Monday, June 30, 2008

Persistance Pays

It was just the other day I was complaining, moaning, hum.. I'm not sure which, about not generating enough income from my freelancing. I admitted it was my fault and vowed to ramp up my efforts to find new work on a daily basis. Found it. IN SPADES. Two new clients, one of which kept me very busy all last night and all day today. I'm absoltely not complaining though. I will say, a little effort pays off in a big way. I'm pretty close to the daily mark I used to make all last year. I had to work a few more hours today to do it, but I'm hoping that will improve a bit as well.

The only problem is I'm too tired today to do anything else. I keep sitting here thinking about all the things I could be doing, and vegging out while staring at the screen. LOL

I think I'm going to take the night off.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Do You Yuwie?

Do you Yuwie? I've found lately that there's a limit to how much social networking one person can do. LOL I gave up on the Twitter thing, it was fun for a day or two, but it was pretty limited.

Facebook gives me hives. I registered, but it was just too hard to figure out quickly, and I don't have an army of people I'm interested in inviting.

MySpace never did like me. I tried. I have a MySpace blog too... somewhere.

I just found Yuwie and hey, I like it! I like that they pay you to do it too. :o Yeah they do. Makes sense when you listen to their intro video as to why as well. Places like MySpace and Facebook make a KILLING on advertising, and you do all the actual work. Yuwie does it too, but they share... now isn't that nice? Same features, (acutally BETTER features because it's so easy to use their templates and frameworks), and they pay you.

You can blog, share videos, pictures, and probably a lot more I haven't investigated yet, those are just the parts I've done already. It's really cool. Check it out. It's completely free to use.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

SHAKEDOWN -- the video

... trailer that is. Here's my new video trailer for my latest release SHAKEDOWN

I Need a Vacation

Wow, it's been a heck of a week. I've begun to really take to heart the post below on working everyday to seek new freelance work. It's worked too. I got a couple of new accounts--great. I think what I hate about it most is that for every 100 bids, or applications you put in, you get 1 job. Those are fair enough odds all around I suppose, but that's the part I don't like.

I FINISHED Shakedown! Yay! I have my first really new release in over a year. The others were re-released from being previously published, or previously under contract with a publisher that went under, so while two were new, they didn't really feel new. Shakedown is completely new.

I updated my website, and made a new video trailer for Shakedown, and also sent it off to its various destinations... I'm just beat.

Now, after doing all the research I've done online over the past week for jobs, for information for assignments, I need to start looking for some hotel deals. I need a vacation.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Opinion Desired

I have a question. I've had a few people say the dark covers I tend to like using on my novels should be lightened up. I do so love a black background. I'm not sure what that says about me, but it's true.

Do you think it matters? Do you think it fits one type of story more than another? Here are three of my covers... one young adult, one romance, and the last an almost finished thriller with a bit of a humorous twist.

Do you think the genre matters? Do you think the romance cover is too dark for a romance? Does it matter?

Three out of five covers of mine are black backgrounds... it's obviously a penchant I have. I don't do that to coverart that I create covers for others--unless specifically asked for it. Maybe it's some sort of darkness inside me trying to assert itself--or maybe I just like black.

Awesome New Blog

Dennis Cass wants you to maximize your potential as an author, and minimize your suffering. Well so he says, and I'm sure he's sincere because he's created a cool new blog to give you tips and pointers on getting the most out of your experience as a writer. Check it out. It's really interesting, and a very nice thing indeed for a successful author to do for his fellow cohorts.

You can find it here at Dennis Cass Wants You... (lol, okay it was just fun shortening it).

Identity Crisis

Okay, I have a problem--maybe not a big problem, at least according to the emails I get telling me I can increase my penis size, but it's a problem none-the-less. Perhaps it's becasue one of my pen names is more 'masculine' in style T. L. Parrington. I use that name for my dark fantasy work, and for more male oriented types of genres like the comedic thriller I'm working on now 'Shakedown'.

Now my email informs me that I can look more attractive as a man. ??? Okay. Well that wasn't really my goal so far as I remember.

Come to think of it, spam email is everybody's common headache. I should just avoid looking in that 'spam' folder, but sometimes real emails get shoved in there so I try to remember to peek at it once a day, just to be sure.

I'll tell you though, you can get some real revelations when you do that. Looking in the mirror, I don't think I'm a guy.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Character Front and Center

Even though I don't wear jewelry as a routine--it's just not possible, or practical on a farm. Writer or not, I have to do some grimy things during the day. I do have a simple gold chain though. I wear it mostly to remind me that not everyone is like me. Okay, heck, very few people are like me in the 'no jewelry' respect. It does serve to remind me to pay attention to what kinds of things my characters might wear.

I was telling someone the other day that in some way, big or small, all of my characters come from inside me. Surely I'm not as evil as any villian I've ever written. I'm no demon like Alexander. I'm not a hooker, or a cop... I've written about all of those in one form or another. Still, deep, deep inside the emotional connection is there to them.

In the same way, somehow I have to connect to their style, their personality, and general outlook on life even if it is totally foreign to my own. I have to be able to understand them, and remember what each of the characters is like all the way through the story, even as they evolve and change.

You can't afford to distance yourself even from the most evil of characters, and that can be challenging. None of it is more challenging to me than fashion though. It's just not my normal thing... so, the chain reminds me.

Do you have any reminders? Things tha trigger you to keep a certain element, or character at the forefront of your mind as you write?

Procrastination--Your Enemy

If you're a freelancer like I am, you really have to go read the article on Wordpreneur's blog that gives you a little dig on procrastinating about seeking work. It's a hustle and bustle game, doing work online as a writer. There's money to be had, but it's not for the faint of heart--or the lazy.

I have to admit, as I read the first two paragraphs of the post there, I squirmed a bit. I love writing. I like (notice the change there, lol, it IS still work) doing freelance writing. I HATE searching and applying for the work--so, I put it off until all of my current work is about all dried up, and then I cry about how hard it is to make money online, even if the time just prior to that I was making very good money at it.

My fault.

My fault entirely.

Anyway, go read the article, it's fantastic. I've added the blog to my blogroll too. There's a lot of information on that blog, and way more than any one post or topic would cover. It's well worth your time to cruise by and check it out.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Cover Art

This is the new cover for my upcoming thriller 'Shakedown'. Shakedown was first written as a script prospect and is more of a comedy/thriller long the lines of 'Lethal Weapon'. I had a lot of fun with it though. Might have to follow up with a short series with these characters.

Let me know what you think of the new cover.

Wow I didn't realize it would look so bluring (the title). Going to have to fix that. Back in a minute. lol. It doesn't look like that in the large size, but it needs to be sharper even in small sizes.

Cool, hopefully you'll agree that's a bit better.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sizzling Summer Reading

My short story 'Lilac Memories' is available as a free download at Prairiview Storefront. Check it out. It's part of the new 'Sizzling Shorts Series'.

Check out the trailer for the series here:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Call For Submissions -- Pink Petal Books


At Pink Petal Books we believe that love is a beautiful thing, and what’s more romantic than receiving flowers? Of course, giving flowers doesn’t have to be romantic, but isn’t it more fun when it is? Pink Petal Books seeks well-written romance stories starting with one character receiving flowers. The flowers can be received for any reason, and they don’t necessarily need to be received from the other major character(s) in the story.

Each themed anthology will contain three to four 15,000-25,000 word novellas released first as individual ebooks, then published together into one print volume. Heat levels in each story need to start at sensual and work up to erotic. On the Pink Petal Books scale these will be rose or cosmos stories, with partially or fully explored love scenes. Language may range from the occasional frank or graphic language to no holds barred.

Our first anthology will be Pink Petal Books Presents: Shifters. All stories need to contain a shifter as either the hero or heroine. Different shifters preferred. Think about animals you haven’t seen in books, or seen very rarely, and use your imagination. You can submit a wolf, but preference will be given to the different animals, so the wolf story should be exceptional and new. Deadline for stories will be July 15 with decisions made by August 1. Electronic publication will happen during our official launch month of October, with print publication to follow in February 2009.

As long as your story starts with a character receiving flowers and fits the theme and sensuality level, there are no other restrictions on genre.

Payment will be 35% royalty on sales price for ebooks (except stories sold through third party vendors, which will be 45% of net (sales price - vendor cut = net). Print books will be our standard 10% royalty split between the three or four authors in the volume.

How to submit: Please email your complete manuscript attached in RTF/Word format to Include in the body of the email a word count and brief blurb (one or two paragraphs). For more information about us, please read our complete submission guidelines.

Upcoming anthologies are:
Pink Petal Books Presents: Dragons
Submission Deadline: November 15, 2008 decisions by Dec 1
Electronic Publication: March 2009, print July 2009

Pink Petal Books Presents: Nature (think Shamans and Druids)
Submission Deadline: April 15, 2009 decisions by May 1
Electronic Publication: August 2009, print December 2009

For more information please visit Pink Petal Books –

Pink Petal Books is an imprint of Jupiter Gardens Press, a division of Jupiter Gardens, LLC. For more information about Jupiter Gardens Press, a metaphysical and sf/f publisher, please visit

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Past and Future, melding together

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away... seems like that anyway. The year was 2000. I was a beginning author with many short stories, and WIPS in progress, still at the time posting on forums and boards for opinion on my stories and writing, and beginning to develop a small following of 'fans'--that's when it happened. Super fan showed up.

I'm smiling here because that's what I'll call her I think from now on. Marie was my first 'real' fan. When I say that I mean because she went the step beyond posting responses on forums, she took the time to write to me. She was my very, very first fan mail.

The other day, I mentioned my first fan mail being from the library reader. I'd forgotten--I was wrong. She was my second. Marie was the first person to ever write to me and tell me how much she enjoyed the story she was reading at the time, and quite possibly was, at least, one of the forces that propelled me into wanting to get published.

I'd written stories from the time I could remember, but it wasn't until that year, early in 2000 that I took the initiative to post anything online. Perhaps it was because that was also shortly after gaining internet access to the 'new' world-wide-web.

In the mid-80's my hubby and I bought a pair of computers, and got 'hooked up' to the fledgling AOL that was one of the few 'internet' servers at the time, but that wasn't ANYTHING like the experience I found in 1999 when once again giving the internet a cruise.

Anyway, back to the story...

Shortly after the arrival of 'super fan' on the scene she became a faithful reader of everything I put out. Commenting, suggesting, and, of course--emailing. She was one of the first readers of Paradise (The Road To Paradise) my first novel. I sent it to her as an advance reader to be sure I'd made my mark.

I've known her ever since and she is a good friend though the years, and still a faithful reader and today, after reading the anniversary edition of Paradise, 'Married To A Rockstar' --now recovered, retitled, and with a new ending scene, she reviewed it for me, and it warmed my heart.

Here's her review she posted:

Just as incredible as the first time i read it *****

22 Jun 2008 (updated 22 Jun 2008)
by Marie Holloway
Married to a Rock Star delivers an entertaining account and perspective on the life of a rock star and all that is involved in that type of industry. This book is an excellent fictional resource to music fan enthusiasts who would enjoy having an in’s and out’s view of life on the road with a rock star and with a perfect back dropt of love and romance that enriches the story. In reviewing this book, I must say that rereading this book after I initially came across it in 2001 and I found the story to be just as fresh and exciting as all those years ago. It’s a book you can’t and won’t put down because just as you think you’ve figured out what lies ahead for our star couple Isaiah and Karen there are new twists and turns that comes your way.

The author, Tami Parrington, does a wonderful job in setting this story a part from your typical romance where you could get distracted with some syrupy love story and loose focus of what the story is conveying. Instead she writes a complete story full of love, loss, tragedy, heartbreak, and redemption and it unfolds in a way that no matter what obstacle comes along you never veer from rooting for the main characters. Even with their flaws you come to really care about these people and hope that in spite of their highs and lows that ultimately the story turns out as we all hope all stories turn out with a satisfying conclusion. If you want a story that never travels a predictable road in terms of reaching a goal then Married to a Rock Star is the book for you.


The reason I bring this up (beyond the obvious pride factor) is that the relationships you can forge as an author will sometimes span lifetimes, and create long wonderful memories. Remembering those old times of early emails makes me smile warmly, and appreciate her all the more.

Knowing how much this story still has impact on her after all this time also makes me feel so good inside. I've always enjoyed this piece and knowing it is still enjoyable to others leaves a very warm, happy feeling inside.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Everything Old Is New Again

How do you like my new cover for the re-release of The Road To Paradise (also re-titled). It was my very first novel. First contracted for publication by a house that before it went to print closed the line... figures right? Then accepted at an online house that closed shortly after--this book was batting a thousand... then I just said the heck with it all and published it myself. I was a rank amateur at that time and POD was a baby back then... so it suffered some. Amazingly enough it sold well for a POD book at that time, and with mostly on-line sales too. I cleared 400 copies soldjust online, and just under 22 full cases (26 per) by hand and it is still in circulation at 37 libraries throughout the US according to World Catalog. Most of those libraries I had no contact with either. To me that's pretty impressive for a novel that's over 10 years old, self-published, and trade paperback with an AWFUL original cover (cover art creation was a mystery to me at the time, and seemed to be inundated with hard to understand requirements. LOL I learned a lot over the years) and the title was only so-so. LOL Anyway, a little more of that in a bit, here's the brand new 'Anniversary Edition' cover, let me know what you think:

Back to my little story: When I first published the novel as The Road To Paradise, one of my first sales hits was to my own public library. They told me (as kind as they could with a bit of a snub to POD) that they usually didn't carry books that were self-published even by local authors (this is a teeny little nowhere library too. lol) BUT, the librarian said, they would accept a copy and have a reader review it. If the review was favorable they would send me a check for it and carry it--two weeks later not only was the novel accepted, but a note from the reader came along with the check from the library. I had my very own piece of fan mail for the first time ever.

Strange and wonderful memories can be created along the way, even in this wacky world of publishing. It's something I'll always treasure, as much as I do the book itself, that for all of its original troubles remains one of my favorite works. I hope you like the new cover. I even added a new ending scene to the new version. It was a great deal of fun re-visiting my old characters. It has even sparked a little desire to sequel it with what happened to them ten years down the road... hum, the road gets longer. :)

Call For Submissions

For any gay/lesbian erotica writers out there here is a post to a call for submissions you might be interested in. 'Tammy Lee' just subbed a short story to it. Hopefully it will be a nice return for 'her' too. LOL See, even my pseudonyms can't stay away for long.

Getting Back in the Groove--Easier, and Harder All at the Same Time

Everytime I leave the idea of writing for publication behind me for awhile, and it happens every now and then, when it just gets to be too much of a hassle (and that's putting it mildly), when I come back, I find getting back in the groove easier/and harder at the same time. Each time it seems that much easier because I still have the 'lessons', contact ideas, many of the websites, and the knowledge of how to, how not to, etc still etched in my memory. It usually only takes a few days to jog it loose. At the same time it's harder and harder each time because instead of starting slowly, learning, finding resources, and developing leads as you would when you first start out, it's all pretty much right there, and suddenly you feel overwhelmed by all the prospects and work to do.

No matter how hard, or easy it is, the one fact remains: I can't stay away from it for long.

I'm a writer.

I may never be famous. I may never be rich. I will always be a writer. It's not 'who' I am... it's what I am. I can deny that from time to time, and I've tried, but you can't run from what is embeded in your soul. You can try to squelch the words, but somehow they will find a way to come pouring out--you may as well just give in to that. That's one lesson I learned a long time ago.

It still gets to be too much at times and a break is fine. I've been asked by people, both casual aquaintances and close friends and relatives when I'm going to write again during those brief hiatus'. My answer is usually, when I have to. Of course that doesn't mean financially as some of those who don't know me may assume. It means when I can't control the flow any longer. When I have to.

Being back does feel good, and I'm sure it will feel good for quite some time. When it comes again that I have to leave to save my sanity (no snickers I do have some sane moments) I have no worries. At some point I'll be back. You can't leave what's inside behind. It's not something that disappears. I have to explain that some times to friends or relatives.

It seems as if they think if you're not writing for a spell, it's gone and you don't have it anymore. Like some magic fairy comes and takes the gift of creation away... lol, well I don't think so, at least I haven't found that to be the case.

I hope not anyway. Now I feel like looking over my shoulder for some mysterious and angry little fairy flitty about trying to stike me dumb with her wand. (No comments about how she must have already hit me a few times. haha)

For the time being, my little (benevolent, kind, generous) fairy sits patiently waiting for me to gather my wits once more and delve back into the mirky waters of the publishing world.

Peek-a-boo... I'm back again, and it's so much easier/and harder than the last time.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Is there some form of ADD, or vision problem that can make CAPTCHA impossible for some people?

If there is, I have it. I HATE captcha. I understand the need for those annoying scribbles of code. I don't like spam either, but there has to be some alternative. I just went though about 4 minutes of consistant re-tries to post a comment on a fellow blogger's post. I had to have re-typed about eight versions of different CAPTCHA letters. At least blogger does change the font style each time, hoping that if you couldn't read the squiggly one, you can read the fat-smooshed ones, or the skinny-squished ones, or the... dang, okay, I'm old, I take my glasses off to read, and all, but I don't have a problem with typing like this. Those CAPTCHA things will be the death of me though.

Whatever disease the CAPTCHA disability is, I definately have it.

The Award for Originality Goes To...

I just saw this over on Pub Rants and nearly died laughing. You have to admit, for publicity you can't do better than this, but what got me was how very well thought out this was between all these writers and how much work they obviously put into it. Way to go, and I'm still laughing.

I don't know which one will win the RITA, but I know they all deserve an Oscar.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Computer Games

Comuter Games and other erotic tales is now live on Kindle too! Big Money should be up tomorrow. Hell's Own went live yesterday, as I jumped around and posted about. LOL This is so cool. All three titles should be live on their book section as paperbacks (at traditional paperback prices--FINALLY) within the next week or two, for some reason they take so much longer to list items in their book sections.

The Kindle site is so much faster to get live pages on. They take an extra few hours, it seems, to get the descriptions up though. Hell's Own just started showing the description later in the evening yesterday, and Computer Games isn't showing up yet... probably in a few hours since it just went live.

The more I see of the Kindle format for reading the more I like it over the other possibilities for portable ebook readers. I like the actual 'page' format rather than the continuous flow of some of the readers.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do You Kindle?

I'm giddy as a school girl--Hell's Own is LIVE on Amazon's Kindle reader sales page. See it HERE. I actually think the kindle reader looks really really cool. I think I'm going to ask for it as my Christmas present this year. I've heard some cool things about it, but it's expensive. I'm happy that this title is starting to show up on Amazon though. It should be live as an actual print copy in the book store in about 10 days or so! I'm just tripping. It's been awhile, haha.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Office Helpers

Sometimes I think I need a personal assistant, or a secretary to handle all of the things that take up my time, and keep me from actually getting any work done.

Then it dawns on me that I don't need a secretary: I have one--
She checks all my mail, and inspects each incoming parcel to be sure I haven't missed anything when unpacking too:

And she has even enlisted the help of her friends to become paperweights. So really, I have every office helper I could ever want.

And they accept payment in the form of PurPal, pets, and Fancy Feast.

I'm still open to the idea of a personal assistant, however. I wonder if one of the dogs would accept the position--fetch the laundry up, fetch the mail, fetch... probably not, they're lazier than the cats.

See, can't even convince them to unpack the luggage.

Thanks to PaperbackWriter for the inspiration for this post.

Did it, Did it! Perservation pays off

It may be frustrating dealing with things like the post below, BUT, perserverance pays off! I finally found a PowerPoint to video converter that recognized and converts PP 2007 files in FULL!

So here it is (uploaded to YouTube so it may take a moment to appear)

It's just a simple video as a test, I'm still learning all about the features of Power Point. I'd like to use it to create workshop videos for the free area of my website.

Just Testing

This is a test. The entire thing probably isn't here, but I have to see what part of the presentation didn't come through. I'm trying to upload a powerpoint presentation. (Boy that program is a blast), and I've found a couple of sites that do it, but all of them seem to have a problem with...yes you guessed it, the 07 version of office's powerpoint.

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by TamiP

HAHAHA everything but the animations. Figures. For some reason that wasn't available on 'old' versions of powerpoint and doesn't convert to those not recognizing the newer version. Hum.... kind of takes the fun out of it without the animations.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Advance Copy

I got my advance copies of Hell's Own, and Big Money in the mail today. You know, I tout the possibilities of ebooks and their future a lot, and I mean it, but at the same time, there is NOTHING like the feel of an acutal book in your hands. Especially when it's your own (smile).


Where does inspiration come from? I'd like to know your thoughts on where your ideas come from for your novels, shorts, or articles. For me it just comes from questioning someting around me, a quirky idea or thought, or sometimes, as in my first novel, when someone casually says something that I take a step further.

For The Road To Paradise someone I'd known for sometime, and talked to daily back then made a passing comment that someday I'd wake up and he'd have purhcased the house for sale next to mine and we'd be neighbors. That kind of came out of the blue since he's a 'city-boy' who is very career oriented, and I'm a 'country-girl' (oh brother, we're not even classified as rural, we're considered sub-rural) and the idea that he'd suddenly ditch the hustle and bustle of his career to move out to the middle of a cornfield just amuzed me enough to ask... what if?

What if is always a dangerous thought for me to have. That's the beginning. That's when the wheel start to spin, and quite often, I go 'off road'.

How about you? Where do your ideas come from?

Character Flaws

This may be an unusual observation, or maybe you've thought about it too. As writers we are told not to make our heros and heroines too perfect. To be believable they have to have some flaws. I've even seen some publishers outright asking for 'big' heroines to give the average sized woman someone to root for and even feel good about being herself, but do we ever create characters wrestling with the need for acne treatments?

I've seen some publishers ask for disabled characters... that's a very good way to promote the understanding of handicapped individuals, but how far do you go before it's a parody, and unbecoming?

I think in some ways none of the above can compare to the ethnic publishers, and the other big publishers that create ethnic 'lines' soley to promote to certain race groups. I understand the idea in some ways, but it also promotes a divide I think. I know people of different cultures than my own, and with some limited exceptions, if you never saw them face-to-face, or asked them pointedly (if indeed you'd never seen them in person) you wouldn't know they were of a different race. So why make the divide more pronounced? In fact, there are several of my own books that it's really up to your own imagination what the character's racial background is. There may be little clues, but nothing so obvious as to block the reader (whatever their race) from identifying with them... THAT'S the key, global identification ability--to me anyway.

I've even been asked on occassion why I don't spend more time really cementing the 'looks' of my characters. My answer has always been that in the books I've loved the most since childhood, or later, the ones I've loved the most are the ones that allowed me the freedom to envision the character as I wished.

Step Away From The Keyboard

I should be writing about this on my health and fitness blog, but it has a good place on a writer's blog too. We do so many things during the day to promote our professional lives we often forget about our actual lives.


I need to paste that in big bold letters at the top of my 19" flat screen (snicker, yeah I'm still happy to be out of the 'big box' age). It's true though, I need to remind myself constantly--get up, move, jump around... eat. Yes, eat. I can't even count the number of times I've minimized the word program and looked at the clock to see it was almost time for bed, and I've missed dinner completely. (Forget about lunch, I always miss that.)

The thing is, what happens when you starve yourself? You reach for junk. Okay, maybe you don't, but I sure do. Not good, not good. Which brings me to my point. There are great products out there to detoxify your body. Orovo detox makes a great product to help get rid of the toxins that build up from ... drinking too much coffee (whistles and looks around like I can't possibly be talking about myself, eating too much junk (I'm not going to even bother denying that, I just told you I did), or even just the every day normal stuff that while good for you, can still build up in your system.

Whatever you do to maintain your health, and well-being while working endless hours behind a glaring computer screen, make one thing your mantra:


at least several times a day.

All a Twitter

The name of the new social networking website 'Twitter' always makes me think of the Bambi scene where owl was trying to explain what 'Twitterpatted' was. It's actually a pretty cool concept, not the Twitterpatted thing, the twitter SN thing. It's addictive. Does it have problems? Um... yeah. I'm not sure if what you could call the troubles they're having growning pains even, it's a little beyond that. Their site goes down for being overloaded every few minutes (hey, you gotta know that means a lot of people are into it though). Some of their features don't work yet, like the REALLY helpful one that I'd like most, being able to update via messenger.

You CAN update via cellphone, which I've added, and will be really cool if I ever leave the house---okay, I do from time to time, but it's sure not often. What I REALLY would use is the thing that isn't working yet--figures right?

I'm sure they'll get it up and running well soon though, because it's famously popular already and just a 'baby' in the social network scheme. One of the newer, and cooler ways to get blog traffic it's worth any writer's time to investigate, and it's free and easy to get in on the fun. Just be careful, it will get under your skin...

Are you a twit yet?

It Only Took God Six Days

It may seem blasphemous, but I'd bet it takes Lynn Veihl (or any of her alias') less time than that to create a world.

Now she's gearing up for a second round to her virtual workshops on her blog Paperback Writer that will help give insight to the amazing way she builds entire world's for her characters to live in, and her readers to lose themselves in.

No one does it better, and her generosity in sharing her knowledge is well-known on the web. I can't wait for this workshop. Writer's all know how important believeable characters are, but sometimes we forget to make the world they live in (especially if it's other-worldly) totally believable too. It's even harder than character building. It can be tricky, and create holes in the story. Get stronger in your ability to create your character's world... in your stories you are God... find out how to be a good one.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If You're a Writer and You Don't Laugh at This

... you're probably too rich for me. LOL. This is HILARIOUS... and, anyone who has every published ANYTHING has been 'there'.

See, funny right?

Trial and Error in a Brave New World

Okay. I have officially done it. I registered at Triond yesterday and submitted four items. One short story, two poems, and part one of a series on creating professional looking manuscripts for self-pubbers. The process is relatively easy. Although you have to submit, there doesn't seem to be a true editorial process. No suprise there, there isn't with Associated Content either. If I didn't care so much about how my name was associated with it, I'd submit something that was as extremely poorly done as I could imagine just to see what would happen. Perhaps that would be a curious experiement, maybe registered under a different name? I'd kind of like to see if that were something that would make a difference, or not. I rather doubt it though.

I guess it could be likened to the many, many different types of blogs. That would be fair enough. That doesn't stop people from looking for new blogs, and enjoying what they personally like from the vast selections. (Hey, I can reason things away with the best of them, can't I? It has a truth to it though.)

For now, it will be interesting to see if it pays off. That's the true guage, and before any of the stuanch purists decry that statement, think about it. If it were not the true measure of success, why would anyone think 'traditional publishing' was the hallmark of quality?

When embarking on the adventure of exploring the brave new world of the Internet there is bound to be trial and error. All roads lead to somewhere. Hopefully a few will lead to glory. LOL

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting Paid To Write

It seems like it's harder and harder now to find ways to get paid to write online, ESPECIALLY short stories and poetry. While they don't specialize in those catagories, has a new platform that publishes work and you can even get paid for it. It works a little bit like Associated Content, but different. LOL I don't know how good it is yet, but I submitted a few trial pieces to see how it goes. I'll let you all know. If nothing else it can be a nice way to get readers to see your work, and maybe search out further offerings.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

What is Wrong With My Blog?

Ever since I did the last post I haven't been able to get to my blog here. I can do EVERYTHING else to it. I can edit it, I can post to it, I just can't VIEW it. I've been to other blogs on blogger just fine, left comments, etc. I can even see my other blogger blogs, just not this one.

How's that for freaky?

Well anyway, what I came to post on was a little thank you to Bernita from her An Innocent A-list Blog for pointing out not only a great free download on Writing from author Mark Terry but a really wonderful new blog to visit. I love his insights, and interesting tidbits. His website is really cool too. That's where you can find the free pdf file ebook 'On Writing'. Go to his website then click on 'Writings' on the sidebard, then scan down to the link for On Writing and click on it. You'll be glad you did. It's a very cool read, and it's done in such an easy reading style that it's a fun read too.

I am really hooked on Vista

I love a lot of things about the new Vista operating system, and a lot (a WHOLE lot of things about the new MicrosoftOffice 2007 including word, powerpoint, and excell) but my FAVORITE thing about Vista is the windows effect they call Aero. The transparent window feature. I'm on a 'small' window right now typing this, and I can see through the top address bar to the page behind it. LOL

Okay okay, it's just a 'pretty'. It serves no usedful purpose really. It's just cool to look at. Hey, it's the little things. LOL

Found It!

It took me a few minutes, and I had to re-join (or rather link my yahoo name to my old account since Yahoo took over MyBlogLog) and everything, but I found the widget! I am happy now. It's the little things. You know? It doens't take much to make everything right with the world, even when the world is crashing down around you. If the little things in your life are in place, everything can feel okay.

The world really did seem like it was crashing down all around me yesterday. A huge tornado formed about 15 minutes away, I could see the clouds rolling. I had to pray they wouldn't come in this direction--and thank God they didn't, but they did move, and tore up a path along the I 57 corridor going north east causing all kinds of destruction. It even flipped a semi and TORE IT IN HALF on the interstate. It destroyed homes, and took out power lines, causing fires and blown tranformers all over the northern part of the state.

So, in retrospect, my 'little things' aren't that important, but they still have their place, and everyone needs to feel secure in their own little world, even if it means something as simple as finding a widget code they lost along the way.

Man that Sucks

This kind of sucks. I just now realized that when I re-did the sidebars on my blog here the other day I must have erased the 'blog log' showing visitors that were from that group. I liked that. I hope I can get the code for that again. I haven't been to that site in a long time. I suppose that will teach me to be more careful when re-writing codes... probably not though.

Everything Old Is New Again

Yep, just like the title says. I've given the old a brand new polish, and it's sparkling like new again. Heehee, okay, maybe not sparkling, but hey I've finally updated my old website

It has all my new releases of course, but it also has some free stuff, and keep checking back because I'm going to be adding other fun things as well. Hope you enjoy, and visit a lot.

Sometimes I think I'm more addicted to seeing all the interesting places people who visit are from than I am selling books. Yesterday I had a visitor from Abu Dhabi (I know you're a somewhat regular, introduce yourself! Say hi on a comment, anything. That's so interesting.). Things like that just really intrigue me.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Name is a Name

I've always used my own name for publishing. I know a lot of writers who publish under pen names. Sometimes it's a 'house' requirement, sometimes they just don't like their own names, they sound to bland, they're too hard to pronounce, or, they just don't want the neighbors to know they wrote a romance, fantasy, horror, insert genre here, novel. Not me. I want the whole world to know. LOL

Okay, so I use my own name, but there have been times. When I dabbled in erotica I used a 'pen name'. Was it because I didn't want the neighbors to know I wrote steamy, hot, hardcore? Nah, most of them knew. The genre didn't really fit me though, so that name has pretty much been retired.

The reason I use different 'names' -- in my case, even with the erotica it was a derivation of my actual name -- is to differentiate between genres. I simply can't 'stay put' inside any given genre. I've written novels in the romance genre, the chick lit genre, and even, my latest Hell's Own, in the dark fantasy genre. I change the 'name' to fit the genre, or at least to show a difference.

What are your feelings on pseudonyms? If you're a writere, do you use them? As a reader, do you pay attention to things like that? Do you think minor derivations make a difference, or if you're going to do it, do it all the way and completely come up with something different?

Monday, June 02, 2008


Yep, that's right. I've decided to get back on that horse that insists on trying to throw me. BIG MONEY, has been re-released, and HELL'S OWN has finally found it's way to print. It's time to get back in the game, as crazy as it is. When you're a writer, you can't help but write.

I linked each title to it's own little google page. Google has a new thing it's trying out now which is an online simple to use site builder. It's free. It still has a few bugs to work out, but overall it's kind of fun, and really simple to use. You can read a sample chapter on there of each novel. Check them out. I'm so very happy to be back in touch with my soul.