Thursday, July 21, 2011

Complete Support for Ankles

I have weak ankles. I have always had weak ankles ever since I was a kid. The problem is I love sports and physical activities so in order to protect my ankles and not end up with sprains every time I turn around, I have to wear a support. My husband has to wear a wrist support whenever we go to the health club. We're a pair I guess. I need a good support like the procare ankle support. It's not like a simple elastic bandage you can find in most pharmacy departments. It has strong, support and a Velcro bands to keep it secure and fit you perfectly. There is a band at the top, just below the calf and one over the foot, and another figure 8 style band to completely secure the ankle. I wish they'd had ankle supports like these when I was younger. I wouldn't have had to suffer sprains so often.

Rhymes and Rhythm

I love the little "did you know" gadget on my sidebar. The one for today was "There are about 20 English words with no perfect rhyme, including "orange," "bulb" and "film."

I never gave it much thought, even as a writer since I rarely write poetry, but that would make things tough. What if you had to come up with something for "orange" for instance? Do you force it, using something like "flange"? and how do you work flange into a sentence that has anything to do with the fruit or color? Funny stuff. That there would even be words that no other word rhymes with is just amazing when you think about how many words there are in the English language.

Scrubbing It

My daughter's a nurse, and she turned me on to the amazing comfort of scrubs for every day wear, sleeping and doing just about anything. She told me her scrubs uniforms were her favorite outfit, and she wore them all the time. They're comfortable and easy to care for. I had to think back, but I remembered that I used to have some scrub pants from when my husband worked in a hospital many years ago, and they were amazingly comfortable, so I went out and got some for myself. Now I wear them all the time. I'm not a nurse, a doctor or anything else in the medical profession. Those professionals need them for work, as well as at home, but I love my scrubs, and wear them constantly around the house.

Making Trades

I found myself, yesterday sitting at our old house, waiting for a guy to come look at the trailer we're selling, and suddenly missing the horses. I know I don't have time for them anymore, and I know that I LOVE living in the city now again, but something inside of me will always love horses. There are certain things I'll miss about living in the country like the chickens, and even the pigs. I've had years of experience doing lots of fun things that I won't be able to do anymore. There's always a trade off in life, but you have to make the choices and then live with them.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blocking Your Yoga

I've learned a lot going to the health club lately. I have always loved to do yoga, but until I went there I didn't even know there was such a thing as yoga blocks that you can use to make sure you stay in the proper position. Position is everything in yoga, and hard to tell if you're doing it right if you're alone. They're great for doing your yoga work at home on your own in between classes, or if you don't have the time to get to a yoga class with an instructor.

Bread and Butter

I found a bread making machine in the utility room of the house we're moving into today. It was kind of funny because I was writing reviews on bread makers when my husband found the machine and asked me if I wanted to keep it, or get rid of it. At first I said keep it, but then, seeing how many of even the best bread makers are tricky to deal with, I decided to just get rid of it. It didn't have a manual or anything with it, although it looked like it was in good condition, so that would have made it even tougher to deal with. I don't really have the time to make bread from scratch, so using a bread maker might be a good way to get the job done, and still have great tasting homemade bread, but I don't have time for the hassle either.

Flip Camera Quality

If you are old enough to remember the first video cameras, you'll know why the tiny, slim flip cameras are so amazing to me. Our first camcorder was a huge machine, sat on your shoulder, and you had to look through a tiny view finder to see what you were shooting at, or place it on a tripod. It also used clumsy VHS tapes. The little flip camera is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, and you look at the screen on the back so you can shoot from any angle. It's also thousands of dollars cheaper than the first camcorders on the market. Even though most cell phones are about the same size, and many also take video clips, you can take much longer video on a flip camera than a cell phone, and the quality is usually a lot better.

Working Again

Sometimes the feast and famine style of working from home business can be aggravating. Last week, I couldn't drum up work to save my soul, and since yesterday I've been inundated with new projects. I'm not complaining too much. The week 'off' was nice in many ways, and rare enough that it wasn't painful. The worst part about those times is that you begin to worry that the "dry spell" won't end. It always does, but it's scary sometimes. As nice as having a bit of a vacation was, it's much nicer to be working again.