Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The New Sci-Fi Thriller

I have to laugh when I see the commercials for moving pods on TV. I mean they are a GREAT idea. I certainly plan on using that way of packing and moving when we finally do move from here, which I hope is soon, but still... those commercials make me think of a Sci-Fi movie moving 'pods'. Like some sort of Steven Spielberg classic come to a neighborhood near you. I don't write sci-fi, but it sure makes me want to give it a try. Wouldn't that be a great premise for a novel?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why Writer's Need Agents

This is an hilarious movie put together by Candy Gourley that every writer can empathize with (and it's great for a laugh--these kids are real hams) I smell Oscar material here.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Emoticon Expressions

What is the world coming to really? We have people who speak in 'chat speak' and walk around using phrases from cell phone text messaging as if it were a part of the English language, and I've even seen people responding to posts on forums ENTIRELY using emoticons to convey their point.

I like those little emoticon dudes. I really do. I use them--sparingly. The thought of creating an entire response, even if it is just a one-liner, completely comprised of little round faces with different aspects of motion or expression is just a little beyond--no, make that a lot beyond the scope of my comprehension.

Have we really forgotten how to comunicate in full sentences using real words?

I can see Webster's Dictionary in another ten years comprised entirely of BFF and LOL expressions... oh, and don't forget the little rolling happy face laughing.

Friday, July 11, 2008

All Up on the BIG A

Amazon finally has all of my current releases up! It takes them a little while. The prices are so much better than other publishers I've been with for print copies! That makes me really happy too.

Check it out, Hell's Own
Big Money
Married to a Rock Star

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Cure for Cardboard

I was rummaging through my medicine cabinet last night to make more room for my mother-in-law's prescriptions (running out of space in the bathroom for that) and found all kinds of things I should have cleaned out ages ago. My medicine cabinet is sort of like my closets. When I need them I think of cleaning them, otherwise they're on their own. I found old stuff I hadn't used in years like an old tube of preparation-H. No, never had hemroids. I got a tattoo several years ago (not saying how long because then you will know how REALLY long it has been since I cleaned that out) and I misunderstood when the tattoo person said what to apply over the fresh tattoo. Luckily someone stopped me before I spread that all over it. I also found a bunch of old diet pills, and some hair dye that was long dried up and gunky in the bottle. I'm surprised that didn't explode.

All that got me thinking about what my characters might be like. Do you ever do that? Wonder what your characters are like beyond what they do in your stories? That is something that could be quite useful. It makes for rounder, fuller characterisations. It could even provide some little 'quirks' you could give your characters to make them more 'human'.

One of the biggest drawbacks most new writers have is 'cardboard' characters. Getting to know them goes a long way to correcting that problem.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Vista's cool new toy!

I'm sitting here tonight doing something really, really cool! I'm not even typing this. I'm sitting here talking to my computer. I just found out today Vista has a really cool new feature. I'm sitting here trying to think of what it was called now, oh yeah voice recognition.

It's a little funky--oh look it recognized that word. It takes a little getting used to. But all in a whispery front--believe it or not that is nothing like what I said that.

It really is good though. My speech is not really clear. I had to concentrate really hard at speaking clearly. For the most part it's doing pretty well.

I haven't touched my keyboard the whole time I have written this. The tutorial said it would actually get better as it learns my speech patterns.

I pity the sport than--no I didn't say that what I said is oh never mind it is not funny now.

What I've come to realize is you really can't laugh while you talking and doing this because it will make you laugh harder.

It does everything though, really, and all things considered it is really a super addition to Vista.

Have I said before how much I really love Vista?

I can even open and close programs and files, pictures, and even cruise the Internet all by voice command.

I feel like Scottie in Star Trek's the Voyage Home.

What exactly Does Pre-approved mean?

I am always amazed at the number of credit card offers I get in the mail. I get a lot of them in email too. Cards offering 0 balance transfer. Maybe I should take them up on that. I could free up my other credit card. Have you noticed though that they all say pre-approved, or approval gauranteed or something like that but they're really not? I guess you're just pre-approved to apply for the loan. Really though I have good enough credit. My problem is I'm self-employeed. It seems they're not too crazy about that unless you have massive six-figure incomes or along those lines. I guess that should tell you I do not.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Excellent Article on How To Attract Freelance Offers

The other day Wordprenuer had a good post on getting out there and pitching your services to web clients even if they're not looking actively to make changes. In this article however, the folks at Wordprenuer went the distance with a great write up of how exactly to give your pitch to prospective clients (those not actively seeking work, AND those that are, don't be lazy in your pitch--ever) a selling pitch that will earn you work.

I'm Not Dead Yet

I just got the biggest laugh from a little saying I saw on another site

Everything will be okay
in the end...
...if it's not okay,
it's not the end.
~author unknown

It reminded me of the Monty Python movie where the British people were collecting the dead during one of the plauges of the 18th century and one of the victims they were trying to throw on the cart kept saying 'I'm not dead yet'.

... Whenever you're feeling down, and you think others are trying to throw you on with the dead... just keep screaming 'I'm not dead yet!'

Where Do You Buy Your Books?

Do you still prefer the brick and mortar type stores, or do you shop more online now that it's so available? I feel sorry for some of the smaller bookstores. They seem to be closing their doors at an ever increasing rate. Not only are they unable to compete with the 'big boys' on the street, they have to compete now with stores of all sizes online. I can't say I'm much help to them, I do most of my shopping online. I do feel for them though. It's hard to compete even in the 'real world' since big stores that are dedicated to books have so much more variety than most small independant stores can manage. I remember when I was doing a lot of signings (I don't so much anymore for a variety of reasons) the small indies were wonderful to work with, and really WANTED to be a part of your program, where you had to practically beg and kiss the big stores to look at you.

I remember too, though, the selection restrictions they had due to space. It's no wonder they can't compete really. Customers, like me, may care very much about the indies, but when it comes right down to it, we choose what is best for us first. For me buying books online is just easier. I buy almost everything online since I am so far away from stores of any kind. It would cost me more in gas not too mention time to drive to the stores, even the big ones.

How do you shop for books?

Playing Games

I've never been a great big fan of computer games other than my tried and true Spyder Solitare which has been sorely neglected now that I have high-speed internet. If that doesn't make sense I'll explain: I used to play one or two (or more) games of Spyder Solitare while waiting for each page to load when I cruised online. Yeah, that bad. Boy is high-speed great. As for other games, I never got into them. My son is a huge PS2 afficianado though. Lately hubby has been getting in on the act and listening to them whooping and hollering down in my son's room kind of makes me want to check it out and see if I'm missing something. Lots may have changed in the million or so years since I last tried playing one of those types of games. His favorite is 'Grand Theft Auto'. The way he describes it does sound kind of fun, especially if you're in the mood to shoot someone, or run them over. Every once in awhile when work gets particularly frustrating I have those moods... On second thought, maybe PS2 wouldn't be such a bad thing to get into.

Friday, July 04, 2008

The Jury Still Out On Kindle, but Leaning

I wasn't sure if having my releases put on Amazon's new Kindle reader store site was such a big deal, or worth the effort to do it, but it appears it was. I've actually sold a few copies of Hell's Own through there. It's not a lot, but every couple is a couple more readers which is always cool. I guess over the long haul the jury is still out if Kindle will end up being an advantage for authors to get their works out as eBooks as well as print through Amazon... but it's starting to look like it's a good deal.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fall Apart and Relax--finally

Okay, I've released my newest novel, and spent countless hours promoting it. My mother-in-law even took the copy she is reading (yes, she reads all my books, lol) along with her to her chemo-therapy appointment yesterday and doctor's office today--talk about tireless promotion helpers. Wow. I've been diligently working on my new-found, and very active freelancing assignments... finally last night I just needed to rest. I kicked back on the sofa and watched some movies and the entire time thought how lovely it would be to have classy plush home theater seating to go along with all the video equipment, big screen tv, oh, and maybe a popcorn maker too. If you work hard it would be really nice to play hard--or at least fall apart and relax hard.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Way, Way Cool!

No I mean this is way cool. This is awesome. This is mind-blowing...

okay, only for me, but it is. I was surfing on Blog Explosion this morning which I really love because it really boosts my blog rankings by getting a ton of page visits, and I ran across a blog from a guy in WATSEKA! Yes, someone who lives only about 15 minutes from me. It's like the big wide world of web life shrunk and I could hear 'it's a small world after all...' playing in my head.

I've been online in various aspects for over 10 years and I'm on A LOT and I swear I have NEVER seen anyone from a local area on here--at least that I know of anyway, but pretty much I'm sure I haven't.

That is so cool. I feel so cozy and warm right now. LOL