Friday, June 18, 2010

Change of Environment Equals Pain in the Back

Since we bought our boat last winter, I've spent the summer now going out to the boat every weekend (baring bad weather). Well, that's made working very interesting. As most writer's know, there's no real "days off" when you're a freelance writer. Oh, you can force the issue, and I have, but you pay for it--literally. So, I end up lugging my briefcase and computer with me. It is nice to change work environments. I'd even say it is invigorating and really works up the creative juices. It also is a good physical workout. What I need is a rolling briefcase that I can just pull along behind me. The walk from the car to the dock, and then to the slip is long enough that a rolling briefcase would make a huge difference. It would sure make my back a lot happier.