Friday, January 23, 2009

The Work of Success

I do not normally post quotes, especially those that I have at the top of my rotating quote box on here but since this one will only be there for a day and I want to remember it I am.

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.Vince

There are no truer words written. I can't comprehend the people who moan about how they are not successful, they try and try--they try to find get rich schemes, or get involved in doing something they see others being successful at and think it will all fall right into their laps. Not.

It doesn't work that way, it just don't. People who are successful are that way because they have sweat, sometimes their very own blood, and put in the hours to make what they do work. Success is--still--possible. The problem with out society is more a matter of not wanting to work for it IMO.

Yes, there are economic ills that have had catastrophic effects but if you really think about it the same reasoning applies. We wanted everything without working for it. For awhile we got it, now we are paying the price for those attitudes. Yes technology has changed and created difficulties for some--but for others it was a matter of rolling with the flow and finding ways to make it work for them not against them. Too many businesses failed to do that. They wanted their old methods to work, and didn't pay attention to the bleeding until it was too late.

Success is still possible. Work is still necessary.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flowers for Valentines Day

The History of Valentine's Day centers around a Catholic Bishop by the name of Valentine in Rome who married soldiers that the ruler of the time demanded remain single in order to concentrate on their duties. There is a lot of Roman and Greek myth interspersed in the holiday as well such as the giving of Valentines Day roses. It is a tradition that has stretched through hundreds of years to this day.

Roses for Valentines are my favorite gift, and since the roses were supposedly the favorite of the Goddess of Love--Venus, they have been the symbol of love for centuries. While red is the most commonly associated color for the roses in the flowers for Valentines Day they come in so many colors it is easy to match favorite colors with any bouquet.

1800flowers has a marvelous selection of roses, other flowers and gifts for Valentine's Day.

Burn Notice is Back

Burn Notice is back on tonight! My favorite show ever. I actually found out about it writing for a blog promotion company and may never have seen it the first time if it hadn't been for that, but after writing about it I decided to watch. I have been HOOKED ever since. I've seen it from it's very first episode and NEVER miss it. This is the third season for the show and I sure hope it continues on for many years to come.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Andrew Wilshire Knows What Makes the World Go Round

Money has always been the thing that makes the modern world spin and precious metal expert Andrew Wilshire will tell you that is the main reason the governments are so against certain metals. If they do not directly fuel the money industry as does gold, or if the discovery of a large enough quantity of even said gold comes about they will seek to eliminate it. Too much gold will weaken the value of the current currency. It's happened in ancient times where entire civilizations monetary systems were destroyed by discoveries of large amounts of gold.

As a financial advisor Andrew Wilshire has a blog that instructs and gives lessons on the economic aspects of metals in our society. Regardless of economic trends metals will always be the one thing that holds its value so long as it is protected so there is some reason for government's desire to control it. Knowing how it happens and why can help investors make judicious decisions and even those who buy precious stones and metals as jewelry understand that wearable investments are as valuable as paper ones, in fact maybe more so.

It is interesting to note that on his blog Andrew Wilshire openly advises taking advantage of the dip to gain access to that which might have been out of reach for many beginning investors and buyers. There's a solid point to that theory and unlike paper company purchasing buying metals and stones is a real investment that can be held, seen, and even used during its down period no matter how the market moves.

United American Insurance Company Full Service Online

Finding health insurance is tricky and you need to make sure you have a solid company behind your policy. United American Insurance Company is reliable, has great rates and you can even combine your health and life insurance with one company for even further stability. United American Insurance Company can provide Medicare Part B and other supplimental Medicare insurance and even help you figure out what types of insurance you need to be safe and keep your family healthy.

When dealing with an insurance company I prefer they have a good online source of information and United American Insurance Company has all of the information you need to find out about their many types of insurance as well as providing an online source for finding hospitals, doctors and other health agencies that cooperate with their programs.

Amos Tamam Makes Travel More Convenient

If Amos Tamam has his way every major city, and even smaller towns will have much easier public transportation. Most people now rarely carry cash on them as they travel even daily. It is dangerous and most items can be paid for with a credit card. Thanks to Amos Tamam who is the president of Veriphone the company that helps businesses verify credit cards in their stores is making it possible for cabs to take credit cards so that payment is more convenient and easy for their customers. It will make travel much easier. I know when I go anywhere I'm lucky to have a few dollars in my purse or in my pocket. I don't like carrying money around and definitely not when I'm traveling in a strange place. Thanks to Amos Tamam if I go to New York, and now in some places in Chicago and Las Vegas I won't have to in order to take a cab. That's a big thing for a women especially who are particularly vulnerable to troubles when carrying cash. I don't travel a lot on vacations as much as I'd like to and since Las Vegas is high on my list I'm glad they are in the process of accepting this method of payment. I do go to Chicago a lot though and driving personal cars up in the Loop is a nightmare. It is much easier to take a train then taxi about the city and with the cost of gas it is just as affordable.

Shasta Pools Make A Splash

There's nothing that's more fun that splashing in a pool or spa in your own backyard and Shasta Pools have great examples of top-notch installation. They have the kind of quality work crews and standards I would look for in a local pool company. Of course where they are in Arizona the year around swimming atmosphere makes owning a pool almost a necessity where in the frozen winters of Illinois more pools are above ground types of temporary enjoyment. More and more upscale houses are being build with Shasta Pools kind of in-ground luxury pools even here in the Northern Mid-West though and many pool companies are developing their own master builder crews who make the same kind of quality pools Shasta Pools does. I want one with a big slide, a diving board, and a built in whirlpool on one end. Maybe I can get really elaborate and have the jacuzzi built into a grotto with a wide screen TV inside. Now that is luxury.

Important Book by Paul Offit

Paul Offit has made it his work to inform people of the benefits of vaccines and to dispel the idea that they are a cause of autism. Fear often becomes unreasonable and small facts become outlandish rumors that spread until everyone believes them. The danger in such things is when something as important as vaccines that have rid the world of some of the deadliest diseases become suspect due to a hypothesis not proven, or idea stated that became fact over time. When a pediatrician like Paul Offit spends years in his research and has worked alongside pharmaceutical companies to ensure the safety of their developments it is because he has a deep seated care for the welfare of his patients and the world community as a whole. In the past we put a lot of belief in our doctor's but in modern times it has become somewhat fashionable to question everything they do. While they are not all-knowing, and problems can arise it is important to trust the ideals and hard work that goes into developing cures and safeguards. If it weren't for the vaccines we have now our world would constantly be devoured by devastating plagues that only a few hundred years ago wiped out entire continents regularly. Reading the book and other works of Paul Offit can help put parent's minds at ease in the care of their children that can prevent devastating outbreaks.

K-Designers Help Homes Become Beautiful

Houses are just buildings but homes take a lot of work to keep up. Homes are what makes a family comfortable. I have a house... I'm working on a home. It is a long process but companies like K-Designers help in getting things put in, put together, fixed, or added on to. I need companies like K-Designers because neither I, not my husband have a particularly skilled hand when it comes to power tools. I know I should not admit that on my husband's behalf but true is true. All things considered he's much better than I am. If I attempt to actually build something it doesn't have much of a chance of lasting more than a day in a light wind, or moderate traffic inside. If he builds something it will stand--forever, be that good, or be that bad. Mostly, well it's not good. Something like a home is not to be messed with. A professional like K-Designers will save time, money, and probably sanity too.

Want to Cook Like Hector Kabande?

Being a professional chef like Hector Kabande is more than just a life long pursuit of culinary perfection it is a lifestyle that is generational. I don't know that I can claim that although I did learn how to make pot roast, and stew from my German grandmother. My mother's idea of cooking was calling the local pizza joint which could explain a lot, but I still love to cook. Somehow along the way I learned how by reading, practicing, and just striving onward in spite of blunders and obvious mistakes. Professional chefs like Hector Kabande have to do more than just know how to cook they have to know how to handle the public, cater to desires of others, and control a kitchen full of other helpers. I can barely handle my own family although as my kids have often said, they're still alive.

Hector Kabande is a family man too and that adds to his ability to understand what families want when they come to one of his establishments. I only know what my family wants and I try to give it to them--although I suppose most times they should be happy with 'alive'.

Animal Fiction

Have you ever given your characters pets? I have pets on the brain today because of several research projects and the fact that I own so many myself but I began to think about books I've read, movies I've seen. Once in awhile there is a pet involved, usually if it somehow specifically relates to how a character acts such as in 'As Good As It Gets' or has a pivital role or leading role itself as in 'Homeward Bound' but do you ever give your characters a pet just to as a part of their background? I know one writer who did--Jenny (most known on here as I M Cupnjava) in one of her currently published works 'About to Sin'. Hers was a cat. I had a few horses in one of mine, barely mentioned and yet important in their part of the story. I've yet to have a central character that is an animal although I did have a demon (Alexander in Hell's Own) if that counts.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Endless Quest

It's so hard to pick a diet suppliment from the millions on the market. That seems to be one of the biggest industries around. If you could market a new diet pill, exercise machine, or workout routine you'd be rich. It doesn't even have to be a new concept, just a new version of other types. Some diet aides like Apidexin are new versions of the same idea all diet pills are based on but like others it has its own specialty. Deciding which one is the particular thing that will work for you seems like an endless quest.


This is a crazy video. It reminds me of my sun conure Simon. He'd do something like this:

Great Help with a Misleading Name

The name Fenphedra may strike fear into the hearts of anyone looking at a diet suppliment but the reality is this product does not contain any of those scary drugs that caused problems in the past. The fact that the product is named in a way that makes you think of those things could have a good/bad aspect. Many I'm sure shy away from choosing it because of that, and yet the makers wanted to let people know this product does many of the great things those products did wihtout the negative side effects.

Portion Distortion

I just got an email from one of the weight loss clubs I belong to regarding portion distortion. That has always been one of my problems. It has taken me a long time to realize that the average real portion is much smaller than what I usually eat. I've always felt it was not right that I'm heavy since I eat good foods, lots of fruit, vegies, and chicken and fish. But you can get fat on good food too if you eat too much of it.

Old Enough to Know Better

I think house buying should be done after you've lived long enough to know what to look for. The first house we bought when we first got married was right in the same neighborhood as we both grew up. Our second house was an impulse move to be 'away from it all' in the country but still in the relative 'neck of the woods' where we grew up. If I had to do it again, although moving is not one of my favorite pastimes, I'd pick something like property on the with beach front view. Something more luxurious than just a spot somewhere in a city, suburb, or rural area.

State of the Art Movies

Gene Hackman as president, lol, I love Gene Hackman movies but 'Welcome to Mooseport' is the first movie I've ever seen him actually portray the president. He is the kind of president I'd like to actually see in office. Ray Ramano as his brother is even better. My favorite Gene Hackman movie is still the one with him and Will Smith 'Enemy of the State'. It wasn't a huge huge blockbuster but it epitomizes the state of the art espionage movie to me. We just watched Eagle Eye the other night which is a spawn of the Enemey of the State genre.

Remembering What's Important

With the new year came a new promise to get back on my diet again. I am looking for a good diet supplements to help out. I'm not just talking about weight loss aides but stuff like fiber suppliments and vitamins. I have to admit I'm really BAD at taking vitamins and stuff like that. Probably one of the reasons diet aides don't work too well for me too is that I have a hard time remembering to take them. I've always been bad about pills. Even when I'm sick and have a prescription, if I'm really sick I can remember them but as I get better even if I'm supposed to continue taking them for a period of time I get lax at it.

lost day

I have a really bad cold. I've had it for several days although it was coming on for several days before that even. Usually I am still pretty functional even when I have a cold but this one really put me down for a few days. Last Friday I could barely do anything but lay in bed all day. That should be a great time to think about all the stories I want to write, let them brew in my head. I wanted to believe me. Everytime I laid down I thought about what I wanted to go over and next thing I knew i was waking up four or five hours later.

How do they come up with these things?

Do you ever wonder how companies or products get there names? Some are pretty obvious, like Johnson and Johnson. Some are less obvious like Orovo. I always like to find out about the origins of words, or especially phrases that are common in our lives like 'don't throw the baby out with the bath water'. I mean who would right? But apparently in the old days when folks didn't have running water indoors and they would carry buckets of water in to a tub inside everyone in the family would share a bath starting with the men (you'd THINK they'd start with the cleanest members and especially babies, but no) on down to the babies and by then the water was so dirty you might actually forget there was a baby in the tub when you carried it out and dumped it. So don't throw something out even if it looks disgusting until you make sure there is nothing of value left in it.

Blog Explosion

I need to get back to using blogexplosion. It is a great way to not only get visitors to your blog but also find some really great blogs. I enjoy surfing their system, they send you from blog to blog and you can taylor the surfing to only be blogs of a type you are interested in, or do a general surf, which is how I do it because I like seeing a wide variety. Even if you general surf you can block blogs you come across that you are not interested in even if it is just because it is not interesting, it doesn't have to be offensive or anything. I really have never used that function but you can do it.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Laptop Love

I have decided I love my laptop computer. I love it so much I got rid of my desk top and now only have the laptop. I have a desk stand for the laptop that angles it just right for typing, and a laptop stand in the living room that sits over the couch for easy typing. I may never go back to a desk top again. I do have a yearning for one of those all in one types that has the computer and screen all in one but they resemble a laptop in a lot of ways except that the keyboard is seperate like a traditional keyboard.

Adding Flavor to Words

A redneck taped toilet paper to his television.
He said, "Hey, lookie here, now we have free paper view!"

I love red neck jokes. I feel like I can enjoy them without feeling guilty because I am a redneck. I think my red-neckedness (I know that is not a word) shows through in my writing. I had a friend laugh for several minutes over my calling soda 'pop' in one of my manuscripts. Around my neck of the woods that is a common term for anything carbonized. The thing is that sort of thing gives our writing flavor. Not just red necks, anyone from any area of the country/world has their own colloquialisms that make their writing special, and flavorful.

Viva Las Vegas

When doing research for various assignments I sometimes come across information that makes me long for a vacation. Since Las Vegas is high on my list of places to go--it's warm, and it's fun, finding hotels las vegas gives me even more incentive to day dream while I'm working. I'm not particularly good at gambling but it would be fun to lose a few dollars at a real casino. Hotels in Las Vegas have come a long way from simply being casinos with rooms now though and Las Vegas seems like a great place to have a fun vacation. With temperatures in the 20's here the idea of going to toasty Las Vegas is really appealing although I heard they even had snow once this year.