Saturday, June 05, 2010

Helpful Chemicals

I don't know if all men need them, but I imagine after a certain age they do: testosterone boosters are an easy to find supplement that helps supply a natural chemical the body should produce but forgets to after awhile. Maybe it thinks men don't need it anymore after 40. Maybe that's because a century, or so, ago men didn't live past 40 very often. Now twice that is average, and the body uses it, but doesn't replace it, and without it lots of things start to stop working. It's great that science can help out and make things like estrogen and testosterone available, but you'd think nature would do a better job. We evolved into beings that live longer, but our bodies didn't adjust along with it. Testosterone boosters are easy to take, just like a vitamin, but usually require a period of time on, then off again to give the body a fluctuation. It helps to keep a log so you don't forget how many weeks you take them, and how many weeks you are off so you don't lose track.