Sunday, November 29, 2009

Needed New Luggage

When you travel having the best luggage possible is important. I found that out the hard way last weekend on our short trip. I need to get some new luggage before our spring trip to Wisconsin. I like the looks, and quality of Eagle Creek luggage. I also like that it is easy to find online.

Last weekend I only took one duffel bag because it was a one-nighter and we weren't going to be doing anything specific. Usually I take an entire set, even if it is just a weekend trip. I prefer to have a matching set so even though all the rest of my luggage set is still in decent condition I don't want to just replace the duffel. At least one of the pieces has to have rollers. One thing I liked about my former set is that several of the pieces were rolling luggage. That makes it much easier to get everything into the hotel in one trip. Eagle Creek luggage has many sizes and shapes of rolling luggage, and even computer cases which I may need soon, too. My computer case is showing the wear of many trips.

Angels and Demons

We bought the movie "Angels and Demons" yesterday. For anyone not from this planet, or living under a rock for the last few years this movie is the sequel to "The DaVinci Code." Some have said it is better than the previous movie which would have surprised me because sequels rarely are. In my opinion it was as good, but not better. As mystery/thrillers they were both good, but somehow just short of great. What propelled them, especially the first, into the stratosphere of iconic movies is the controversy rather than utter brilliance. Tom Hanks, is, however as always... brilliant and iconic.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Internet on the High Seas

I've been researching new laptops for a few weeks now. I have a good one but want one to take along on weekends on the new boat. I don't want to risk taking my only laptop out on the water. Up until now I've just taken this one on vacations, but on the boat, I think it's better to be safe than sorry. I also want something a little smaller than my 17" screen laptop for the small boat area even though we're getting a cabin cruiser. Not as small as a mini computer like my husband has, with it's 9" screen, but smaller than mine. Maybe a traditional 14" would be good. It doesn't have to be super powerful either. Just good enough to check emails, do a little work here and there, and cruise the internet a little while we're out. Of course, with the scenery at sea, we're not going to need a lot of entertainment value, just a workhorse.

Whale of a Tail

Here's something soothing and fun to watch. It helps me relax to watch stuff like this:

Full or Part-time Retirement Accomodations

It might not be a bad idea to look into Nashville apartments for a retirement area. I would love to move somewhere even further south, but that doesn't suit my husband. However, since we don't even live together now with him up north and me where I am maybe we can continue that pattern when we retire. He can move to Tennessee or Kentucky, and I can move to Florida. Then we can get together on the occasional weekend or when we need to get something done, and be happy in our own places the rest of the time. I wonder if that would fly? Probably not. Tennessee wouldn't be bad though. It's much further south so warm weather would be extended beyond what we have up here if not completely eradicated.

It's Always Something

I'm a little surprised, and a lot happy that things are running fairly smoothly here. Usually this is the time of year you need money most, and the time of year when for a freelance writer it tends to dry up. So far work is pretty steady. If it weren't for my own personal difficulties I'd be swimming in money but working steadily has been an effort for me, not for the availability. It's always something though, isn't it?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ready For The Holidays With

I am very excited. We bought a new tractor a few days ago and it will be delivered in a few days. What is exciting is that along with the new tractor that has a backhoe, and front loader, it also has a three foot wide reverse action rototiller attachment! I can drive my rototiller. For the first time I can really plow up a huge plot for next spring.

That excites me no end and flowers and vegetables are going to be in the house next year! However, for the winter I will have to get my flowers from like always. Flower delivery isn't just for my own personal use, although that is important to me in the dreary winter months, it is for gifts too.

Using the great online ordering and delivery service lets me give gift baskets of all types for holidays, and special days. With the big holiday season coming I have my dialing finger ready.

So You Think You Can...

I'm watching "So You Think You Can Dance" tonight. It is a show I really enjoy. That isn't why I watch it, however. I watch it because my bird loves to scream along with Mary. I like watching the dancers, but he gets all excited about her "hot tamale" yell. He talks a lot no matter what but when this show comes on he really gets talkative.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blue Waters

I've always dreamed of jamaica vacations. Now it looks like we're one step closer to realizing a dream. If (or really when) we get the boat we're lookiing for one of the things I want to do is trailer down to Florida, cruise around the coast there, and then cross the Florida straights to Bimini Island (out island of the Bahamas). Then if we do really well over the next few years when it's time to really retire we can buy a bigger, more sea worthy ship and cross the Bahama gulf stream to Jamaica!!

Blue waters here we come.

Robin and John

No, not Robinhood and Big John... Robin Williams and John Travolta. They are a kick and two actors I love to see in comedies. Both do well in dramas, suspense, and other types of films but both have a forte in comedy. They are on tonight promoting "Old Dogs" and I know I'm going to like it. Just like John's previous movie "Wild Hogs" it looks like a very funny ensemble movie that uses the best of its actor's forte's.

Sparkle and Bling

I love jewelry and the less outdoor work I do, especially in the winter, the more I like to wear it. It doesn't have to be Couture Jewelry, but it is great if it is. I like earrings the best. I have drawers full of earrings. My next favorite type of jewelry is rings. I like necklaces but I have a little bit harder time getting away with necklaces if I do end up going out and working. I usually only wear necklaces or pins if I'm going out. At home I just like watching rings sparkles as I type.

Accidentally On Purpose

One of the best new shows on this season is "Accidentally On Purpose". Jenna Elfman is, as always, effervescent and delightfully funny. The premise is hilarious and fresh which is hard to do any more. I am really enjoying the show and hope it can manage to continue for several years.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Camera to Camera

I need a new SD card for my digital camera, but that has brought a question to mind. I need a new camera in general. It's time. The one I have is almost six years old and the program doesn't interact well with Vista anyway. It still takes decent pictures but I've noticed even there it has begun to suffer a bit in quality. So if I get a new SD card will it be transferable to a new camera. I think most of them all use standard types of SD cards so it should. Would pictures saved on the card from the old camera be recognizable to the new camera? That is a different story. If I knew that would be the case I could continue using my old camera until I get around to getting a new one. I wouldn't even give it a thought but I've had experiences where programs, disks, drives, etc, haven't worked between various computers so it would seem the same struggles could exist camera to camera.

Turmoil Recovery

I've been having an up and down time working. It's not that the work isn't there it is that I am still struggling with concentration. So much has happened to capsize my life in the last five months that I am amazed I've done anything at all. I am once again able to get on with my life and do things I want to do, but at a slower rate than once before. I am so hoping that by the time the new year starts I will find myself back in the swing of my old patterns and abilities. It would seem six months should be long enough to overcome even the turmoil these last few months have provided.