Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scrubs--Not Just for Nurses

Of course, hospital personel are the most likely to use scrubs, but I've long known how comfortable they are and what a good addition to my home wardrobe they can be. The biggest drawback was tht they didn't come in many colors. And it used to be hard to get them. You had to go to medical supply companies, or know someone in the industry. Since my husband worked in the medical field I had a little better access, in fact that's how I found out how great they were. Now though, you can get thebest print scrub tops, and scrubs in all different colors right online. That makes it easy to get them and even expands their use from just pjs or lounging cloths to tops and pants you can wear as a part of any casual outfit.

Star Wars Spoof

This started out as just a simple test of particles for the smoke and flames... and ended up sparking its own little short spoof.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dancing to MJ

Well, animated dancing anyway. Here's one of my latest animations created to Michael Jackson's 2Bad. I'm still new at it, but I am pretty happy with how I am doing with it in just a few weeks.

Golden Christmas Present

My hubby has needed a new wedding band for several years now. He has lost weight and hadn't worn his old one in years, and then it got lost in the move. I have been scoping out mens diamond wedding bands to replace it with a nice one for Christmas this year. We will have been married 30 years in a few months, so it seems like a fitting time to get it for him.

Motion Test

I put an old Ford truck together with icar workshop on iclone. Here is a test I did that included exhaust, dust and a break away building in the sideground.

Little Things Make Big Things Possible

There are a lot of things I've used pad foam for over the years. Everything from making furniture (yeah, I like doing stuff like that), fixing boat seats and even making saddle blanket filling way back when I had horses. It's the simple things that make doing all of the big things possible. Pad has so many uses, but you rarely think about it. For people who do not get involved with the making of furniture or other things, they may never even think about how useful and important the "behind the scenes" items like foam padding or batting are.

New Horizons

You might have noticed my new flash fun animation in the header above here. I'm getting into animation very heavily and enjoying the fun of not only doing the animation, but learning how to create the 3d figures and props. The figure in the above animation was created with Monster Workshop from Reallusion, not my own creation, but I've begun sculpting and learning how to mesh my own so hopefully really soon I'll be able to use my own figures for the animations.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Strong Melody Maker

I've played several Les Paul guitars in my time, one that I never got to experience in person however was the. I've seen them, and heard them. They are a beautiful guitar with simple, clean style and rich tones, but never had my hands on one. Melody Maker has been around for decades. I know someone who has had one since 1959 and it still hums beautifully. Besides beautiful tone and attractive styling, one thing you can count on Les Paul guitars for is long-lasting durability. The design of the Melody Maker reminds me of the Les Paul Gibson I learned on. I loved that guitar. It remains my favorite of them all even after all these years.


I was so pleased to find out I won the teaser round 2 of the iClone 5 dance animation contest with my Smooth Criminal on the Moon creation. I'm posting it here for you to watch. Round 3 should be announced tomorrow. I have a clip entered in that one too.