Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Difference Between Fat Loss Aides

There are so many different kinds of diet pills on the market, and the two that get confused the most are fat blockers and fat burners. They are not the same. Fat blockers inhibit the body from absorbing the fat in the foods you eat. fat burners on the other hand, work overtime to get rid of the fat you already have stored in your system. If I had my choice, I'd pick the burner. I mean, it's part of a diet to switch to a low-fat diet, but that doesn't do anything about what is already there. You have to encourage your body to burn that existing fat, both through exercise, and if you use help, fat burners.

Are You Still Here?

Oops, I'm still here! In case you didn't know, the rapture was supposed to happen today. It was supposed to start at 6 pm in whatever time zone you happened to be in on May 21st. Well, seeing that I'm still here, I could assume that means it didn't happen, but maybe I should wait and see if everyone else is still here too.

Finding The Truth

Commercials--agh. But in some ways, commercials help us. They let us know there are products out there that might help us. What is more important though, is finding out the truth about those products before you believe everything a commercial tells you. For instance, colon cleansing is a popular diet and health practices today. For good reason, a lot of junk accumulates in the colon over time, and it's full of unhealthy toxins that can make you tired, or even sick. Those toxin can even cause cancer and other disease. But there are many types of colon cleansing systems, so how do you know what ones work, and are safe? You read colon cleanse reviews. Before the Internet, consumers were pretty much at the mercy of what commercials said. Now we have the resources via review sites to find out what other users say about products, what warnings there are for a product, and what the best prices are for them. Do your homework before you buy and find out the truth behind the ads.

Getting on the Road Again?

So far we have home insurance, motorcycle insurance, car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and we are about to look into motorhome insurance. At least if we go ahead and buy the used motorhome we've been looking at. It's a big, self-contained motorhome that someone down the street owns. The price is fair, and it's in great shape, but we have to decide if we want to invest in yet another machine that uses gas just for fun. If the gas prices would go back down to where they were, even just 10 years ago, it would be a no-brainer, but I bet that's why the people who own the motorhome now are selling too.

Freaky Weather

Agh, I feel like I should be dead. Isn't that always the way you feel when you have a cold. I think a cold is worse than the flu. The flu may be stronger, but it doesn't last as long. The flu is gone in a day or two. A cold just lingers on forever. I blame all the crappy weather. It's been hot and then cold, hot and then cold. Up and down, and it is doing it again. It was hot yesterday, it's cool and wants to rain today, and supposed to be cold tomorrow. If I ever get rid of this cold, and can breathe again it will be a miracle. It's hard to work when you have a cold too, but you gotta do it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Off Road Fun

There are a few options we have with this place, too. Even though we're moving, with the market being so bad, selling this place, as big as it is may be tough. We could sub-divide the property and sell off the back 5 acres for a home site. We really never used the back of the property anyway, and it would still leave us the top part if we wanted to use it for a vacation area, or to have when we retire in a few years. We have thought about it, and may even list both separately and see what happens. One possibility that might make the back half an easy sell, if there is such a thing in real estate, is that our neighbors that have property along that side of the property like to off-road with their ATVs, they may be interested. Having the extra land may be a lot of fun, although they may have to replace their ATV Wheels more often... lots more use, very rugged terrain, and lots of tree stumps to deal with. They're really into that though, and it may be well worth the extra changes.

Selling the Old

I'm selling my horse trailer too, since we're moving, and we won't be having horses anymore. It's kind of weird in a way. We don't have horses right now, although we had a lot in the past. We'd always kind of thought "maybe someday again" and were holding on to the trailer. It's a really, REALLY nice trailer, so it's hard to let go of, but kind of silly to have without the horses really. Because it's such a high end item, it will probably take time to sell, although I just listed it a week ago and I've had quite a few detailed inquiries. Several of them even back and forth. Hoping we get a solid bite soon.

Not Fair

There are some things that are just not fair. I suppose it's true that life in general isn't fair, but this is adding insult to injury. I dealt with acne as a teen, and then finally got to live zit free as an adult. Now, as menopause advances through it's stages, I find myself dealing with occasional outbreaks again. That darned hormonal imbalance, it has more effects than just blotchy skin, but the rest aren't as visible. So, now at my age, I'm back on the hunt for the best treatment for acne. Things have changed so much in the years between my struggles with acne, and there's so much to investigate now. It's nice to have the Internet to use in order to really find products that work best, and will work best for me, because even great products do not work for everybody.

The Whole Osama Thing

It's kind of funny, all the uproar online about how the President preempted shows to announce the death of Osama at the hands of the Navy Seals. I mean, yeah, very important, lots of national pride, and relief even though it doesn't mean an end to terrorism, it does signify a significant achievement in the battle. But, I think if there's one thing the President can take away from all the commentary following that night it's this: do what you want, we'll be happy, but don't mess with our TV!

Learning on the Move

I have a plan for my new backyard when I move--yeah, I'm moving, I already know where, just not precisely when. I want to get a nice patio built up and put a jacuzzi on it. That's right, I want to live the good life, and sit back in my hot tub in the evening after a long day of typing and dealing with clients, and just luxuriate. There are so many different styles of hot tubs though, it's hard to choose one. Each one needs a good protective cover. I know a lot about pools, and pool covers from my past experience with our own at this house, but I'm not to clear on the best types of spa covers. Like anything new, there's a lot to learn, and it's best to get it right the first time, rather then spend a lot of time, and hassle with trial and error. So far, I'm drawn to the hard top style cover, but am not sure if they are difficult to remove and put on, if you use them every time, or just cover them for winter like you do a pool. I kind of think spa covers need to be used whenever the spa isn't in use, which means ease of putting it on, and taking it off are vital. Especially for me, who lacks a lot of strength and has shoulder problems.

Pain in the...

Yeah, there. I have been having a lot of trouble with sciatica again. The last time (and first time ever) that I had this was 2 years ago, and it took months to go away. It is a constant, nagging pain in the buttock and thigh, and can radiate all the way down the leg at times. It only seems to come in my right side, and I thought, that after so long, it was just going to be a one-time thing, but sure enough it came back with a vengeance. So I had to move my workstation to a better chair, but it is somewhat inconvenient. I guess I'll get used to it, or used to it or not, I'll have to put up with it until this goes away again. Hopefully it won't take as long as last time.