Monday, June 28, 2010

Burned Out

My favorite show of the last several season has been Burn Notice. This new season is a tiny bit disappointing though. I can't even put a finger on it. It's the same as always and they added a new character, like they have done for the past several seasons. Maybe it's finally getting old. How far can you go with the same idea behind the central theme? Even with a great and fairly original theme, I think it's found the answer.

The Rub Down

Did you know you can buy massage tables on line? That would be the perfect at home furnishing. Right next to the couch in the living room so I could watch TV while... oh there's a catch. I don't have anyone who would be willing to give me a massage for hours on end while I watch TV. However, having one and hiring a masseuse would save a lot of money and make sure that you had the right atmosphere for a good deep tissue massage when they come. Most of all, for those masseuses who work on individual basis' and go from place to place, having a table helps provide a professional level massage no matter where they practice.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Favorite Shows of the Season

Watching "So You Think You Can Dance" on TV. I love this show. I don't really care for the audience voting part. I mean what does popularity count for in a show of skill? I love the judges comments though. Another favorite show is a new one on TVland: "Hot in Cleveland". It's perfect! I adore Betty White, and Valerie Bertanelli. The other actresses are great in their roles too. In the pilot last week John Schneider made a cameo appearance. I hope he gets to be a regular.

Loss Insured

If I'd known there was such a thing as laptop insurance back when I got this computer I would have definitely made use of it. From now on I'm going to insure my computers. After having some of the troubles I've had these last two days it would have been a good idea just in general, but something happened over the weekend that really got me thinking. I left Bob take my computer up to the car along with the luggage from the boat and waited down on the docks while he and Bobby went over to the restaurant for a bit. I got tired of waiting for them to come back so went up to the car to drive over to where they were to pick them up and the trunk was wide open. Anyone could have walked off with anything in it, including my computer. Luckily it is a nice place and no one bothered anything in there, but what if...

It really made me think. Of course he didn't leave the trunk open on purpose. He thought he'd closed it. It wouldn't have mattered if the computer was gone. Insurance would have made that a lot less painful even though I'd have lost all my pictures and files.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wonky Word Spell-check

I can't explain this well, and I don't know why it's happening, but my spell-checker in Word has gone goofy. One day it won't work, the next it will. It will stop working for a week, then mysteriously start up again. I've done virus scans. I've tried looking for working solutions online. I've tried to figure out what might be triggering it. Nothing. It's working again today, so I guess I'll just count my blessings and continue on.

How to Find a Trainer for your Dog in Kansas

The type of dog trainer you need for your puppy depends on what outcome you desire. If you are looking for a top show competitor, or just want to be sure your puppy does not jump on guests obedience is a great start for any puppy. If you think the conformation show ring is in your dog's future, then you need a trainer who understands the specifics of that type of ring manners, and can give you some pointers on the overall prospects of your puppy for his breed.

Finding a Trainer

To find a trainer look in the phone book, check online with the AKC for suggested trainers in the area, or ask your local veterinarian. For instance, in Lawrence, Kansas, the AKC suggests Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club in Lawrence, Kansas. Trainers with the kennel club have the experience and show background to help you teach your dog the proper responses for both home and show competition. You can check with local pet stores to see if they offer puppy classes, but be careful that they require the puppies have all their shots, and the facility is clean to avoid letting your dog pick up dangerous virus'. There are several others within driving distance of Lawrence that the AKC lists on its site at The specifics of each club are very similar. They all operate with AKC show regulations and objectives.

Trainers for the Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club are volunteers who enjoy what they do. They are club members who have a lot of experience with their own dogs, working around other kennel club members training their dogs, and showing.

Types of Training

The Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club is a well-rounded facility with plenty of offerings for all types of training. They provide puppy clasess for socialization, obedience for companionship and competition, canine good citizenship competition, rally training from novice to advanced and training for the breed ring.

Ages to Start

Puppy classes begin at 3 months. The reason for waiting until that age is to make sure the puppies have all had their entire series of shots to protect them from serious, life-threatening diseases. Some public "free" classes at pet shops or park services allow puppies 2 months old with at least one shot to attend classes. That is very risky. A professional training facility will not take dogs that young. Conformation class training also begins at 3 months. Obedience classes, canine good citizenship classes and rally classes start at six months so the puppy has the mental developement to pay attention to more detailed instructions.

Change of Environment Equals Pain in the Back

Since we bought our boat last winter, I've spent the summer now going out to the boat every weekend (baring bad weather). Well, that's made working very interesting. As most writer's know, there's no real "days off" when you're a freelance writer. Oh, you can force the issue, and I have, but you pay for it--literally. So, I end up lugging my briefcase and computer with me. It is nice to change work environments. I'd even say it is invigorating and really works up the creative juices. It also is a good physical workout. What I need is a rolling briefcase that I can just pull along behind me. The walk from the car to the dock, and then to the slip is long enough that a rolling briefcase would make a huge difference. It would sure make my back a lot happier.

The Good and Bad of Miracle Gro

If you want your lawn, garden and flowers to look their best, you're going to have to feed them. One option is Miracle Gro plant fertilizer. It is a synthetic, chemical based product available at most major department stores, garden centers and hardware stores. In order to decide if this product is right for your property you need to know the good and bad points of its use.

The Good

Miracle Gro is easy to apply. It comes in several application types to make it easier to use for any specific purpose. There are spikes for concentrated spot treatments, loose granules that lay on top of the soil and slowly leech in with watering, and liquid that soaks into the soil immediately and is easily broadcast over large areas. Scott's Miracle Gro has formulations for a variety of different plant types as well. There are vegetable, flower, citrus tree, orchid and tomato variations, as well as special needs formulas to combat blossom end rot, root development and for lawn care.

The Bad

Inhalation of Miracle Gro may cause respiratory difficulties that includes coughing and a runny nose. Skin contact may irritate the site so wear long-sleeved shirts, pants and gloves for protection. Always wear protective eye goggles when spreading liquid or granule formulas. Wind or accidental splashing that comes in contact with the eyes can cause injury ranging from mild irritation to permanent corneal damage. If you accidentally get Miracle Gro in your eyes, rinse immediately and seek the advice of your physician. Never induce vomiting in anyone who accidentally ingests Miracle Gro. Drinking a small glass of milk to coat the digestive passages helps alleviate the caustic damage until you can get help. When Miracle Gro comes in contact with clothing, remove at once and rinse underlying skin. In all cases contact poison control, or your family physician.

The Dangerous

The opponents to commercial fertilizers consider Miracle Gro a dangerous product because of the environmental impact it leaves behind. The salt-based, petroleum chemicals leech through the soil and run off into streams, rivers, and underground water supply. They damage earth worm populations, pollute the waters, and potentially harm wildlife. The fast-acting, high-nitrogen based chemicals have negative, dangerous effects on your garden too. Accidentally applying too much of the product will burn leaves, destroy root systems, and kill plants.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Helpful Chemicals

I don't know if all men need them, but I imagine after a certain age they do: testosterone boosters are an easy to find supplement that helps supply a natural chemical the body should produce but forgets to after awhile. Maybe it thinks men don't need it anymore after 40. Maybe that's because a century, or so, ago men didn't live past 40 very often. Now twice that is average, and the body uses it, but doesn't replace it, and without it lots of things start to stop working. It's great that science can help out and make things like estrogen and testosterone available, but you'd think nature would do a better job. We evolved into beings that live longer, but our bodies didn't adjust along with it. Testosterone boosters are easy to take, just like a vitamin, but usually require a period of time on, then off again to give the body a fluctuation. It helps to keep a log so you don't forget how many weeks you take them, and how many weeks you are off so you don't lose track.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Crate Training

Dog owners have many opinions on the right way, and the wrong way to train, but only one brings about an argument almost every time discussed—containment training. The two sides fight over the humane issues of containment, and its effectiveness. However, dog containment training is a tried and true method of housebreaking that needs to be explored and understood before reacting to it.

What is Containment Training

Dog containment training makes use of a crate, exercise pen, or safe room to confine a dog when his owner cannot keep a constant eye on him. Commonly known as "crate training", containment training centers mostly around young puppies to teach them bladder and bowel control. It also helps to protect house, and dog as well, when they are alone. Done right, dog containment training is a fair, safe, humane way to teach your dog boundaries, keep him safe when alone, keep your belongings safe when he is alone, and creates a happy, secure pet. Containment areas give your dog a place to call his own, too, so he will always have some place to go when he needs his own space.


The biggest issue naysayers have in regard to containment training is the possible abuse involved with keeping young puppies, and even older dogs in a small area for too long. Indeed, it is easy to take advantage of the situation. Young puppies must relieve themselves every one to two hours, and even older dogs should never have to stay in a crate longer than eight hours. The situation of people who work full-time and need to leave dogs alone for full days brings up the question of how to do that without causing harm to the dog. Crates, exercise pens, or even small safe rooms are not a good situation for those long periods. No puppy can hold their bladder or bowels for that long, and older dogs need room to stretch and move. Anyone being gone that long should use the assistance of dog walkers, pet sitters, or a doggie daycare so they can enjoy the benefits of owning a dog.