Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Sound of Music

Speakers make all the difference when it comes to creating great music. The sound quality can make or break the way music comes out no matter how good you play. I have been trying to explain the importance of speakers to my granddaughter as she learns. She gets a little frustrated, because her sound system isn't as good as it could be. She's just starting out, and young, so it is understandable that her mom wants to be frugal with purchasing new equipment, but I think I know what a good birthday present will be. I'd love to get her some Behringer PA Speakers so she can really experience the sound she's making in the best quality possible.

Quote of the Day

On the lower side of my right sidebar is a Quote of the Day widget. I love the one for today:

Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
Mark Twain 

Fancy Feet

I would love to live in L.A. I wish I had moved there in my late teens and taken acting and dancing classes like those at The Dance Doctor. Professional dancers have to take  dance classes in los angeles but they're great for anyone who loves to move. I used to take ballet, jazz and tap just for the exercise and fun as well as getting a little extra grace. I've never been all that graceful, but dance classes really helped a lot. When I moved out of the city area, I let that slide since there were no local classes where I lived. Now that I'm back up in the city, I think it's time to start thinking about taking them again just for fun.

Writing Incentives

It gets hard sometimes to find the incentive to write. In the early years it was easy enough, but after almost 2 decades of writing I think the doubts get in the way much more. You would think it would be the opposite, but it's a different kind of doubt than beginning doubts, at least for me.

When I first started writing, there were doubts, but they were all about selling, and if anything I ever wrote would sell. Those doubts are long gone, and in their place is the reality of how things work in the publishing world and even in the new, but now established self-publishing world.

After all these years, though, the doubts are a different breed. They're not about selling. I am an old hand at all types of publishing and pretty solid in marketing. I know what to expect from getting published or self-publishing, both. The doubts are now... this is a familiar story line (there's no such thing as an original concept). I have seen some amazing twists on old concepts, but you start to worry that your "new" twist on a concept isn't fresh enough to warrant writing it.

How do you get over writer's doubt no matter what type it is?