Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Deven Parekh Insight Venture Partners

Daven Parekh Insight Venture Partners has held several previous positions, all impressive, and all leading up to working for Insight Venture Partners. He worked at Berenson Minella & Company in New York. They are a merchant banking firm that Deven Parekh served on the M & A Committee. Deven Parekh Insight Venture Partners is an Aspen Institute, Henry Crown Fellow, in honor of the memory of Henry Crown, famous Chicago Industrialist. Like the late Mr. Crown, Deven Parekh strives to be a philanthropist who gives to others.

Deven Parekh started at The Blackstone Group after getting his Bachelor's of Science in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. Deven Parekh Insight Venture Partners continues his philanthropic endeavors with publicolor.org, an organization that seeks to improve the atmosphere and quality of education with color. Deven Parekh began his leadership endeavors at the Aspen Institute and continues to this day working hard to improve the lives of others, and inspiring those around him.

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