terms of heat. Thankfully, it looks like August is going to behave itself some, and I'll get things done more quickly.

Getting Help to Overcome Disabling Panic

Lots of people know about drug rehab centers, and associate them with disabling addictions. However, few people know there are treatment centers for people with severely disabling illness like panic attacks. These panic drug treatment centers help people live normal lives by getting them in control of their fears, and terrors. These are very serious to the people who live with them. I've known people that suffer from disabling panic attacks. They suffer so much with them that it disrupts their lives, and keeps them from achieving their fullest potential at work, and with fun activities too.

True Fun

The current season of True Blood is drawing to a close, and it is really getting exciting. I thought this would have fizzled by now, but the writers still manage to keep it going and building new things to make the series interesting. I've never read the series of books the story is based on. I should, as a writer you'd think I'd want to. I do, and I will, but I have found for my own experience that I either read a book before I watch a movie or series, or after, so since I haven't read it before, I'm going to have to wait until they finish off the series on TV to read the books. I actually prefer it that way rather than reading first, because otherwise I find myself comparing them too much. This way, I can enjoy the TV show, and then enjoy the books. Since books, by nature can be more involved, I am not usually disappointed that way.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Complete Support for Ankles

I have weak ankles. I have always had weak ankles ever since I was a kid. The problem is I love sports and physical activities so in order to protect my ankles and not end up with sprains every time I turn around, I have to wear a support. My husband has to wear a wrist support whenever we go to the health club. We're a pair I guess. I need a good support like the procare ankle support. It's not like a simple elastic bandage you can find in most pharmacy departments. It has strong, support and a Velcro bands to keep it secure and fit you perfectly. There is a band at the top, just below the calf and one over the foot, and another figure 8 style band to completely secure the ankle. I wish they'd had ankle supports like these when I was younger. I wouldn't have had to suffer sprains so often.

Rhymes and Rhythm

I love the little "did you know" gadget on my sidebar. The one for today was "There are about 20 English words with no perfect rhyme, including "orange," "bulb" and "film."

I never gave it much thought, even as a writer since I rarely write poetry, but that would make things tough. What if you had to come up with something for "orange" for instance? Do you force it, using something like "flange"? and how do you work flange into a sentence that has anything to do with the fruit or color? Funny stuff. That there would even be words that no other word rhymes with is just amazing when you think about how many words there are in the English language.

Scrubbing It

My daughter's a nurse, and she turned me on to the amazing comfort of scrubs for every day wear, sleeping and doing just about anything. She told me her scrubs uniforms were her favorite outfit, and she wore them all the time. They're comfortable and easy to care for. I had to think back, but I remembered that I used to have some scrub pants from when my husband worked in a hospital many years ago, and they were amazingly comfortable, so I went out and got some for myself. Now I wear them all the time. I'm not a nurse, a doctor or anything else in the medical profession. Those professionals need them for work, as well as at home, but I love my scrubs, and wear them constantly around the house.

Making Trades

I found myself, yesterday sitting at our old house, waiting for a guy to come look at the trailer we're selling, and suddenly missing the horses. I know I don't have time for them anymore, and I know that I LOVE living in the city now again, but something inside of me will always love horses. There are certain things I'll miss about living in the country like the chickens, and even the pigs. I've had years of experience doing lots of fun things that I won't be able to do anymore. There's always a trade off in life, but you have to make the choices and then live with them.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blocking Your Yoga

I've learned a lot going to the health club lately. I have always loved to do yoga, but until I went there I didn't even know there was such a thing as yoga blocks that you can use to make sure you stay in the proper position. Position is everything in yoga, and hard to tell if you're doing it right if you're alone. They're great for doing your yoga work at home on your own in between classes, or if you don't have the time to get to a yoga class with an instructor.

Bread and Butter

I found a bread making machine in the utility room of the house we're moving into today. It was kind of funny because I was writing reviews on bread makers when my husband found the machine and asked me if I wanted to keep it, or get rid of it. At first I said keep it, but then, seeing how many of even the best bread makers are tricky to deal with, I decided to just get rid of it. It didn't have a manual or anything with it, although it looked like it was in good condition, so that would have made it even tougher to deal with. I don't really have the time to make bread from scratch, so using a bread maker might be a good way to get the job done, and still have great tasting homemade bread, but I don't have time for the hassle either.

Flip Camera Quality

If you are old enough to remember the first video cameras, you'll know why the tiny, slim flip cameras are so amazing to me. Our first camcorder was a huge machine, sat on your shoulder, and you had to look through a tiny view finder to see what you were shooting at, or place it on a tripod. It also used clumsy VHS tapes. The little flip camera is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, and you look at the screen on the back so you can shoot from any angle. It's also thousands of dollars cheaper than the first camcorders on the market. Even though most cell phones are about the same size, and many also take video clips, you can take much longer video on a flip camera than a cell phone, and the quality is usually a lot better.

Working Again

Sometimes the feast and famine style of working from home business can be aggravating. Last week, I couldn't drum up work to save my soul, and since yesterday I've been inundated with new projects. I'm not complaining too much. The week 'off' was nice in many ways, and rare enough that it wasn't painful. The worst part about those times is that you begin to worry that the "dry spell" won't end. It always does, but it's scary sometimes. As nice as having a bit of a vacation was, it's much nicer to be working again.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scanner Benefits

If you have a copier that is a scanner, you have to have the appropriate scanner software to get it to work properly. If you do, it's really a wonderful machine. It can be a little complicated to use at first, but when you get the hang of it, you can scan in all your paperwork to eliminate a lot of mess. It is handy for copying important information, keeping it all handy on a laptop so you have it wherever you need it, or keeping track of records. It also helps if you have to send something to someone and want to email it instead of sending it via snail mail. It's faster and safer to email it. Plus, if you scan in a document and email it, if for any reason it doesn't get where it's going, you can just send it again, and you still have the hard copy if you want to mail it, or need it for something else.

Looking for Neighbors

If anyone on here is on Facebook, friend me and then join me on Cityville. Especially if you already play. It's a lot of fun, and I'm just starting out, but already addicted. The only thing I hate is you don't get a lot of energy at first. I'm built up to 23 at a time, but it takes forever to build it up (other than leveling up), and I am just a few dollars short of the money it takes to expand. So I'm biting my lips waiting for each energy point to use it to get more money. Help me! I also need City Hall employees for my upgrade.

Do You Need DNA?

I never gave much thought to DNA centers. I've used them for animals, but never had to find one to get DNA info on people. My daughter had to seek dna experts to get her ex-husband to pay child support. There are many great reasons for looking for expert advice and results. That's something interesting for writers too. It would make a really interesting plot, or sub-plot in a storyline. Maybe that would be a good story to write. What is really interesting is how easy it is to get DNA information. You don't need much. Hair (with root), blood, of course, and even saliva. Hair is the easiest though.

Economic Muse

I missed out on a submission for a very interesting short story collection. I even had a plot line developed. There was just too much going on last month, and I missed out. Too bad, because the selected stories paid well too. I watched "The Muse" the other day on TV, and joked with hubby that my muse was a fickle goddess, and kind of low-budget as well. I guess, compared to the muse in the movie, I'm lucky mine is more aware of the economy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Always In Contact

It's funny to me how just a few years ago I loved my desktop computers so much that if you told me I'd be spending all my time on laptops now, and notebooks when I am out and about, still getting my work done on the move, I'd have laughed at you. Not anymore. I love my mini portables, my big 17" laptop at home, and my itty bitty 6" netbook when I'm on the run. They're great, and they can do so much. I'm always connected, and always in contact with clients and friends no matter where I go.

Big Storm

Big, big, BIG time storms going on all around where I live right now. Tornadoes have been spotted, and I've been watching emergency vehicles scream down the busy street a half a block from where I live. I'm surprised my satellite TV is still on, but at least I have cable internet now! No problems there.

A Little Thought Goes A Long Way

Father's Day was Sunday. Happy Father's Day to all of you guys out there if I missed saying it to you in person on Sunday. How many of you got great father's day gifts? So often I've heard, oh he's so hard to buy for, he has everything. No body has everything. I think the best father day gifts are things that go along with special interests. For instance, my husband loves boating so, since he can't be boating this summer because of illness, I made him a compilation of all the videos we'd taken over the summers on our boat so he can watch them and we can relive the times vicariously together in the living room. It doesn't even have to be expensive to be a great gift. A little thought goes a long way.

Not Enough Hours

I'm having a really hard time finding the time I need to work lately. For the first time, perhaps in ten years, I have a constant, and steady supply of work, and no worries of the "slow times" because I have several places that I can turn to in order to find good work when one place goes a little soft. But now, between my husband having serious surgery and a long term recovery that we're dealing with now, and being in the middle of moving, I can't seem to find enough hours in the day.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Keeping Receipts

Many businesses use a receipt printer to produce receipts. You see them everywhere from the grocery store to the local gas station. Receipts are important for many people. If you are buying something for your writing business, you need to keep those receipts to declare income tax. I do that too, but I keep all receipts and log them into a spread sheet when I get home so I can keep track of where I'm spending my money. Otherwise it seems like I spend it faster than I make it, and I have no idea where it all goes. It can really help budgeting issues if you save all of your receipts, even if you don't keep them after you have them logged in. Once you see where you are spending your money, you can decide what items are necessary, if any can be either eliminated or reduced, or at least have the peace of mind that the hard earned money you make is really being used properly.

HD and DVRs Everywhere

I recently found out we are still eligible for another upgrade with DirecTV so I'm excited that we'll have a DVR in the bedroom as well. That will make having the TV in there so much better, and the living room TV will not only have a DVR, but also be HD activated. It turns out that the existing DVR that will go in the bedroom, was an experimental model a few years back, that also has HD capabilities. I don't know if this TV is an HD TV, but if it is, the bedroom will have HD too! Pretty cool

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Muscle Improvement

Creatine is a natural muscle enhancer. The body makes it naturally, but sometimes it helps to have a supplement to improve production and get the most from your workouts. Before you jump the gun and buy one, make sure you are getting the best creatine supplements by researching the many products online. You can find out how others use them, and how they worked, if there are side effects, what the best costs are, and who they work and don't work for. Even the best creatine supplements will not work the same for everybody. Like all other vitamins, minerals and other supplements, each individual will get different results so keep that in mind as you try the ones you find. Buy a small amount and test it to be sure you are getting the results you think are best. If you don't, try a different one that meets your other criteria, and see if that works. Sometimes you have to try a few to get the one that works for you.

Oldies But Goodies

It's nice to have Bob home again, and now he'll be home every night after work too. This is fun even though now I'm stuck watching westerns and old movies. I can't wait until the big tv is down here, and we can move the 32" into the bedroom. I already had Directv installed in both rooms even though there's no TV yet in the bedroom. At least I know it will be in there, so I can go hide when he wants to watch an old Clint Eastwood spaghetti western.

River Front Property

I have found the coolest thing! I've always wanted an RV to set up alongside the river by the marina where we have our boat. Of course, ultimately I'd love a home on the river, but that's dollars I'll probably never have. However, I just discovered what's called a park model rv. It's like a stationary RV. All the same features, but more like a mobile home.

That's pretty awesome looking. It would be perfect for the marina. Just the right size, and I could have a nice little home to stay in by the river instead of crammed on the boat all night.

Wild, Wild Week

This has been a wild week. First, Bobby moved down here, and helped with the moving in, and then we lost our wifi connection due to a problem on the server side, and when they said it was resolved, it wasn't, and they were no help. Goodbye VirginMobile wifi, you officially suck. Then, I ordered Comcast which would take until today to install... so I was without internet for days, putting me far behind in my work. Then Bob came home from the hospital, nice to have him back home! Today finally got connected. Let me say that Comcast, so far anyway... ROCKS. It's only the medium package, there were two lower speed packages, and two higher speed ones, but I got the best I could afford right now, and it is still lightening fast compared to the old wireless connection I used to have. The downside is, my good laptop is refusing to work with the new modem. The smaller laptop (I'm on now) works great with it. Bob's good laptop works fine with it... but, at least I'm on.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Difference Between Fat Loss Aides

There are so many different kinds of diet pills on the market, and the two that get confused the most are fat blockers and fat burners. They are not the same. Fat blockers inhibit the body from absorbing the fat in the foods you eat. fat burners on the other hand, work overtime to get rid of the fat you already have stored in your system. If I had my choice, I'd pick the burner. I mean, it's part of a diet to switch to a low-fat diet, but that doesn't do anything about what is already there. You have to encourage your body to burn that existing fat, both through exercise, and if you use help, fat burners.

Are You Still Here?

Oops, I'm still here! In case you didn't know, the rapture was supposed to happen today. It was supposed to start at 6 pm in whatever time zone you happened to be in on May 21st. Well, seeing that I'm still here, I could assume that means it didn't happen, but maybe I should wait and see if everyone else is still here too.

Finding The Truth

Commercials--agh. But in some ways, commercials help us. They let us know there are products out there that might help us. What is more important though, is finding out the truth about those products before you believe everything a commercial tells you. For instance, colon cleansing is a popular diet and health practices today. For good reason, a lot of junk accumulates in the colon over time, and it's full of unhealthy toxins that can make you tired, or even sick. Those toxin can even cause cancer and other disease. But there are many types of colon cleansing systems, so how do you know what ones work, and are safe? You read colon cleanse reviews. Before the Internet, consumers were pretty much at the mercy of what commercials said. Now we have the resources via review sites to find out what other users say about products, what warnings there are for a product, and what the best prices are for them. Do your homework before you buy and find out the truth behind the ads.

Getting on the Road Again?

So far we have home insurance, motorcycle insurance, car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and we are about to look into motorhome insurance. At least if we go ahead and buy the used motorhome we've been looking at. It's a big, self-contained motorhome that someone down the street owns. The price is fair, and it's in great shape, but we have to decide if we want to invest in yet another machine that uses gas just for fun. If the gas prices would go back down to where they were, even just 10 years ago, it would be a no-brainer, but I bet that's why the people who own the motorhome now are selling too.

Freaky Weather

Agh, I feel like I should be dead. Isn't that always the way you feel when you have a cold. I think a cold is worse than the flu. The flu may be stronger, but it doesn't last as long. The flu is gone in a day or two. A cold just lingers on forever. I blame all the crappy weather. It's been hot and then cold, hot and then cold. Up and down, and it is doing it again. It was hot yesterday, it's cool and wants to rain today, and supposed to be cold tomorrow. If I ever get rid of this cold, and can breathe again it will be a miracle. It's hard to work when you have a cold too, but you gotta do it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Off Road Fun

There are a few options we have with this place, too. Even though we're moving, with the market being so bad, selling this place, as big as it is may be tough. We could sub-divide the property and sell off the back 5 acres for a home site. We really never used the back of the property anyway, and it would still leave us the top part if we wanted to use it for a vacation area, or to have when we retire in a few years. We have thought about it, and may even list both separately and see what happens. One possibility that might make the back half an easy sell, if there is such a thing in real estate, is that our neighbors that have property along that side of the property like to off-road with their ATVs, they may be interested. Having the extra land may be a lot of fun, although they may have to replace their ATV Wheels more often... lots more use, very rugged terrain, and lots of tree stumps to deal with. They're really into that though, and it may be well worth the extra changes.

Selling the Old

I'm selling my horse trailer too, since we're moving, and we won't be having horses anymore. It's kind of weird in a way. We don't have horses right now, although we had a lot in the past. We'd always kind of thought "maybe someday again" and were holding on to the trailer. It's a really, REALLY nice trailer, so it's hard to let go of, but kind of silly to have without the horses really. Because it's such a high end item, it will probably take time to sell, although I just listed it a week ago and I've had quite a few detailed inquiries. Several of them even back and forth. Hoping we get a solid bite soon.

Not Fair

There are some things that are just not fair. I suppose it's true that life in general isn't fair, but this is adding insult to injury. I dealt with acne as a teen, and then finally got to live zit free as an adult. Now, as menopause advances through it's stages, I find myself dealing with occasional outbreaks again. That darned hormonal imbalance, it has more effects than just blotchy skin, but the rest aren't as visible. So, now at my age, I'm back on the hunt for the best treatment for acne. Things have changed so much in the years between my struggles with acne, and there's so much to investigate now. It's nice to have the Internet to use in order to really find products that work best, and will work best for me, because even great products do not work for everybody.

The Whole Osama Thing

It's kind of funny, all the uproar online about how the President preempted shows to announce the death of Osama at the hands of the Navy Seals. I mean, yeah, very important, lots of national pride, and relief even though it doesn't mean an end to terrorism, it does signify a significant achievement in the battle. But, I think if there's one thing the President can take away from all the commentary following that night it's this: do what you want, we'll be happy, but don't mess with our TV!

Learning on the Move

I have a plan for my new backyard when I move--yeah, I'm moving, I already know where, just not precisely when. I want to get a nice patio built up and put a jacuzzi on it. That's right, I want to live the good life, and sit back in my hot tub in the evening after a long day of typing and dealing with clients, and just luxuriate. There are so many different styles of hot tubs though, it's hard to choose one. Each one needs a good protective cover. I know a lot about pools, and pool covers from my past experience with our own at this house, but I'm not to clear on the best types of spa covers. Like anything new, there's a lot to learn, and it's best to get it right the first time, rather then spend a lot of time, and hassle with trial and error. So far, I'm drawn to the hard top style cover, but am not sure if they are difficult to remove and put on, if you use them every time, or just cover them for winter like you do a pool. I kind of think spa covers need to be used whenever the spa isn't in use, which means ease of putting it on, and taking it off are vital. Especially for me, who lacks a lot of strength and has shoulder problems.

Pain in the...

Yeah, there. I have been having a lot of trouble with sciatica again. The last time (and first time ever) that I had this was 2 years ago, and it took months to go away. It is a constant, nagging pain in the buttock and thigh, and can radiate all the way down the leg at times. It only seems to come in my right side, and I thought, that after so long, it was just going to be a one-time thing, but sure enough it came back with a vengeance. So I had to move my workstation to a better chair, but it is somewhat inconvenient. I guess I'll get used to it, or used to it or not, I'll have to put up with it until this goes away again. Hopefully it won't take as long as last time.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Know About Your Medicare Plan Options

You know, I really can't complain too loudly, because this isn't my problem per say, but my sister-in-law is on medicaid and just got a whopping $7,000 bill from a nursing home where she was for almost a year for therapy. Okay, $7 grand from a year long stay isn't all that bad, and obviously medicaid picked up a large chunk, but it was supposed to pick it all up. The thing was, she didn't turn over her social security checks during her stay. If she had, they said, they would have picked up the entire bill 100%.

Here's the problem. She still had her home to pay for, and bills to keep it semi-running even when she wasn't there. If she'd given up her check, she would have lost her apartment (actually trailer, but you have to pay rent none-the-less). It would have been a no-brainer if she were going into the nursing home for life, but not for rehab. Where would all her stuff have gone? A storage unit big enough to hold even a trailer's worth of furniture and clothes and personal stuff runs over $200 a month, maybe more actually. And then there's moving, and where would she go when they released her? They expected her to go right home, and in her condition (lots of diabetic complications including double amputation, heart condition and recovery from quad by-pass, etc) it's not like she can run around and find someplace to live fast.

Two things are important, whether you are pre-retirement and on medicaid or ready for retirement income, pay attention to the Medicare plan you are getting, and see what supplements you need to avoid problems like this. they're no fun to have sneak up on you, that's for sure. Knowing what all of the ins and outs are will also help you make the best choices when the time comes, so you are prepared to do what you have to do in the event you are going to come into some bills as a result of long-term illness.

Is Gary Busey Crazy, or Foxy?

Okay, so which is it? Is Gary Busey really a nutjob, does his former brain injury cause him to short circuit? Or is he really a mastermind at espionage as John Rich suggested. Personally I can see it either way. I said a while back that I gained a lot of respect for Busey after finding out about his brain injury when he gave his donation to his charity on Celebrity Apprentice, and that still holds true, but I am still left to wonder, after watching the last two weeks, if that scatter-brained, fly off on a tanget thing is really just a sort of twisted wiring, short circuit, or if he can really turn it on and turn it off. I can see why his team mates had become so frustrated, too. It doesn't even matter why it happens, it is really tough to deal with that and get something accomplished. A lot of the time, that craziness just gets in the way. I think in the Celebrity Apprentice world, as well in the actual real world, that kind of thing just can't be dealt with easily, and go unnoticed. However, luckily for Gary, he doesn't live the corporate life, or in the real world for that matter, and where he does 'exist' in Hollywood, he fits in just fine. See, there's a place for everyone... even those with a few screws loose--Hollywood.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Supplements that Work

Bob has taken testosterone supplements for years, and swears by them for keeping him younger looking than the average over 50 year old. In fact, all through the years he has always looked younger than his chronological age. However, even he'd tell you that there are good supplements, and bad ones. You have to do a little research and even experimenting to find testosterone supplements that work. Once you find one, then you can stick with it, and enjoy the extra energy, and qualities that they provide.

Refilling, and Relaxing

This has been a great year so far with freelancing. I've been busy everyday, and last month, only took two days off. I plan on taking at least one day a week off this month. I just need to learn how to do that more often. It's a little harder when you work from home to take those days off since work and home get a little mixed up. If you don't do it though, you get burned out quickly, especially when times are good. The fear that stops it is you know that the busy times can easily stall, and leave you with nothing so there's the tendency to rake in as much as you can when you can. That's fine, and even smart at some times, but when the 'run' of good work goes on long enough, you can't just keep burning on full fuel.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Rid of the Writer's Spread

There are good ways to make the most out of a diet. When you work on your butt the way I do, getting help to avoid the 'writer's spread' is important. xenadrine ultra is a powerful diet aid to help make pounds fall off faster. With summer right around the corner, and boating season just weeks away, it's time to get serious about losing the accumulated winter pounds now. I really should have started last fall. Better late than never, but since I waited so long, I really need the extra help.

Beverly Hills Money For Nothin

This is old, but hilarious. I love Weird Al.

Keeping In Touch

I'm trying to decide what to do about getting a computer for when I'm out and need to check on my work. Not somewhere that I can take my laptop, or have access to a workspace. More like when I'm in my car driving around, and waiting on appointments or running errands. I use my phone hard during those times, but that is still small and cramped. I don't expect to be able to do a lot of things, but I'd like a much bigger screen to view emails, and go to websites. I've been looking at netbooks. My husband has one, and I've used it. It is a lot better for light work and browsing than my phone, and bigger then even the largest phone, or even 'pad'. I am leaning toward one of those for keeping in touch when I'm out.

Online Easy

I was talking to someone this morning. She wasn't someone I knew well, it was a first conversation, and she got around to saying she didn't have a job, and was incapacitated a little, preventing her from holding a regular job. Then she just happened to throw in how she's like to get started on one of them 'on-line jobs' so she could make money and it would be easy.

Yeah right.

Possible--yes. Easy--no.

That is the epidemic that exists online with so many hopeful freelancers or even marketers. Wanting to jump in with no experience, no skills, but make money like everyone else. Well the truth is, everyone else doesn't make money doing it. They may be trying, and the stories of success fuel them all, and they tell others how they will certainly make money soon, after all, so-and-so does. Well, chances are, if so-and-so is, it is because they have the knowledge, skill and background to do it.

Trophies and Memories

I have a mantel full of trophies, but none of them are from sports. They are all animal show related. My son, however has a roomful of sports trophies. It doesn't matter how old they are, or when you get them, trophies make you feel good. It's nice to see them and remember the victories. Every once in a while I think about packing mine up and putting them away. I mean, most of them are years old, some even decades, but I can't. They are like pictures in time... a symbol of fun, challenges, hard work and payoff. I will never get rid of them, and I know my son will always treasure his.

Celebrity Fun

I love the new season of Celebrity Apprentice. I have to admit that I was bummed that David Cassidy got "fired" so quickly, but all the rest are great to watch, and this is the first season where I actually know who most of the people are. I love LaToya, and Star Jones. Meatloaf is a kick, and after the last episode I have a brand new respect for Gary Bussey. I've always appreciated him as an actor, and I knew he had medical problems in the past, however I didn't know he had a brain injury and fought back from that. I respect Dionne Warwick as a singer, but I have to admit I was glad when she got fired last Sunday. She was a bit too Divaish, even for that crowd.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday, March 04, 2011

Comfortable Shoes

I like to be comfortable. I write in comfortable clothes, I don't get all dressed up to go to the store, and most of all, I want my shoes to be comfortable. Good shoes are a great way to look good, feel good, and be comfortable, all at the same time. They come in a lot of different styles. I like the Corrado the best. Some others have a gym shoe look, others more like a loafer. All of them look durable, and comfortable. They also come in a lot of different colors. They look like they'd be fantastic on the boat, too.

Death of the American Dream

Well, I think we are going to do it. We paid off our mortgage quite awhile ago, but it turns out the "American Dream" of owning your own home, is a lie that we are fed. You never really own your home. Even if you pay off your mortgage, you still owe the government taxes every year that, at least in our case, amount to half of what we were paying in mortgage payments. Why bother? We aren't going to be able to afford that once we retire, so we won't be living here that long, may as well get a loan on the house, and pay off all the other bills we have.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cohiba Relaxation

It's no secret, I started smoking again. After nearly 2 years quit, I couldn't take it anymore. I hate to say it, but I think writing and smoking are a natural combination, and it just wasn't working well without them. At first, my husband was a little upset, but then he took up his favorite pastime again: cigars. His favorite are Cohiba. They have a very smooth aroma, and they last a long time. He's tried a lot of other types of cigars, but always comes back to his Cohibas, and after tasting them again, he was much more relaxed, and wasn't so angry with me anymore.

Season Wind Down

I'm watching "Raising Hope," it's a fairly new sitcom, and really funny in a "That 70s Show" sort of way. They are the "white trashier" version of "Roseanne," another of my favorite shows. The season is wearing down for a lot of my favorites. That is going to feel really empty, with my nights being wide open. Nice for working longer hours. Not so great for no relaxation, and nothing to look forward to.

Getting a Workout

I need to get some exercise. I actually got quite a bit of forced exercise today, that's a good thing, even though the reasoning wasn't. However, I need to find some way to get motivated daily, not just in emergency forced situations. I wonder if muscle stimulation is a good way to work muscles when I can't get myself motivated to use a gym, or don't have the time to walk, or do a DVD.

I'm not talking about those simple belts you see on TV, I'm talking about a full-out electrode style stimulator that can be placed on various areas. They really look like a great way to pressure muscles into working.

Win/Win situation

I have been busier than a bandit the last few months. That's a good thing, but today, I just needed to take a break and relax a bit. Unfortunately, my day off got swallowed up by my daughter, and driving her everywhere. That just doesn't seem fair. I am trying to convince myself that I need to make up my day off, tomorrow, but I just don't have time for that. I had one job recently that would seem like a perfect marriage of my skills. It was writing articles to place on blogs as guest posts where they were accepted for another company. Okay, check on the articles, check on the guest posts, but what it comes down to is the job is just too dependent on the whims, time schedules and desires of a third party with no vested interest in the outcome of the project. I did the first round, and am waiting for payment, but I'm going to drop any future work on this, just not my style. I prefer doing the writing for a client who wants it... both parties vested in getting the work done. Win/win

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Advancing Medicine

"Allen must have had four cups of coffee before he went to work this morning..." from the Right Stuff. Poor Allen Shepard. Just shows how insanely much those brave men went through while technology caught up with desire. Technology has changed a lot in all areas since then, and the simple acne cures that were once available have improved tremendously as well. The best acne treatment of today are as light years away from those first creams as our modern rockets and airplanes are from those in the 60s. There is no reason to suffer the problems of acne blemishes when you have the benefit of all of the advancements made since then. Happens.

And, even after all these years, there are occasional disappointments. A client I'd 'worked' for weeks, back and forth communications, seemingly agreeable on both ends, decided to go with a provider who charged a third of the price... and it's not like my prices are astronomical, just reasonable. Oh well, here's hoping they get the quality they were so smitten by with my samples. What are the chances of that? The only plus side is that many times when this happens, I hear from the same client a week, a month or so later, and they are on their knees.

What Makes a Good Diet Pill

It's getting close to the end of the cold weather, and that means the end of the cold weather clothes, so of course, I'm thinking thinner. That also means thinking about finding the best diet pills. The first thing I look for when examining different diet aides is safety. Of course, no diet pill will do if it wrecks your health. I think we've come a long way in making safer, better diet pills. The next thing is appetite suppression. All the blocking, stopping and all of some of the pills are fine, but nothing comes down to real weight loss more than simply stopping eating so much. I eat a lot in the winter. There's not much else to do. In the spring, I feel so good, and start getting so active that I'm not as apt to simply eat, but I still need help pushing away from food sometimes, so that's a big part of what makes a good diet pill for me.

Seasons' Drawing down

All my shows are going off for the season. There's only one "Royal Pains" left, and the last one was a little bit of a mind-blower, so I can't wait to see what the finale brings. I would have thought they'd use the closing scene, where the boys find themselves being 'kicked out' (or at least it looked like that) as the season finale, so if that wasn't 'it' the real finale must really be a dilly. "White Collar" wasn't on this week, and the last two episodes are in the next two weeks. That's actually my favorite show at the moment, on USA. I've also started watching "Million Dollar Listing" just because it's sort of like "Cribs" for sale. I do like the agent drama a little bit too, but the big draw is getting to see all the fantastic California real estate.

Fast and Safe Weight Loss

Who doesn't want to lose weight fast when they diet? I know I do. I think everybody does because dieting isn't all that much fun. Living right and healthy are fine, but to actually lose weight you have to go that extra step, and having a little help to achieve it is handy. Rapid weight loss pills are a popular way to get the job done so you can get on with your life. I have used diet aides. The trick, I think, (I almost had a typo there, and first typed I thin... Freudian slip) is to make sure you actually eat healthy. Certainly you could probably lose weight faster if you used the diet pills and cut calories drastically, but that's where the big dangers come in. Using the basic healthy living and fitness advice you can find anywhere, and cutting calories reasonably while using diet aides can really give you the rapid loss you look for.

Kill the Muse

My half-sister called me recently. She decided she wanted to write something to get published. It brought a familiar memory back for me. The hopeful dreams of someone who hadn't really studied the realities of the publishing market. I was there once. What happens though, after years of working in the writing industry in one capacity of another, that we become jaded. Is it better to ignore the realities and shoot for the dreams? I mean, if you don't research, you can at least hold on to the dream, and keep working. You may stumble in the dark a bit more trying to get published, but the cynicism won't take over, and destroy the dream. I used to love fiction writing, but the realities of the publishing world crushed that. Of course, the need to pay the electric company, ISP, grocery store, and all of them with something other than hopes and dreams also helped shape a new direction in my writing career, but is it more fun? No, not really. Now it's a job, and there's nothing wrong with that, but I do miss the enjoyment of writing because I loved the stories. I thought it would never die, but you can kill a muse, it turns out... with reality.

Floating Into Reality

Why is it, that in fiction, where it is suppose to mirror real life, real issues, no matter what the genre is, real people, you never really see things that most people deal with? I mean, for the most part, characters, at least the leading characters seem to just appear in their lives without much issue other than the 'primary' concern of the plot. You don't see them struggling with their creditors, lol, or having to handle medical problems, or get eczema treatments, unless they are central to the plot struggle. The thing about real life is it is rarely so focused on a single 'plot struggle'. It is a constant combination of everything, and most of us anyway, rarely 'float' through life.


The date the sound barrier was first broke. Watching this movie brings up so many questions, and also so many philosophical thoughts: 1947 wasn't that long ago, but it seems like another era. I guess it was, in fact it was before I was born, although not too long before. But it is still in the current lifetime of many people, just the fact that so much as gone on in what would amount to one single lifetime, more than in ANY other era prior to the 1940s, it makes it one of the best times to have lived, I think. I don't know what will come in the next 70 years, but its hard to imagine that so many developments will come to pass. And certainly in no other century have things developed so quickly. In fact, most of the time before that were pretty slow moving overall. Can it continue? Can we keep up the speed of technology that we've had in this 70 years? Is it even possible, or will things go back to a slower development speed now that a certain plateau has been achieved?

Making The Most of Technology

Some things that technology has brought are actually very amazing, like the ability to use human growth hormones to improve health, lose weight, get stronger, and even improve your inner organs, and make them work better. There are a lot of hgh pills available. It is important to understand what they really can do, and what is asking too much. There are a lot of myths surrounding all sorts of new medical advances like that, and too often people just accept everything they read, or hear and then feel disappointed when the products don't work like they think they should. Knowing the truth gives you the ability to chose wisely, and get real results.

Sacrifice to Technology

Watching an old movie on TV. "The Right Stuff". I know they are just fictionalized accounts, but watching movies like this really brings home how much sacrifice went into the development of things we often take for granted these days. I wonder now if such sacrifices still continue. Certainly, at least on a personal giving of time and energy, but what about life sacrifices? Are they necessary anymore? Or was that something that only happened when technology was so new?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Office Development and Desktops

While most of the world uses laptops for everything, and even I have become quite a convert in most ways, I still love a desktop in my office. you can get bigger screens, expand a bit more with a desktop than you can with a laptop. Acer has always made decent laptops, but I never considered looking at acer desktops. Now I'm in the process of re-doing my mobile office, and although I've used laptops on a stand for that before, I have a new multi-screen set up, and I'm going to need a desktop for it. I have the plans for a new stand that will hold several screens (credit my watching "Wall Street II" for my new preoccupation with a three to six screen setup.

Space in Space

I feel like such a dinosaur sometimes. I began this blog so many years ago, and so many of the bloggers I knew back then are gone, their blogs abandoned. Sure, new blogs pop up, but one wonders how many blogs can exist in the ether, before it can't hold anymore? It's sort of an abstract concept. Is there an end to the internet? An article I read recently suggests it is already "sold out" and a new way of constructing URLS is being put in place to broaden the expanse. I'm not sure I like the idea, because it sort of makes use of an "area code" type deal the way phones did when they ran out of phone numbers. I guess, it's only a matter of time. Everyone has websites, and often buy several URLS over the course of a few years. I know I have, and most of the people I know have. Whether those URLS are "dead" or kept up isn't even the issue. Certainly those that are abandoned and not paid for get put back in play, but that's not enough to keep up with the demand. All this has hapened in the space of one or two decades. One has to wonder how many more websites, blogs, forums and the rest there will be in another ten years.

Keeping an Eye on Security

There are a lot of great ways to use security cameras, and not all of them are just to watch for burglaries, or theft. Those are two great reasons, and probably the most common reason people look for security cameras, but don't miss out on other ways to use them. For me, I live in an area where crime is low due to the rural nature of the surroundings, and distance from urban areas. However, one of the downfalls of our home is that there is no window at all on the driveway side of the house, and I can't see if anyone is coming up the drive, or what is happening with some of the valuable items we have on that side of the property, such as our boat, cars, barn and animals. So, we installed a security camera under the eves of our attached garage on that side of the house, and can see everything clearly. It gives us great peace of mind, and is just one way you can use a security camera to keep an eye on your property.

Great Nerves, Thick Skin

One of the hardest things to deal with as a freelance writer is the occasional lulls. I had three great months, and now I'm going through a lull. There are jobs, and I am working, but not the way I was for those other months. It was wonderful, and it's so hard to keep in mind that those times don't last forever, and that it goes up and down, when you're so busy you don't even have time to sleep, and money is rolling in easily. When the lulls come around, it's hard to remember that they are temporary, and won't last forever. I swear, to be a freelancer you have to have nerves of steel, and skin thicker than a rhino.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Winter Projects

When I first moved to this house 16 years ago, I loved the huge bathroom, and the cabinet style vanity. I'm not fond of it anymore. It's showing its age, which was probably about 20 years at the time I bought the house, so is in its mid-30s now. I am thinking that instead of the old-fashioned cabinet style sink I will go with a pedestal sink. I need to look for a new bathroom sink, and am thinking about separating the shower and tub like many more modern homes do now. There is plenty of room to do it, and I think I'd love to have a deep, jacuzzi style tub in there along with a nice shower stall. It's going to be expensive, and a lot of work, but will make a great winter project for next winter.

DVR Heaven

I don't know what I did before I got a DVR two years ago. I vaguely remember messing with tapes, trying to remember to set the VHS recorder, or rushing to push the button and capture a coveted show just in time. With the DVR I can just select series, and it automatically records the show even if it switches days and times. I still usually watch my favorite shows when they're actually on, but sometimes I just half watch them while I do other things, because I can always go back and watch them over and over. The DVR was a real life-saver this week. We had the blizzard of the decade, and got buried in 2 feet of snow.
As a result, I lost satelitte signal, and missed one of my regular series. It often replays in the middle of the night on a different day, but I wasn't sure when. The DVR did, and still recorded it since it didn't get it the first time around. Hooray!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Resist?

I've watched the music industry move from vinyl records to cassette tape and on to CDs, but the biggest invention in my mind are ipods and their related MP3 players. The ability to carry an entire music collection on one little device small enough to fit in a pocket, clip on a belt, or slip into a purse is unbelievable. When they first came out, I resisted, as I do with most technological advances. I don't know why I bother. I eventually give in, and then realize I can't live without them. It was like that, even with the very first computers. It was my husband that fell for the new technology, and I insisted that my trust typewriter would be just fine. Ha. You couldn't pry my hands from my computer keyboard now with a crowbar. When I finally gave in and bought my first MP3 player, I was hooked, and now, I wouldn't be without one. I don't even bother with CDs anymore. Who needs shelves full of discs when one little device can hold it all?

New Programs

I've had a lot of fun lately testing out new web page building programs. Lots of people question me on why I still bother when so many website owners now simply use Word Press for a website. It works, and I've used it too. But there are still times when you want an old-fashioned "glossy" site, and nothing beats good old HTML sites in my opinion. I do have to get more familiar with flash though, in order to provide a more interesting layout for headers and menus.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Powerful Technology Helps Powerful Medical Advances

The medical advancements in diet support has equaled the developments as those of technology. Technology helps us, even there, however. Now, thanks to the Internet, when you need to look up the effectiveness and safety of a drug, such as adapexin, you can search for adapexin reviews and learn vital information that will give you a good way to determine if its good to use. That helps when you have thousands of products to compete with your needs. Now all we have to do is learn how to communicate with each other through telepathy like they can in "The Next Generation."

40 Years, and You Still Know

You know, I think the show I'm watching is just about over, but a little comment in it just blew me away. Star Trek was canceled as a TV series in 1969! 1969! I was seven years old! In spite of that, it has become such an icon that it's unlikely you could mention it where someone wouldn't know what you were talking about. You might even bring up an episode title such as "The Trouble with Tribbles," as a part of conversation, and listeners would smile and nod, knowingly. How weird is that? A show that had so much impact, instigated so many spin-offs (the next generation, movies), and is so ingrained in our lives that even over 40 years later, you nod and smile.

Star Trek, on the Mark

If Star Trek was right on so many levels, even that light speed, or faster than light speed might even eventually be possible in spite of what Einstein said: it's not possible, could they have ever envisioned that such things like phenphedrine, and other pharmceudicals would one day change every aspect of our lives as well? I mean, back in the 60s, prescription drugs were pretty basic, over-the-counter drugs barely existed, and well, we know how the 60s were when it comes to those "other drugs." Maybe the Star Trek guys were on to something, or maybe just "on" something, but it turns out, they were pretty on the mark about a lot of things.

Warp and Medicine

I'm still watching William Shatner's changed the world show, and some of the facts are just hilarious, as well as true, but something else is making me laugh. The actors are so young. It's like watching a "way back machine." It's cool how a lot of the "sick bay" devices spurred the invention of many medical machines now such as CAT scans. And like WS said, even more amazing is that the stuff on the show just came from their imaginations, made up out of thin air, sometimes even to create the possibility to do something impossible.

Added Elements

Since remodeling, and home improvement is such a huge part of my personal life, I tend to imbue that into my writing as well. In my non-fiction writing I specialize in many areas that I have personal knowledge or interest in personally, and in my fiction work I add those elements to my work as well. For instance, I may have a character debating how glass tile in their kitchen will make a difference... it usually does have some impact on the plot as well, but whether it does, or doesn't it adds a personality to the character, and the backdrop of their lives as well. These are important elements in any writing.

The World as We Know It

I'm watching "How William Shatner Changed the World" and while that sounds funny, they're talking about how shows like "Star Trek" impacted more than just science fiction imagination; they had an impact on scientific development of high tech gadgets that now occupy our lives. So in a way, William Shatner really did help change the world as we knew it, and turn it into the world as we know it now.

Scanning Your Work

If you publish your own books, or are creating a publishing company, even online, you may have to learn how to place barcodes on your covers. That sounds easy enough, but it can be a real headache. Even when you need to put them on your books, you don't necessarily have to be able to scan them. If you are going to sell books, however, or sell anything, you need a barcode scanner. There are other uses for barcode scanners. They can help you index your inventory, scan information into a computer program to track that inventory, and know when you need reprints, or how much money you should have from sales. Such exact methods of accounting can also help you at tax time. It is worth investigating the use of a scanner, and what options other than sales they can provide.