Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Online Easy

I was talking to someone this morning. She wasn't someone I knew well, it was a first conversation, and she got around to saying she didn't have a job, and was incapacitated a little, preventing her from holding a regular job. Then she just happened to throw in how she's like to get started on one of them 'on-line jobs' so she could make money and it would be easy.

Yeah right.

Possible--yes. Easy--no.

That is the epidemic that exists online with so many hopeful freelancers or even marketers. Wanting to jump in with no experience, no skills, but make money like everyone else. Well the truth is, everyone else doesn't make money doing it. They may be trying, and the stories of success fuel them all, and they tell others how they will certainly make money soon, after all, so-and-so does. Well, chances are, if so-and-so is, it is because they have the knowledge, skill and background to do it.