Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Always That Time

It seems like we are always looking at values for various insurance rates. Pretty soon it will be time to compare life insurance rates to make sure we are still comfortable with the policy we have. That's important, but luckily, never easier than it is now. Getting new quotes, comparing programs, and prices is fast and easy online. Since it's nice and fast, it leaves a lot more time for what's really fun instead of messing around with insurance. A few clicks and it's done, and I can ... well, okay, click some more, but to play games or read what I want to online.

Finding "Safe Harbor"

I'm watching "Safe Harbor". Yes it's a boat movie, lol, but it's also based on a true story of how a couple began fostering troubled teenaged boys who would otherwise end up in prison and turning their lives around. It's a great movie. Until I saw it when it first came on TV last month I hadn't seen Treat Williams since "Hair" (another great movie with a message). I'm sure he's been busy, but he hasn't been a high focus actor. It's a shame because he's really very good. Vote for corniest line ever (but good for a chuckle) is the toast from the movie: there are good ships, and ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships... lol. Well, the movie is really good.

Deven Parekh Insight Venture Partners

Daven Parekh Insight Venture Partners has held several previous positions, all impressive, and all leading up to working for Insight Venture Partners. He worked at Berenson Minella & Company in New York. They are a merchant banking firm that Deven Parekh served on the M & A Committee. Deven Parekh Insight Venture Partners is an Aspen Institute, Henry Crown Fellow, in honor of the memory of Henry Crown, famous Chicago Industrialist. Like the late Mr. Crown, Deven Parekh strives to be a philanthropist who gives to others.

Deven Parekh started at The Blackstone Group after getting his Bachelor's of Science in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. Deven Parekh Insight Venture Partners continues his philanthropic endeavors with publicolor.org, an organization that seeks to improve the atmosphere and quality of education with color. Deven Parekh began his leadership endeavors at the Aspen Institute and continues to this day working hard to improve the lives of others, and inspiring those around him.

Friday, February 12, 2010

One More

One more before I have to go out and shovel more snow! Here's one that is more boat than I'll ever own, but fun to watch move.

Taking Wrinkles Seriously

I am going to have to get serious about finding good anti wrinkle creams. That is one area I used to take pretty lightly. When you're younger, I think you simply can't see a need for that, even when you spend a lot of time in the sun. Age, and sun do a lot of damage over time, however, and now I am much more serious about the need to protect, and restore my skin. Although it seems like winter should be less of a worry, the dry air in a house takes a toll on skin too, especially as it ages. I literally feel my skin tighten if I forget to use a moisturizer, and that brings on wrinkles. Keeping track of what products combat the causes of wrinkling best is something to take very seriously, no matter how old you are, or what time of year it is.

More Fun in the Sun

Here's another. This is too much fun, especially when you look outside and see white, cold snow. It's much more fun to look at these.

Taking Health for Granted

I wish there had been an eczema cure when I was a child. My neighbor had a terrible time with it. It isn't so much the pain, or danger of the disease as it is the stigma and wanting to hide it that makes eczema hard to deal with. There are a lot of diseases like that. Some we take lightly because they don't kill. They may not take a life in the literal sense, but they can take lives in a more figurative sense. I wonder how much different my life would be if I had a skin disease like that. I love summer, heat, and all that it means including short sleeves, shorts, and swim wear. Things I take for granted that people who have severe skin conditions have difficulties with. With all that it makes me happy to find that there are on-going studies, and new treatments for problems like eczema. No one will have to live with the discomfort or shame that my neighbor lived their whole life with.

Water and Waves

I am SO anxious for summer. I keep watching videos to tide me over and keep me satisfied dreaming of water and waves. This is a good one to feel good during the cold, snowy months:

Saturday, February 06, 2010

1-800Flowers are Gifts to Remember

Of all the beautiful things in the world nothing is so connected with the idea of love and romance as roses. Those thoughts are strong this time of year. February is Valentine's Day month and it's time to show mothers, girlfriends, wives, best-friends and anyone else you truly care about how you feel about them. Now me, I love flowers. I can't grow them to save my soul. I can grow many other things on our small farm, but not that. There's a special touch to which I am not privy. I think that makes them even more special to me. They are a delicacy that I am not capable of producing. It's that delicacy that makes them such a worthy symbol of love, too.

Another great reason flowers make such a good Valentine's Day gift is that during this bleak and cold time of the year, flowers remind us of the beauty and warmth of nature. Deep red roses strike a special chord deep inside and have a depth and charm that send warmth deep into your soul. Flowers from 1-800flowers is a perfect way to give that special someone a beautiful gift that will last beyond the flowers, too. The lovely vases and gift packages will bring joyful memories for years.

Inside and Warm

I just got home from a nice dinner out. I enjoy going out, but don't really do it too often in this weather. At least it wasn't snowing, but it sure was cold. I shouldn't complain too much, down south where a friend is they are snowed in. I have to laugh because the weather is so much worse south of us than it is here. Much further south, too. It's still not warm enough for me. I can't wait, just a few more months and it will be spring. Until then, I'll go out once in awhile, and settle for watching TV and staying inside, and warm.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Catching A Ride

I'm really looking forward to the summer months this year because I bought a new boat! That's the exciting part. The boring part is I will still have to work even when we go out for long weekends on the water. Thankfully the cell phone signal I get also comes with an internet USB port. The further we get from shore though, will make it more difficult to catch a signal. I'm looking at getting a signal booster so that I can find a signal no matter where we are on the big lake. Our dock is on Lake Michigan, and land can be a long way away at times on that lake. Having a booster will mean the difference between a clear signal on the water and having to make our way back to harbor every night. It will also help during those times we are docked at a transient marina on an excursion that does not have Wifi. Our regular marina does, but not all of them do. Having a cell phone booster will help catch a signal from further inland when that is the case.

Burning Again

I'm waiting to watch "Burn Notice" tonight. It's still one of my favorite shows. I think they may be coming to the limits of what they can do with the theme of the show, though. The plots this season, or rather, this second half of the season, are a little thinner. I hope they can overcome and catch their stride again because one of the great things about this show up until now is how the writers have always managed to come up with something new just when you didn't think they could.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Premium TV

When I first moved out to the country there weren't many options for TV. A rusty, rustic old antenna (no way was I climbing that monstrosity), or satellite. Back then, there was only one company for satellite too. Not anymore. Now there are many mainstream companies, and even a few self-installed units that are obtained from online sources that provide great TV at lower prices. Companies like bell tv keep prices in line and make it possible for anyone to get premium TV. Technology is getting so plug and play now that anyone can install even the most complex items. Computers, TVs, satellites, and more are at everyone's fingertips no matter where they live.


When I first heard the title I had a much different idea of what the movie might be about. I thought it was about surrogate parents, or mothers, and even thought it might be a horror. I won't go into what it is, but I will say I was way off, and I REALLY liked it. It was an awesome movie. Bruce Willis did a great job, as always.