Friday, May 29, 2009


If you exercise a lot, or are an athlete you may have tried HGH supplements. There are safe and not-so-safe ways to take HGH supplements. There are websites who have excellent resources for safe and easy to take HGH. That's the only way I'd go to take them. They are said to help delay aging, improve hormone levels, and increase stamina. That makes them attractive, especially to people my age. My husband has taken them for quite some time and swears by them. He'd only take oral HGH supplements, not injectables which have a higher risk factor.

Hits and Misses

I watched two movies last night: just fantastic! Paul Blart Mall Cop--it sure looked like totally goof-ball nothing movie but was so good. I really enjoyed it and it had a great theme. Then Valkyrie--amazing. Based on a true story about WWII and Nazi soldiers who had a crises of conscience and tried to do the right thing. It was great and Tom Cruise was wonderful in it.

On the downside: I usually only write about stuff I really enjoy but a movie I watched this morning, that had such potential ended up just being cheaply made and disappointing: Hollywood Dreams. Not a new movie at all, but I really thought I'd enjoy it because it is the type of subject I normally adore. Not this time though. It had hope and potential but didn't hit it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finding Help

There are so many scary things in the world today. I know there always have been but ever since the beginning of the technological age it seems to have multiplied at an alarming rate. We can only protect ourselves so much, it seems, and hidden dangers are everywhere. That's why it's good to know you can search for help online and find solutions to problems, ways to protect yourself, and ways to get justice if you can't protect yourself. FindingMesothelioma attorneys to handle other serious issues that can cripple a family, and lifestyle is much easier online. It's helpful to know that it's not just 'us' too. That these issues affect many people who go through the same struggles.

Online Connection to Everything

How many people still shop at regular brick and mortar stores? I have to confess that as much as I enjoy going into bookstores I rarely do anymore. All of my purchases are typically made online. It's just too much easier. While it is sad that bookstores are closing and only the biggest chains still really have the ability to keep going now I think that is the trend that will continue. I have to wonder how the landscape now congested with strip malls, shopping centers, and stores will look in another ten years. Will we have any physical shopping centers other than food sources at all? Or will all of our shopping be done online? I have a feeling we are headed the way of entirely online shopping.

Benefits of Being a Writer Online

In the past few years I've written many different types of online content including appetite suppressant reviews. It's very interesting work and I enjoy it a lot. I like writing reviews for products I've used, and seeing other reviews because I often end up finding information that is helpful for me in my everyday life that I might not otherwise have stumbled upon. Once upon a time I had a limited view of the types of writing that professional writers did. There was fiction, and non-fiction, journalistic style writing for newspapers, and advertising/marketing writing. Those divisions are still pretty much all encompassing but the outlets for all of them have changed so drastically with the expansion of the Internet. It makes being a writer much easier, and much more complicated all at the same time.

Good Start

We watched "Tropic Thunder" last night and my goodness was that funny. I had started to watch it months ago when it first came out, but was interrupted and just seeing the first few minutes it didn't really seem that interesting, so I was somewhat reluctant to spend the time yesterday watching it but hubby wanted to. So glad for that. Turns out it was a very funny movie. That just goes to show how important it is to draw readers (or viewers) in right from the start, however. Had my husband not insisted I would never have bothered to go back and watch it since the start wasn't all that compelling.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Author Frank Hanna Writes What He Knows--Well

It's true, the old saying "Write what you know" is an adage we shouldn't throw away with the bathwater. It can be daunting to write only the things you know, as any fiction writer is aware, but it is especially true in non-fiction writing. Frank J. Hanna is a financial entrepreneur and he shares his knowledge in his writings. He's also a good example of someone who knows what you have is only as good as what "good" you can do with it and is an active philanthropist.

Frank J. Hanna was questioned in an article by "Reader's Digest" as an authority on finances, and a respected author regarding his views on the meaning of money and what place it should have in your life. This deep thought of how his influence, power, and money can and does affect others around him is inspiring.

He is also an interesting speaker on money and its place in your life. Frank J. Hanna regularly is commissioned to present keynote speeches regarding how to develop your wealth, and use it wisely to better your life and the lives of those around you so that it truly has meaning. Money is power, but what you do with that power is what makes you who YOU are.

Fleeting Glimpse

For the first time in a long time I had a premise for a fiction piece fly through my mind tonight. I have a feeling I am going to have to chase it to see where it goes. I miss writing fiction, but for quite awhile haven't really had any solid inspiration. This piece is a bit outside of my past genres so we'll see how it goes.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Online Solutions to Every Day Problems

I am so happy to be long past the acne period of my life. Unfortunately many adults suffer from the common teenage problem. My son is one of them, although it is nowhere near as severe as it was when he was actually a teen. Perhaps it will lessen even more as he ages but for now he is always searching for a good acne treatment. The Internet helps a lot because it is easier to find products you can't easily find in your local stores, and it is easier to find out if those products have helped others. It's also often much cheaper to buy products like that online because there are better deals and more price competition. Even with shipping it is usually cheaper than the street stores, and you don't have to spend money on gas or take the time to travel to get it.

Do You Ego Surf?

I used to ego surf a lot more than I do now. There are some very sound writer's 'business practice' reasons to ego surf. Ego surfing is when you type your name into a search engine to see how it (or 'if' it) comes up with results. If you've been writing for any particularly decent period of time it is likely that your name comes up a lot. My name brings up 16 search engine pages dedicated to specific references to it on Google, 18 on MSN and Yahoo. It's wise to check multiple engines and there are plenty more besides the three I listed. Why is it important? Because you can catch misuses, bad references, and even plagerism in some cases that way. Those catches don't happen often, but they do occur. However, probably the best reason is to give your ego a boost--hence the common name for the activity, ego surfing.